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Howard Zinn
“I am convinced that imprisonment is a way of pretending to solve the problem of crime. It does nothing for the victims of crime, but perpetuates the idea of retribution, thus maintaining the endless cycle of violence in our culture. It is a cruel and useless substitute for the elimination of those conditions--poverty, unemployment, homelessness, desperation, racism, greed--which are at the root of most punished crime. The crimes of the rich and powerful go mostly unpunished.

It must surely be a tribute to the resilience of the human spirit that even a small number of those men and women in the hell of the prison system survive it and hold on to their humanity.”
Howard Zinn, You Can't Be Neutral on a Moving Train: A Personal History of Our Times

George Orwell
“People are wrong when they think that an unemployed man only worries about losing his wages; on the contrary, an illiterate man, with the work habit in his bones, needs work even more than he needs money. An educated man can put up with enforced idleness, which is one of the worst evils of poverty. But a man like Paddy, with no means of filling up time, is as miserable out of work as a dog on the chain. That is why it is such nonsense to pretend that those who have 'come down in the world' are to be pitied above all others.
The man who really merits pity is the man who has been down from the start,
and faces poverty with a blank, resourceless mind.”
George Orwell, Down and Out in Paris and London

John Cheever
“Our country is the best country in the world. We are swimming in prosperity and our President is the best president in the world. We have larger apples and better cotton and faster and more beautiful machines. This makes us the greatest country in the world. Unemployment is a myth. Dissatisfaction is a fable. In preparatory school America is beautiful. It is the gem of the ocean and it is too bad. It is bad because people believe it all. Because they become indifferent. Because they marry and reproduce and vote and they know nothing.”
John Cheever

“A day unemployed is like a bagel- even when it's bad, it's still pretty good...”
CrimethInc., Evasion

Paul Krugman
“And that's just the beginning. More and more, conventional wisdom says that the responsible thing is to make the unemployed suffer. And while the benefits from inflicting pain are an illusion, the pain itself will be all too real.”
Paul Krugman

George Orwell
“I suppose there hasn’t been a single month since the war, in any trade you care to name, in which there weren’t more men than jobs. It’s brought a peculiar, ghastly feeling into life. It’s like on a sinking ship when there are nineteen survivors and fourteen lifebelts. But is there anything particularly modern in that, you say? Has it anything to do with the war? Well, it feels as if it had. The feeling that you’ve got to be everlastingly fighting and hustling, that you’ll never get anything unless you grab it from somebody else, that there’s always somebody after your job, that next month or the month after they’ll be reducing staff and it’s you that’ll get the bird – that, I swear, didn’t exist in the old life before the war.”
George Orwell, Coming Up for Air

Max Barry
“There are stories — legends, really — of the “steady job.” Old-timers gather graduates around the flickering light of a computer monitor and tell stories of how the company used to be, back when a job was for life, not just for the business cycle. … The graduates snicker. A steady job! They’ve never heard of such a thing.”
Max Barry, Company

Michael Moore
“Those who had the remaining jobs would have to buy the cheapest stuff possible with their drastically reduced wages, and in order for the manufacturers to keep that stuff cheap, it would have to be made by fifteen-year-olds in China.”
Michael Moore

Dave Hickey
“I cannot tell you how many quiet mornings I have spent sitting around hotel rooms and furnished apartments in the United States and Mexico, smoking cigarettes, plunking the guitar, and watching Perry Mason--telling myself, "Well, at least I don't have a day job. And there is nothing wrong with that. I am not guilty of anything. Perry would see that in a minute.”
Dave Hickey, Air Guitar: Essays on Art and Democracy

Mark Cantrell
“Eric, you need to look at the whole picture," the PM said. "You look at the jobless as a huge pile of scrap and you're looking for what can be recycled. That's good. That's your job. But what you don't realise is that this pile of scrap itself serves a purpose. I need my zeros, Eric. They put fear in people; fear of crime and terrorism. They are a stark reminder to the stakeholders that what they despise today, they may end up joining tomorrow. It keeps them obedient. Remember that!”
Mark Cantrell, Citizen Zero

Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin
“It is difficult for me to imagine what "personal liberty" is enjoyed by an unemployed person, who goes about hungry, and cannot find employment.

Real liberty can exist only where exploitation has been abolished, where there is no oppression of some by others, where there is no unemployment and poverty, where a man is not haunted by the fear of being tomorrow deprived of work, of home and of bread. Only in such a society is real, and not paper, personal and every other liberty possible.”
Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin

Ana Claudia Antunes
“it's always good to know that you have been the best even though deep inside you know you will never be better than that.”
Ana Claudia Antunes, A-Z of Happiness: Tips for Living and Breaking Through the Chain that Separates You from Getting That Dream Job

“They are closing the mine in two weeks, they say. Six days a week bumping down in the gondola, pecking out the rocks and hauling them back up, doing it again the next day for twenty-seven years, one cave-in, three thin raises, and a failed strike. Where am I going to go every day, what am I going to do with all that sunshine?”
Lou Beach, 420 Characters

