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Amy Efaw
“She can paint a lovely picture, but this story has a twist. her paintbrush is a razor, and her canvas is her wrist.”
Amy Efaw, After

Dannika Dark
“Don't pursue something with a vengeful heart, or it will destroy you. Hate wraps a cold hand around your heart and hollows you out."
- Justus”
Dannika Dark, Twist

Dannika Dark
“I won’t touch you,” I assured him, knowing I could throw a burst of energy that would undoubtedly drop the curtain on the moment. “I have it under control.”

He traced the line of my clavicle with this finger and kissed the corners of my mouth. “Not even if I ask? I want your fingerprints all over me like a crime scene.”
Dannika Dark, Twist

Dannika Dark
“As it so happens, I like your mouth."

"It doesn't -- "

"Challenge me?" He set the bottle down and moved to the end of the bed. "An outspoken woman makes the world a livable place. You have fire in you, and I would never put that out.”
Dannika Dark, Twist

Dannika Dark
“I clung to each word that fell from his lips like a spider to a web.”
Dannika Dark, Twist

Vera Nazarian
“Once upon a time, began the story of you.

Many perilous, wonderful, harrowing, brilliant, delightful, profound things happened.

And yet—the most exciting twists and best turns are yet to come. And it absolutely does not matter how old or young you are.

Like a bright carpet of wonders, enjoy the unrolling of your story.”
Vera Nazarian, The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration

Anthony Liccione
“At the end of every light, is a tunnel of darkness.”
Anthony Liccione

Charlotte Eriksson
“No story is worth telling without the twists and turns. Make them count instead.”
Charlotte Eriksson, Another Vagabond Lost To Love: Berlin Stories on Leaving & Arriving

Jazz Feylynn
“Twist a tongue, and tongue a twist how many twists can a tongue twister twist around their twisting tongue.

If a tongue twister's tongue could twist, how many twists would the tongue twister's tongue twist while their tongue was a twisting.”
Jazz Feylynn

T.F. Hodge
“Ego and pride is a two headed twist.”
T.F. Hodge, From Within I Rise: Spiritual Triumph Over Death and Conscious Encounters with "The Divine Presence"

Celia Mcmahon
“There it is again. Promises. They used to hold such high value when I was younger. Now they just bore into my heart like a knife just waiting to twist. I brush the sand from my pants.”
Celia Mcmahon, Skye

Colleen Hoover
“... when things get too good and too right and too perfect, it's only because the ugly twist hasn't yet infiltrated the goodness of it all...”
Colleen Hoover, Hopeless

Elizabeth Gaskell
“..bid her beware of French principles, which had led the French to cut off their king’s and queen’s heads.”
Elizabeth Gaskell, My Lady Ludlow

Ziad K. Abdelnour
“Always remember: No matter how carefully you choose your words, they'll always end up being twisted by others.”
Ziad K. Abdelnour

James Schannep
“It’s not the early bird that gets the worm, it's the one who knows to go outside after a rainstorm.”
James Schannep, Superpowered

John Sandford
“If I get killed, put my boots back on me.”
John Sandford, Outrage

Cortney S. Warren
“It is actually a good survival strategy to manipulate twist, and reorganize the truth in a way that is more consistent with what we can psychologically tolerate.”
Cortney S. Warren, Lies We Tell Ourselves: The Psychology of Self-Deception

William Landay
“I don't want you to say anything. I want you to listen. You know, being confident isn't the same as being right.”
William Landay, Defending Jacob

Anthony Liccione
“Today, a couple with 'just married' tags collided head-on with a hearse carrying two coffins in the back, both of a married couple that had previously
died in a car accident.”
Anthony Liccione

Charles Dickens
“Ach, die Maler machen die Damen immer hübscher, als sie sind, denn sonst würden sie keine Kundschaft haben. Der Mann, der das Photografieren erfand, hätte voraussehen können, daß er kein Glück damit haben werde, denn es ist viel zuviel Wahrheit dabei!”
Charles Dickens

Stephen Graham Jones
“. . . what I told Malory happened next is that when he looked over at her then it was like he'd been waiting a hundred years to see her, and this crazy ass Ledfeather girl all the way from Standing Rock, she looked off after the elk and then back at Doby through her hair, like she'd maybe been waiting for him too, but was scared a little, wanted to be sure, so Doby opened his mouth and said her name across the backseat of Junior's cab, Claire, like a flower opening in his mouth, and she held her lips together and nodded thank you to him, yes, thank you, and then swallowed what was in her throat and just let the sides of their hands touch together again some like it didn't really matter.
But it did.”
Stephen Graham Jones, Ledfeather

“I don’t want content. I want slight fear. Anxiety. I want a longing devotion for a twist of absence. The feeling of complete isn’t quite pleasing.”
Dominic Riccitello

Munia Khan
“Just a single cord is enough to be tangled”
Munia Khan

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