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J.C. Reed
“Faster's always better, but you have to mind those curves. They're wicked. They can kill a man in a heartbeat.”
J.C. Reed, Surrender Your Love

Jenn Bennett
“So..."he whispered huskily in my ear, "we've discovered that you can arouse me." He demonstrated this fact by pressing harder against me, just in case I'd forgotten. "However, we don't know about you. And there is the small matter of Heka.”
Jenn Bennett, Kindling the Moon

Anne Rainey
“She reached for the milk and honey soap, then poured it into the puff, but when she started washing him with it, he chuckled.
“Uh, sweetheart?”
“Hmm?” Candice mumbled as she stared at some interesting spot on his arm.
“Real men don’t use puffs,” he said, amused and turned on by having Candice’s undivided attention.
She finally managed to drag her gaze away from his forearm and stared at him as if he’d lost his mind. “You can’t be serious?” When he only shrugged, she rolled her eyes. “What does it matter what I use, so long as you’re clean?”
“It matters, believe me.” Blade knew he sounded absurd but he couldn’t help it. It was bad enough he’d let her put bandages on a few measly cuts; if word got out he’d let her use a peach-colored puff and milk-and-honey bath soap he’d never hear the end of it.
A man had to put his foot down somewhere.”
Anne Rainey, Tasting Candy

J.C. Reed
“Wine?" I asked, ready to order.
"I’d rather have Sex on the Beach." He winked at me with a devilish grin.”
J.C. Reed, Surrender Your Love

Katie McGarry
“I barely brushed towards her cheek as I moved towards her mouth, her nails tickled my chest, driving me insane. Kissing her became my single reason for breathing.”
Katie McGarry

Koko Brown
“Unless Robbie and Chris wanted to her to be a surrogate mother, this would be her first and last pregnancy. She and morning sickness were not seeing eye-to-eye.”
Koko Brown, Player's Ultimatum

Anne Rainey
“Suddenly, Cain flipped her over and caged her in, his muscled strength creating a protective embrace. “My diamond,” he growled. “You are home.”
She lifted her hand and cupped his cheek, then murmured, “Yes. I am.”
“I was dead without you. I would have ended up a shell like Rafael.”
She kissed him, hating the pain in his voice. “No, never like him. He was evil, Cain, his soul black. Yours isn’t. Just a little gray.”
He smirked. “Gray?”
She shrugged. “Well you aren’t lily white, that’s for certain.”
Anne Rainey, A Diamond at Midnight

Devon Herrera
“I never thought that this moment would come for me.   My whole life has been shaped to protect me and keep my heart safe.   I know that I’m about to change all of that and I should be terrified.   I lean forward and brush my lips across his.   The fact that the fear never comes and all I can think about is Connor and his mouth on mine gives me the courage to speak.   “Connor, make love to me.”   I say against his lips.”
Devon Herrera, Sapphire Universe

Frank McChebe
“Is it really true that the only good thing a Blackman can offer in a relationship with a white woman is thunderous sex?
Of course, sex plays a vital healing role in every loving relationship. That is a fact of life. But, as we discover in the story of Glasgow Kiss, sex is not always the only thing that occupies a Blackman’s mind. On the contrary, when a man is as passionate, dedicated, committed and determined as Mamadu is to fight and hold onto his true love, irrespective of the numerous challenges he faces, he is able show that it is far more important to pay attention to his heartbeat than the growing erection in his trousers!”
Frank McChebe, Glasgow Kiss

Nina Lane
“there really is a place where kisses taste like apple pie and where stars spill like sugar across the sky.”
Nina Lane

Kailin Gow
“That in itself made her a little intriguing and enticing. A woman who doesn't know her own potential for passion”
Kailin Gow, The Protege

Rucy Ban
“After a few seconds of scraping, I realize what he has isn’t a trail, it’s a whole forest! Ack! Weren’t all men supposed to shave their chest and stuff nowadays? Whatever happened to having fuzz-free Hollywood heroes as role models? At least my embarrassment is completely foregone by the irritation at his lack of upkeep. The only thing distracting me now is that heady mix of musk, shaving cream and a distinctly…male scent. And God knows that is one seriously jeopardizing distraction. Especially with a whizzing needle in one’s hand.”
Rucy Ban, All My Life

Shehanne Moore
“I see the beginning, I see the end. And in the middle I just hope I don't fall on my ass to much”
Shehanne Moore, The Unraveling of Lady Fury

Stephanie Witter
“No." I pulled away just enough to lock my eyes with his. His crooked smile sent shivers down my spine. His eyes were a deep blue darkening more as the minutes passing between us were getting hotter. "I will be the one using you, and you'll love every second, every breath, every stroke and every fucking inch of me," he said, his lips ghosting above mine.”
Stephanie Witter, 2B or Not 2B?

Aden Lowe
“Blake.” Her pleas are so sweet.

“Shhh, Anne just feel it. I have you.” Her nipple is so fucking perfect under my mouth.

Her body tense, she’s right on the edge. One more push and she’ll explode in my hands. Arching her back more, she lets her legs relax open just a little. An unconscious signal...”
Aden Lowe, Ride It Out

Eva Walker
“Breathe, Emma. Now is not the time to swoon.”
Eva Walker, Hanging by a Moment

Stephanie Witter
“He smiled wickedly, and my body warmed. "Girls dig bad boys."

"Unfortunately, that's true."

"Is there a message, Bridge?"

"In your dreams," I replied with a roll of my eyes, but it was all an act because there was a message there. I wanted him. I was screwed ― Uh, bad choice of words.”
Stephanie Witter, 2B or Not 2B?

Savannah Stuart
“Oh...oh, goddess, it's true about your tongues...”
Savannah Stuart, Claimed by the Warrior

Melanie Harlow
“But first, I wanted to make her sweat a little. Then I wanted to make her sweat a lot”
Melanie Harlow, Man Candy

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