Danny Kaye
“A jester unemployed is nobody's fool!”
Danny Kaye, The Court Jester

Ana Claudia Antunes
“Don"t gaze too hard at your belly button
Or you will unexpectedly hit rock bottom!”
Ana Claudia Antunes, A-Z of Happiness: Tips for Living and Breaking Through the Chain that Separates You from Getting That Dream Job

Thomas Jefferson
“Whenever there is in any country, uncultivated lands and unemployed poor, it is clear that the laws of property have been so far extended as to violate natural right. The earth is given as a common stock for man to labour and live on. If, for the encouragement of industry we allow it to be appropriated, we must take care that other employment be furnished to those excluded from the appropriation. If we do not the fundamental right to labour the earth returns to the unemployed.”
Thomas Jefferson

“Technology is a means, not an end, no matter how brilliant it appears. How we use digital technology, exploit it and benefit from it depends on old-fashioned political concepts of how we treat each other: how we approach class, race, gender and war and peace. Nothing has changed in that regard. At present, we are ruled by an extreme version of capitalism called 'neoliberalism'. Technology in the service of any extremism has a catastrophic history.”

Pentti Linkola
“Jokaisella teknisellä keksinnöllään, juhlimallaan innovaatiolla, ihminen on tehnyt itseään tarpeettomaksi, pelannut itseään pois maailmasta. Viime vuosina kehitys on ollut räjähdysmäinen. Ihminen on onnistunut hävittää tuottaja, jalostaja, kuljettaja, jakelija ja palvelija. Kun saadaan vielä nitistetyksi kuluttaja, on kaikki ohi. Vähän aikaa vielä robottien kalinaa. Sitten suuri hiljaisuus.”
Pentti Linkola

Timur Vermes
“I expect you are wondering why I had not considered the possibility of unemployment. The reason being that my mind had a very different recollection of what unemployed men looked like. The jobless man I remembered from the past went out onto the street with a placard around his neck that read “Looking for any type of work”. When he’d had enough of drifting fruitlessly around in this manner, he would remove the placard, grab a red flag handed to him by a loitering Bolshevist, and return to the street.”
Timur Vermes

Mokokoma Mokhonoana
“He who makes $25,000 annually through passive income is more enviable than he who earns $100,000 annually through a salary.”
Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Noam Chomsky
“There is tons of work to be done, and lots of people who would like to do the work. It's just that the economic system is such a grotesque catastrophe that it can't even put together idle hands and needed work, which would be satisfying to the people and which would be beneficial to all of us. That's just the mark of a failed system. The most dramatic mark of it.”
Noam Chomsky, Class Warfare: Interviews with David Barsamian

“No one of these bloody jobs exist do they? Christ, y'just stick them up there to take the bare look off the walls.”
Ian Pattison, Rab C.Nesbitt

Jojo Moyes
“I had never considered that you might miss a job like you missed a limb -- a constant, reflexive thing. I hadn't thought as well as the obvious fears about money, and your future, losing your job would make you feel inadequate, and a bit useless. That it would be harder to get up in the morning than you were rudely shocked in to consciousness by the alarm. That you might missed the people you worked with, no matter how little you had in common with them.”
Jojo Moyes, Me Before You

Mokokoma Mokhonoana
“Many a woman would not be in a relationship with or married to her man, if he earned half of what he earns; and many a man would not be in a relationship with or married to his woman, if he earned twice as much as he earns.”
Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Ainhoa Rebolledo
“Erik intuye que estoy realmente triste porque hace tiempo que no hablamos de música, cerveza o libros: ahora estoy completamente despedida del mercado laboral y amoroso pero sigo yendo a verle mucho por los alrededores de la plaza del Networking, donde cada vez paso más tiempo. Ya
formo parte de las estadísticas que confirman que cuatro de cada tres personas estamos en paro aunque casi nadie cobre la subvención de la Gornú, los números primos y tragicómicos que el Gobierno de la Gornú se esfuerza tanto por ocultar cuando reciben a la delegación de la ONU que viene a controlar mensualmente que no se esté cometiendo
un genocidio en Barcelona. Mi núcleo familiar se compone
de un único miembro: yo. He decidido tomármelo con
calma, incluso, como una oportunidad. Conservaré mis
extremidades, haré lo que necesite hacer cada día, llegaré
hasta el Pacífico y luego improvisaré.”
Ainhoa Rebolledo, Gornú

Tim Kreider
“The goal of the future is full unemployment, so we can play. That's why we have to destroy the present politico-economy system.”
Tim Kreider, We Learn Nothing

Charles R. Cross
“Being unemployed, Kurt set in motion a routine that he would follow for the rest of his life. He would rise at around noon and eat a brunch of sorts. Kraft Macaroni and Cheese was his favorite food. After eating, he would spend the rest of the day doing one of three things: watching television, which he did unceasingly; practicing his guitar, which he did for hours a day, usually while watching TV; or creating some kind of art project, be it a painting, collage, or three-dimensional installation. This last activity was never formal— he rarely identified himself as an artist—yet he spent hours in this manner.”
Charles R. Cross, Heavier Than Heaven: A Biography of Kurt Cobain

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