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James Morcan
“Contrary to the media circus which portrayed politicians as all-powerful figures, Kentbridge knew from experience the vast majority of US Government officials – elected or otherwise – were puppets who only had the illusion of power.”
James Morcan, The Ninth Orphan

Holly Hood
“I was such a messed up person and he was still holding on.”
Holly Hood, Prison of Paradise

Richard Finney
“After everything I've been through, the last thing I'm going to apologize for is my paranoia.”
Richard Finney, Demon Days: Angel of Light

Cameo Renae
“A quick thought shot through my mind. Could I really drown in a dream? I remembered the movie the Matrix. If you died in the matrix, you died in real life. I wasn’t about to take a chance...”
Cameo Renae, In My Dreams

Henry Mosquera
“Some things are just like riding a bicycle; you jump on, pedal, and hope you don’t fall.”
Henry Mosquera, Sleeper's Run

Steve Hamilton
“I didn't know that once you've proven yourself useful to the wrong people, you'll never be free again.”
Steve Hamilton, The Lock Artist

Henry Mosquera
“Truth is irrelevant; what matters is what people believe.”
Henry Mosquera, Sleeper's Run

“If we found a ticket to Disneyland would you think we should arrest Mickey Mouse?”
Diane L. Randle, Spectral Witness

Pola Muzyka
“When I am alone with God I see that God is really all I have. All that matters. All that will last. At these times I realize that the magnitude of what I have is incomprehensible. Usually I cry for the sheer joy of it. Not tears of defeat, but rather tears of gratitude.”
Pola Muzyka, Escape the Hezbollah

Richard Finney
“I believe that on any trip to heaven, there are always detours
through hell.”
Richard Finney, Demon Days: Angel of Light

“A good book is a good place to go.....
to dream!”
Donna Lee Comer

Nathan Squiers
“Xander Stryker." A thick, rich voice filled the hall. The speaker stopped at the altar, standing in a blue robe. His thick brown hair was slicked back and tied in a small ponytail in the back and his solid blue eyes--matching the shade of his robe--shifted from one to the other.

Xander blinked several times, clearing the grogginess from his mind, and began to sit up, nodding his respects at the newcomer.

"My name is Ronen," the newcomer said, bowing his head as he took a step towards him, "and it will be my pleasure to guide you through the change." he stopped for a moment, smiling warmly, before carefully lifting Xander’s left arm. Before continuing, he locked his gaze on Xander's, "You are sure that this is what you want?"

Xander nodded.

There was a sharp sting then as Ronen bit into his wrist and Xander flinched before a warm rush made the pain subside and the room began to spin. Thrown off kilter, Xander felt himself start to fall as the poison seeped into the veins of his arm and, after a long, lingering moment, crawled past his shoulder and into his chest--into his heart--where it suddenly exploded into a full-body inferno.

He was burning to death!

When he was certain that he was on fire there was a sudden cool rush; a wave of ice that ran through the length of his body and seeped into his core until he found his eyelids and pried them open. The image of Depok and Ronen came into focus and he was vaguely aware of Depok's left hand on his shoulder as the pure-blood pulled his fangs away from his wrist.

Mind still reeling, Xander noticed, not without a bit of shock, that he was still lying on top of the altar. A moment later, his eyes rolled back in his skull and the lights from the candles melted into a solid glow that swallowed him and faded to black. As Death swooped down and enveloped him, he heard Depok's voice in the distance:

"Welcome home, Xander.”
Nathan Squiers

Sarah Alderson
“So we have twenty-four hours to keep out of trouble,’ he says to me.
I slide a glance in his direction. Judging from the way he’s now grimacing at the sidewalk and the fact that I met him in a police station where he was being booked for stealing a car, I’m guessing that staying out of trouble is not his forte.”
Sarah Alderson, Out of Control

Stephen B. Pearl
“Life is a sewer and we are all but swimmers within it. Smart people do the backstroke. (In other words you gotta have a giggle.)”
Stephen B. Pearl, Tinker's Plague

John Grisham
“Because I was single, there was a chance I was a homosexual. Because I went to Syracuse, wherever that was, then I was probably a Communist. Or worse, a Liberal. Because I was from Memphis, I was a subversive intent on embarrassing Ford County.”
John Grisham, The Last Juror

Matt Hilton
“He was a living dead man. According to official records he had died, not once, but twice. yet he still breathed”
Matt Hilton

Matt Hilton
“Some may call me a vigilante. I think i've got problems to fix.”
Matt Hilton

Tommy Taylor
“I wish I could claim that I said this being an author, but alas I did not." --
I try to leave out the parts that people skip. — Elmore Leonard ”
Tommy Taylor

Gregory J. Saunders
“Dreading dusk, fearing night, praying for dawn.”
Gregory J. Saunders

“Jeopardy, Mom! You have got to get on Jeopardy! Seriously! You could marry Alex Trebek! You could be Alex and Alex Trebek! You could be Alex SQUARED!”
Diane L. Randle, Spectral Witness

Michael  Barnett
“When dancing with a pit bull, it's always best to let him lead.”
Michael Barnett, Eden Fading

David Harry
“What’s the hurry? From my experience, dead bodies don’t get any deader.”
David Harry, The Padre Puzzle

Sarah Alderson
“Trust me,’ he says with a touch of impatience.
‘Stop asking me to do that,’ I say, equally as impatiently.”
Sarah Alderson, Out of Control

Sarah Alderson
“. ‘Because off-duty cops walk around the city wearing sweatshirts advertising they’re cops all the time, never mind it’s a hundred degrees outside. And never mind you look like the youngest cop ever recruited in the history of policing.’
He tsks at me. ‘Have you never seen 21 Jump Street?”
Sarah Alderson, Out of Control

David Harry
“Is this Jimmy Redstone?” the male voice at the other end of the line inquired.

I couldn’t identify the voice. I didn’t recognize the number and the used car salesman tone didn’t do anything to reduce my annoyance at being interrupted during breakfast. “Who the hell you think would be answering his phone?” I snarled.”
David Harry, The Padre Predator

Andrew Barrett
“…but his problem was infinity; his problem was time running along the x-axis versus stress running along the y-axis, and there never seemed to be time without stress. Stress was a constant.”
Andrew Barrett, The Third Rule - The Complete Story

Rachel Carrington
“I’ve never needed a bodyguard, Evan.”
His hands stilled on the glasses.

“Maybe that isn’t such a bad idea now.”

“It’s a terrible idea. I would never want anyone watching every move I make. It’s unnerving. There are fresh lemons in the bottom drawer.”

Evan squatted and tugged open the vegetable crisper inside the refrigerator. “You know,” he waved a piece of the yellow fruit for emphasis, “you may want to think about it, though.”

Morgan smacked the table so hard the salt and pepper shakers jumped.

He grinned and stood. “Haven’t lost your temper, I see.”

“My temper wasn’t burned.”
Rachel Carrington, Burning Reflections

Sarah Alderson
“I need a favour.’
I raise my eyebrows at him in disbelief. What makes him think I’m about to do him a favour? He’s a stranger. And he’s wearing handcuffs.”
Sarah Alderson, Out of Control

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