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Toni Morrison
“But to find out the truth about how dreams die, one should never take the word of the dreamer.”
Toni Morrison, The Bluest Eye

Stephen Chbosky
“Things get worse before they get better, but this is a worse that feels too big.”
Stephen Chbosky, The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Marlon Brando
“I have decided to tell the story of my life as best I can, so that my children can separate the truth from the myths that others have created about me, as myths are created about everyone swept up in the turbulent and distorting maelstrom of celebrity in our culture.”
Marlon Brando, Songs My Mother Taught Me
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Dannika Dark
“Secrets are truths that show what we’ve been through—what we’ve survived.”
Dannika Dark, Five Weeks

“When I write an story, I start with one true thing
– a memory, an image, a sensation – then I try
to say one more true thing, then another, and
another. By the time I reach the end – hopefully
– I've told the truth all the way through. It's
harder than it sounds, harder than it ought to
be. But still worth trying.”
David Surface

Javier Marías
“Come si può non vedere nel tempo lungo che ci finirà e finisce con il perderci ci perderà? Non intuire né indovinare la sua trama, la sua macchinazione e la sua danza in cerchio, non fiutare il suo malanimo o respirare il suo squallore, non captare il suo torbido agguato e la sua lentissima e illanguidente attesa e la conseguente impazienza che chissà per quanti anni avrà dovuto tenere a freno? Come posso non conoscere oggi il tuo volto domani, quello che già esiste o trama sotto la faccia che mostri o sotto la maschera che indossi, e che mi mostrerai soltanto quando non me lo aspetto?”
Javier Marías, Fever and Spear
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Chloe Thurlow
“There is a kind of truth in a well-told lie. When we look back, we don't see things as they were but how we would like them to have been.”
Chloe Thurlow, Katie in Love

Lara Adrian
“The truth gets uglier the longer you try to hold it down.”
Lara Adrian, Shades of Midnight
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Andreas Eschbach
“Unangenehme Hektik strömte von ihm aus. Er wirkte, als käme er aus einer Welt, in der die Rolltreppen schneller fahren, sich automatische Türen rascher öffnen, in der jeder rennt statt zu gehen und die Stunde nur fünfzig Minuten dauert.”
Andreas Eschbach
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Niall Williams
“Imparavamo la meravigliosa verità che essere adorati rende adorabili”
Niall Williams, History of the Rain

Ned Vizzini
“See, because being Coll is obviously the most important thing on earth. It's more important than getting a job, or having a girlfriend, or political power, or money, because all those things are predicated by Coolness. They happen because of it. They depend on it.”
Ned Vizzini

Alaric Longward
“I prayed to Woden for forgiveness, but I think he felt no ill will for me. We are but men. He has done worse.”
Alaric Longward, The Oath Breaker: A Novel of Germania and Rome

“I don't have many friends, but that's ok. I choice to have it that way, It's pretty liberating.”
Cliff Hannold

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