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Julia Keaton
“Breaking the kiss when she had reached the point where she had begun to hope he would never stop, he surged over her and she felt his need digging into her belly as he burrowed his face against her neck. "Don't torture me anymore. I am repentant. I swear."
She opened her eyes to look at him as he lifted his head.
His features were drawn and harsh with painful need. "I have never been more miserable in my life, Mellie, and the only way you could possibly make me more miserable is to leave where I can not even see you."
Lifting a hand, she stroked his hard cheek. He turned his face into her palm, kissing it. "Don't make beg, Mellie."
A pained look flickered across his features. "Because I will, and my ego might never recover.”
Julia Keaton, Stranger in My Bed

Julia Keaton
“Without another word, he lifted her into the carriage and drove her home.
He seemed impervious to the cold shoulder she gave him, which irritated her almost as much as the knowing way he had looked at her when he had kissed her senseless.
In fact, although his face was stern, he seemed downright cheerful, the cad!”
Julia Keaton, Stranger in My Bed

Julia Keaton
“Actually," she stammered, forcing a smile she hoped looked apologetic, "I am Rupert's sister. I thought this was
his room, you see. And ... and the thing is he had brought me a gift and I just could not contain my impatience. I thought I would get just a little peek at it."
The gaze he raked down her this time was bold and frankly appraising, and Melantha could not dismiss the sensation of standing completely naked before him, as if he could see directly through her clothing and perceive every tiny flaw.”
Julia Keaton, Stranger in My Bed

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