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Jack Gantos
“Still, he was another guy in the house, and Mom was mine first, and her being my mom is a thousand times more important than her being some guy's girlfriend. So even though Booth wasn't trying to run the show, he was still in the way.”
Jack Gantos, What Would Joey Do?

Eileen Granfors
“Step-parents, those fairy tale villains,
Have been given a bad name.
They're easy targets.
When the family goes awry
How easy to blame them.

I was blessed by the right steps...”
Eileen Granfors

Lacey Silks
“Well, it’s too late. I’m already attached. And you won’t know if it will last unless you really, really try, right?”“What is that supposed to mean?”“Well, Charlie said I could live with them. And you too. She really likes you. She said she’s never had a mother, and she asked me if I would mind sharing mine. I told her I wouldn’t if she didn’t mind sharing her father.”
Lacey Silks, Perfectly Seduced

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