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Cassandra Clare
“He grinned. “I was trying to remember all the deadly sins the other day,” he said. “Greed,envy, gluttony, irony, pedantry…”
“I’m pretty sure irony isn’t a deadly sin.”
“I’m pretty sure it is.”
“Lust,” she said. “Lust is a deadly sin.”
“And spanking.”
“I think that falls under lust.”
“I think it should have its own category,” said Jace. “Greed, envy, gluttony, irony, pedantry, lust, and spanking.”
Cassandra Clare, City of Lost Souls

Larissa Ione
“I've got a mind to turn you over my knee and spank the spoiled hell out of you”
Larissa Ione, Sin Undone

Cherise Sinclair
“I wouldn't do this if i didn't care, but you mean everything to me, and if this is what you need, then this is what you'll get. But we're damned well going to work on changing this association between caring and spanking.”
Cherise Sinclair, The Dom's Dungeon

Diana Gabaldon
“My father liked me, when I wasna being an idiot. And he loved me, too -- enough to beat the daylights out of me when I was being an idiot. Jamie Fraser”
Diana Gabaldon, Outlander

“Of course it hurts, it’s a spanking. How else would it work?”
Breanna Hayse, Time Out

Jennifer Salaiz
“It's just not as hot without biting, scratching, and spanking, involved.”
Jennifer Salaiz

“I also saw that theologically speaking the whole idea of a smacking is not congruent with the teaching revealed in the gospel of Jesus Christ. God sent His Son into the world to save the world so they would not have to suffer for their own sins, but parents today punish their children and make them undergo the horrors of punishment for even the most minor of infractions. The idea of mercy is seemingly not applied at all. When parents' sin, they ask God to forgive them, repent and know they are forgiven. When children sin, they are judged, tried, condemned and punished.”
Samuel Martin, Thy Rod and Thy Staff They Comfort Me: Christians and the Spanking Controversy

Russell Hoban
“(Frances has gotten out of bed again and come to her parents' room...)
'How can the wind have a job?' asked Frances.
'Everybody has a job,' said Father.
'I have to go to my office every morning at nine o'clock. That is my job. You have to go to sleep so you can be wide awake for school tomorrow. That is your job.'
Frances said, 'I know, but...'
Father said, 'I have not finished. If the wind does not blow the curtains, he will be out of a job. If I do not go to the office, I will be out of a job. And if you do not go to sleep now, do you know what will happen to you?'
'I will be out of a job?' said Frances.
'No,' said Father.
'I will get a spanking?' said Frances.
'Right!' said Father.
'Good night!' said Frances, and she went back to her room.”
Russell Hoban, Bedtime for Frances

“Just as a woman's eyes are the mirrors of her soul, her shapely bottom is her seat of learning.”

“Now I really feel sorry for her. Your hand is as bad as Rob’s paddle,” Cassie shuddered.
“Thank you.”
“I didn’t mean it as a compliment!”
Breanna Hayse, Time Out

Patricia A. Knight
“Yes. I know all about soul-wraiths.” Ramsey frowned. “How did you avoid them in the past?”
“Set a perimeter of energized diaman crystal. That will keep them at bay.” Hel smiled without humor. “I have the diaman crystal in my saddle pack. I lack a sexual partner to energize them. I had intended to return with a magistra but a magister will work as well. Care to volunteer?”
“Only if I top,” Ramsey snapped.
“You’d have to kill me first,” returned Hel.
“With pleasure.”
Steffania took a breath. Ram cut her off. “No. I don’t share you, Vixen.”
Fear of the unknown almost froze Adonia’s tongue, but she was the obvious answer. She could do this, and the opportunity might never present itself again. “I’ll be your partner.”
Patricia A. Knight, Hers To Claim

“The wooden hairbrush has two practical uses, the bristle side to be used on her silken locks, and the harsh, wooden side to be used on her shapely seat of learning”

Felicity Brandon
“Good choice, Polly,” she soothes, caressing my long, dark hair.

“You may not have been fucked by a woman before but, if you’re a good girl now, then you soon will be…”
Felicity Brandon, Customer Service

Felicity Brandon
“Given our new situation, I think you should find a more appropriate way to address me Polly. Do so now please.”

