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Shannon L. Alder
“Being different is a revolving door in your life where secure people enter and insecure exit.”
Shannon L. Alder

Criss Jami
“It is not true that everyone is special. It is true that everyone was once special and still possesses the ability to recover it.”
Criss Jami, Killosophy

Shannon L. Alder
“The most intriguing people you will encounter in this life are the people who had insights about you, that you didn't know about yourself.”
Shannon L. Alder

“And like flowers in the fields, that make wonderful views, when we stand side-by-side in our wonderful hues..

We all make a beauty so wonderfully true.
We are special and different, and just the same, too!

So whenever you look at your beautiful skin, from your wiggling toes to your giggling grin...

Think how lucky you are that the skin you live in, so beautifully holds the "You" who's within.”
Michael Tyler, The Skin You Live In

Charles Darwin
“We can allow satellites, planets, suns, universe, nay whole systems of universe, to be governed by laws, but the smallest insect, we wish to be created at once by special act.”
Charles Darwin, Notebooks

Derek Landy
“Here she is,” her mum said, cooing at the baby, “my special girl.”
“Oh, cheers,” Valkyrie said, rolling her eyes.”
Derek Landy, Death Bringer

Shannon Delany
“There is so little time. We need to make every moment count.”
Shannon Delany, Secrets and Shadows

Nora Roberts
“If something isn't special, then it's ordinary.”
Nora Roberts

Criss Jami
“A man does not have to feel less than human to realize his sin; oppositely, he has to realize that he gets no special vindication for his sin.”
Criss Jami, Killosophy

Criss Jami
“It's neither judgment nor judgment according to the status quo that we have a problem with, but rather judgment according to God's Word that we have a problem with. We sharply dress ourselves, go out into the world, shape ourselves, our personalities according to the world's standards and preferences, allow ourselves to be made dull by the world and its desires in order to appear successful and happy and attractive in the eyes of the world. We love the world's judgment but we hate God's judgment. Absurdly enough, the one that really matters, the one out of the purest of loves rather than a mere contract in hopes of mutual gain, is the one which we so adamantly try to shut ourselves off from.”
Criss Jami, Diotima, Battery, Electric Personality

Jean M. Auel
“I don't know, Jondalar. Maybe you haven't found the right woman. Maybe the Mother has someone special for you. She doesn't make many like you. You are really more than most women could bear. If all your love were concentrated on one, it could overwhelm her, if she wasn't one to whom the Mother gave equal gifts.”
Jean M. Auel, The Valley of Horses

Toba Beta
“Mankind ain't special, Kiddo.
It's just you who wanna be so.”
Toba Beta, My Ancestor Was an Ancient Astronaut

Katherine Hannigan
“In the book, hummin bins made castles, and towers up to the sky. They tamed the animals and took care of them. And hummin bins helped each other. They were always good.
"When I was done, Ma asked, 'Delly, what are hummin bins?' 'They're like people, but better,' I said. Then I told her, 'When I grow up, I'm going to live with the hummin bins,' and she smiled.
"But Galveston grabbed the book, 'Let me see that,' she said, and started laughing. 'This says human beings. There's no such things as hummin bins.'
"'Ma, is it true?' I asked, and she nodded. 'How come you didn't tell me?' I cried.
"'I liked the hummin bins better, too,' she said." ...
"RB's right, Ferris Boyd. You are a hummin bin." Her eyeballs were wet, like they were swimming.
It was quiet, then, till RB's soft cloud voice said, "You're a hummin bin, too, Delly.”
Katherine Hannigan, True

Brian Spellman
“I dreamed of being special then awoke to be unique.”
Brian Spellman, If the mind fits, shrink it.

Shannon L. Alder
“You will know you are in love when it doesn't matter if you sit in heaven or hell with that special someone just as long as they can make you laugh, while you put out the fires.”
Shannon L. Alder

“Rafe made people find something in themselves...(he) made me dream, he saw what I could hope to be, and helped me hope it. He did that to everyone he knew - especially the ones he knew the best." - Danny”
Randall Wallace, Pearl Harbor

“If I could give you one thing in life, it would be the ability to see yourself through my eyes. Cause only then would you realize how special you are to me.”
Someone Smart

Maggie Stiefvater
“We are just ordinary people. They're special. Adam's tied to the ley line. Ronan's a dreamer. Blue amplifies all of that."
"Richie Rich is just a person," Orla said.
Yes, and he's going to die.”
Maggie Stiefvater, The Raven King

Toba Beta
“We need to perceive ourselves as the special race.
If not, beasts will perceive themselves as the chosen.”
Toba Beta, My Ancestor Was an Ancient Astronaut

Aishabella Sheikh
“He was smiling at her like she was something special. Did I agree with this smile? Maybe.”
Aishabella Sheikh, Converting The Bad Boy

“I saw that you were perfect and so I loved you. Then, I saw that you weren't perfect and I loved you even more”
Someone Smart

Steven Redhead
“Find then hold onto the things that will make your life special.”
Steven Redhead, Life Is Simply A Game

“You know what hurts the most? It's when someone made you feel special yesterday and behaves as if you don't exist today.”

Drew Barrymore
“I once took a poo in the woods while hunched over like an animal. It was AWESOME.”
Drew Barrymore

J.R. Rim
“Why study things of no use? To learn you don't need it and concentrate your efforts on what is important to you.”
J.R. Rim

“One man came up to me at a taco stand and said, "I have no idea who you are, but I can see everyone is staring at you, so you must be somebody. I just wanted to tell you that you are not that special. You're no more special than me." I looked at him with a mouth full of food and managed to say, "Thanks. I agree," and promptly asked the waitress for a to go box.”
Jewel, Never Broken: Songs Are Only Half the Story

Vikki Wakefield
“And I wanted Jordan, because if he wanted me back it would mean I wasn't ordinary. A guy like him wouldn't settle for that.”
Vikki Wakefield, All I Ever Wanted

Steven Redhead
“Find, then hold onto what makes your life special.”
Steven Redhead, Unleash The Power of Your Heart and Mind

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