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“A smart person is not one that knows the answers, but one who knows where to find them...”
William Petersen, Underground

Leslie Parrish
“Would you believe I was in the neighborhood?”
“Well, how about that I needed to see you.”
“Why? Did one of my neighbors call and say my cat’s been stalking their bunny?”
One corner of his mouth went up. “You know, that sounds like a euphemism. A kind of salacious one”
“Ooh, big words for Mr. Average Joe street cop,” she said, knowing she sounded bitchy but unable to help it.
“Can you take out the angry eyes, Mrs. Potato Head, and just let me talk to you?”
Leslie Parrish, Cold Touch

Bob Mayer
“In darkness there is death.”
Bob Mayer

Charles A. Cornell
“No evil ever came from a woman’s womb that wasn’t placed there first by a man.’... Tantie Neptune, Lucifer's Key by Charles A. Cornell, due 2013”
Charles A. Cornell

William Shakespeare
“Love's not Time's fool, though rosy lips and cheeks within his bending sickle's compass come.”
William Shakespeare, Love Poems and Sonnets

Sameer Kamat
“In the business world, there is no gray. Either you are black, or you are white-washed.”
Sameer Kamat, Business Doctors: Management Consulting Gone Wild

Ken McClure
“I write thrillers for the same reason that people read them – it's escapism.”
Ken McClure

Leslie Parrish
“She closed her eyes briefly, feeling sick. Olivia had experienced strangulation before. Having to look directly into the face of the person who was killing you made the experience beyond awful. But there were worse things than that. Staring into the void of unresolved memory, living an eternal mystery, waking up night after night seeing the face of someone you desperately wanted to save but having not the slightest clue how to do it—all that was worse. If going through with this experience gave her the answers she needed, if it gave her peace, it would be well worth one-hundred-and-thirty seconds of fear and pain.”
Leslie Parrish, Cold Touch

“Tough tims never last but tough people do..”
Robert A. Schuller

Brooklyn Hudson
“I tell everyone who asks me about writing...almost everyone has an idea for a book, and some even have a great ending, but it's that 290 or so pages in between that are tough!”
Brooklyn Hudson, WISHBONE...Be Careful What You Wish For

Zoran Drvenkar
“Estar enamorada de alguien y amar a alguien son para ella dos estaciones de tren distintas.”
Zoran Drvenkar, Sorry

J. Alexander Greenwood
“The professor’s motive was in the grand scheme of things terribly petty ” Greenwood said. “"Pilate’s Cross" is inspired by the questions this terrible crime created but as a work of fiction it is set in a different place and time and has a more complex motive for the murders.”
J. Alexander Greenwood, Pilate's Cross

Norm Applegate
“He brought the Glock up to shoulder height. He had one up the snout giving him fourteen rounds of influence.”
Norm Applegate, First to Die

Rhys Chamberlain
“Listen, we got two stiffs and a river of red in a villa in Herne Bay...”
Rhys Chamberlain, Emotion

“No matter which way you dice it, self-preservation is selfish.”
Keith Houghton, Crossing Lines

Daniel Borough
“my new website is now live on www.danielborough.com There are free short stories to download on it. Have fun!”
Daniel Borough

“Only God is the Giver and Master of Creativity and imagination because they are gifts that can only come from Him Alone!”
Cheyenne Mitchell, The Covering

Zoran Drvenkar
“Pienso que la iglesia va a excomulgarnos. Repartimos la absolución y llevamos la luz a algunas almas oscuras.
-Y somos más caros.
-Cierto, somos más caros, pero tampoco nadie tiene que ponerse de rodillas a la hora de acostarse y darnos las gracias.”
Zoran Drvenkar, Sorry

“Writing is a pleasure but family is a blessing!”
Prentiss Grant, I Love You, Goodbye

Nina D'Angelo
“I needed to know, Jesse. I needed to get inside his head. To find this son of a bitch, I need to get inside his head.” - Stephanie Carovella”
Nina D'Angelo, Nowhere to Run

Zoran Drvenkar
“En la oscuridad de tus pensamientos quisiera ser una luz.”
Zoran Drvenkar, Sorry

Marvin H. McIntyre
“Another misconception is that desires are insatiable. Admittedly, for the small segment of society that is clinically deranged, this statement may not hold true. But for those seeking riches, pleasure, or power, too much of a good thing dulls the appetite.” – Jeremy Lyons [Survival of the Fittest]”
Marvin H. McIntyre, Inside Out

Thomas Waite
“Why did I decide to write cyber thrillers? Because we've gone from the Cold War to the Code War.”
Thomas Waite

Jane Taylor Starwood
“She hit the button again, holding her breath this time until she heard it.
Soft, sibilant, as insubstantial as the breaths that came before: Shannon. The voice whispered Shannon.
The blood rushed out of her head. Her heart knocked hard in her chest. Her knees buckled and she grabbed the counter to keep from falling. She was starting to hyperventilate, had to calm it down before she was taken by a full-blown panic attack.
Paper bag. Think. Think! Drawer below the silverware, next to the sink. Over the nose and mouth. Breathe slowly, slowly.
Holding the bag against her face, Shane slid to the floor with her back against the cabinets, legs splayed, lungs heaving.
It couldn’t be him. It couldn’t be Jordan. Jordan was dead.”
Jane Taylor Starwood, Shattered Blue

Terry Hayes
“The last vestiges of consciousness tell her she has just witnessed her own murder, all she ever was and hoped to be is gone.”
Terry Hayes, I Am Pilgrim

Brooklyn Hudson
“I take writing very seriously. There's a lot of responsibility in putting blood in the veins of fictional characters.”
Brooklyn Hudson

Thomas Waite
“They told you that you were safe. They told you lies. You are weak and defeated. For the price of one helicopter, we have brought you to your knees.”
Thomas Waite, Lethal Code

“Several Terminal Policy readers got together to tell Raker jokes:
- Raker CAN piss into the wind.
- Raker donates a lot of blood to the Red Cross -- just never his own.
- Superman wears Raker pajamas.
- When Raker jumps into the pool, he doesn't get wet -- the pool gets Raker.
- Why did the chicken cross the road? Because Raker THREW her there!!
- Raker's daughter lost her virginity ... he got it back.
- Raker doesn't cheat death, he wins fair and square.
- Raker turns on a light at night … not because he's afraid of the dark but because the dark is afraid of him.
- When the boogy man goes to bed he checks under his bed for Raker.
- Don’t tread on Raker’s cape!”
Liam McCurry

“« Le coupable craint la loi et l'innocent le sort. »
Publius Syrus”
Publius Syrus

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