I don’t even have to think. An invisible shroud of submission seems to have fallen over me and the prospect of surrendering to this beautiful creature is the only thing on my mind, because I do – absolutely – want her to fuck me, and I have never wanted anything so much…”
Felicity Brandon, Customer Service

Felicity Brandon
“Then she is on me. Her soft, hot body collapses onto my own ravenous frame. She pushes my legs open with her knees and pulls my arms above my head with her hands, holding me a willing hostage. For one long moment we are eye to eye. Her breasts press down into my nipples, goading them but offering no release, and then her lips come crashing down on mine. She kisses me as though she already owns me; exploring my mouth with her tongue, dragging it aggressively from one side of my lips to the other.”
Felicity Brandon, Customer Service

Felicity Brandon
“With each impact you tell me that my body belongs to you; that I am
yours to use, yours to punish and yours to screw. Your words are almost as
powerful as your hand. They leave me feeling breathless and desperate for
your cock. You are working me into the usual frenzy of slutty desire that
we have both come to love. If I was permitted I would tell you how much I
love you right now and how much I need this. But it’s not my words which
are important at the moment. Instead I demonstrate my devotion to you in
my complete submission to your desire.”
Felicity Brandon, Destination Anywhere

Felicity Brandon
“All I can feel is your cock inside me, as it slides slowly in and then out
of me. You are powerful and imposing as you begin to pick up the pace.
You have become the centre of my entire universe. You are everything I
can feel, everything I can see, hear and smell; all that I know. This is of
course, exactly how you like it and exactly as it should be.”
Felicity Brandon, Destination Anywhere

Felicity Brandon
“You yank my hair back even harder, creating a sudden hurt which nearly
topples me over the edge of the precipice.
“Look at me whilst you beg me, little one…”
Felicity Brandon, Destination Anywhere

Felicity Brandon
“You are so wet,” you enthuse. “See how much you love to be punished,
little one?”
“Yes, sir,” I whimper, physically fighting the urge to push myself back
onto your finger. I want you inside me so much. I would beg if I thought
you’d take pity on me, but I know you. My punishment is far from over
Felicity Brandon, Destination Anywhere

“She remained in this attitude, clearly inviting him to touch her.

Taking a position of advantage, he rested his right hand on her buttock. He considered a moment then raised his arm and brought his palm upon her, delivering a sharp spank. He felt the acuteness of it on his own skin. He gave her another, watching his hand in the mirror opposite, as it made contact.

The slap caused her to flinch, but her heard her sigh also: the timbre of which was now familiar to him. He paused, allowing the sensation of the sting to sink in before giving her more. She remained folded over for him, eager for more of his burning smacks upon her flesh. The peach of her cheeks rippled each time under the impact of his blows.”
Emmanuelle de Maupassant, The Gentleman's Club

Chloe Thurlow
“It struck me that my backside was my best asset and that keeping it hidden would be like Oedipus pulling out his eyes so that he couldn't see the errors of the past.”
Chloe Thurlow, Girl Trade

Chloe Thurlow
“There is nothing to compare with that moment when you are bent over his knee and feel the material chaff against your bottom as he pulls your panties down. At that second, round cheeks revealed, plump and quivering, it is like jumping out of an airplane, pulling the ripcord and waiting for the parachute to open.”
Chloe Thurlow, Girl Trade

Chloe Thurlow
“Being naked strips away more than your clothes, it reveals unknown facets of your true nature. I had thought of myself as a career girl on the slippery pole of achievement and success. But really, I was just as content to follow where the road of life led. Had he seen something in me I had not known existed? Did he look at me and see a girl who wanted to be spanked?”
Chloe Thurlow, Girl Trade

Chloe Thurlow
“It is important to warm and caress every portion of the curved surface, into the groove and up over the base of the spine. Pause around the open lips of the vagina to see if she is wet and, if so, she is ready for the first strike. Spanking is sexual, sensual, erotic. It has absolutely nothing to do with causing pain. It is about ultimate pleasure.”
Chloe Thurlow, Being a Girl

Chloe Thurlow
“Have you ever been spanked?' he asked me. 'No,' I replied. 'Well, this is your lucky day.”
Chloe Thurlow, Girl Trade

Chloe Thurlow
“Would you like me to spank you?" he asked. He was very polite and I wasn't sure what to say. I shrugged and took a breath. "If you like," I replied. "There's a good girl. Now, come here, take your knickers down and bend over my knee." And that's what I did.”
Chloe Thurlow, The Gift of Girls

Chloe Thurlow
“When his hand came down across my bottom the first time I thought I was going to die. But the pain passed, transmuted as if my some alchemical wizardry, and for a moment I experienced a surreal satisfaction in being bent over in this way without rights or choices, past or future. In pain you are living in the present and as the pain passes there is pleasure from having endured the pain.”
Chloe Thurlow, Being a Girl

Chloe Thurlow
“The French do some things better, like spanking for instance.”
Chloe Thurlow, Being a Girl

Chloe Thurlow
“There is an innate gratification in falling from grace. The supreme pleasure of love is illicit love, a feeling that you are doing wrong. Spanking girls and being a girl receiving a spanking captures that feeling, that beyond the pleasure enhanced by the pain is a sense that you are being just a little bit wicked.”
Chloe Thurlow, The Gift of Girls

Asa Don Brown
“Spanking a child is about the parent not the child. The child will learn more from positive correction than physical manipulation.”
Asa Don Brown

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