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Wole Soyinka
“Romance is the sweetening of the soul
With fragrance offered by the stricken heart.”
Wole Soyinka, The Lion and the Jewel

Patti Roberts
“Sometimes, the only soul that can mend a broken heart is the one that broke it. For they are the ones holding all the pieces.”
Patti Roberts, The Angels Are Here

“When a man touches a woman's body, he is not just touching her body. It goes MUCH DEEPER than that for a woman. He is touching parts of her soul-parts as diverse as how she feels about being a grandmother some day, to what is her favorite ice cream, to how much she loves her pet, and to her opinion of how the current President is governing. The man wants a sexual encounter and love is far from his mind; she desires permanence, commitment, safety, and security.”
Jim Anderson, Unmasked: Exposing the Cultural Sexual Assault

Isadora  Duncan
“Now I am going to reveal to you something which is very pure, a totally white thought. It is always in my heart; it blooms at each of my steps... The Dance is love, it is only love, it alone, and that is enough... I, then, it is amorously that I dance: to poems, to music but now I would like to no longer dance to anything but the rhythm of my soul.”
Isadora Duncan

أحمد خالد توفيق
“الابتزاز لعبة من تعفنت روحه”
أحمد خالد توفيق, يوتوبيا

George Bernard Shaw
“The heart of an Irishman is nothing but his imagination”
George Bernard Shaw

Paul Bowles
“The soul is the weariest part of the body.”
Paul Bowles, The Sheltering Sky
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John Donne
“Love's mysteries in souls do grow,
But yet the body is his book.”
John Donne, The Complete English Poems

C.S. Lewis
“Nothing is very strong: strong enough to steal away a man's best years not in sweet sins but in a dreary flickering of the mind over it knows not what and knows not why, in the gratification of curiosities so feeble that the man is only half aware of them, in drumming of fingers and kicking of heels, in whistling tunes that he does not like, or in the long, dim labyrinth of reveries that have not even lust or ambition to give them a relish, but which, once chance association has started them, the creature is took weak and fuddled to shake off.”
C.S. Lewis, The Screwtape Letters

Joseph Campbell
“Shakespeare said that art is a mirror held up to nature. And that’s what it is. The nature is your nature, and all of these wonderful poetic images of mythology are referring to something in you. When your mind is trapped by the image out there so that you never make the reference to yourself, you have misread the image.

The inner world is the world of your requirements and your energies and your structure and your possibilities that meets the outer world. And the outer world is the field of your incarnation. That’s where you are. You’ve got to keep both going. As Novalis said, 'The seat of the soul is there where the inner and outer worlds meet.”
Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth

“Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.
Sold my soul and yeah, the truth hurts.”
Marina Diamandis Marina and the Diamonds

Daniel C. Dennett
“Some years ago, there was a lovely philosopher of science and journalist in Italy named Giulio Giorello, and he did an interview with me. And I don’t know if he wrote it or not, but the headline in Corriere della Sera when it was published was "Sì, abbiamo un'anima. Ma è fatta di tanti piccoli robot – "Yes, we have a soul, but it’s made of lots of tiny robots." And I thought, exactly. That’s the view. Yes, we have a soul, but in what sense? In the sense that our brains, unlike the brains even of dogs and cats and chimpanzees and dolphins, our brains have functional structures that give our brains powers that no other brains have - powers of look-ahead, primarily. We can understand our position in the world, we can see the future, we can understand where we came from. We know that we’re here. No buffalo knows it’s a buffalo, but we jolly well know that we’re members of Homo sapiens, and it’s the knowledge that we have and the can-do, our capacity to think ahead and to reflect and to evaluate and to evaluate our evaluations, and evaluate the grounds for our evaluations.

It’s this expandable capacity to represent reasons that we have that gives us a soul. But what’s it made of? It’s made of neurons. It’s made of lots of tiny robots. And we can actually explain the structure and operation of that kind of soul, whereas an eternal, immortal, immaterial soul is just a metaphysical rug under which you sweep your embarrassment for not having any explanation.”
Daniel C. Dennett

Jeremy Aldana
“Thoughts are as simple as the process…a message from the soul; conveyed through the heart; received in the mind”
Jeremy Aldana

James Redfield
“This is [her] soul group.’
What do you mean?’
It’s a group of souls with whom she resonates closely.”
James Redfield, The Tenth Insight: Holding the Vision

Terence McKenna
“It is the imagination that argues for the Divine Spark within human beings. It is literally a decent of the World's Soul into all of us.”
Terence McKenna

Graham Greene
“He's satisfied with himself. If you have a soul you can't be satisfied.”
Graham Greene, Doctor Fischer of Geneva or The Bomb Party

C.S. Friedman
“I sold my soul for knowledge of the future, only to have that very pact render me forever ignorant (Gerald Tarrant).”
C.S. Friedman, When True Night Falls

Landon Parham
“All things, even the deepest sorrow or the most profound happiness are all temporary. Hope is fuel for the soul, without hope, forward motion ceases.”
Landon Parham, First Night of Summer

Charles de Lint
“Everybody has a soul." I turn to Pelly. "And that means you, too."
"I'm not so sure of that," he says. "What does it feel like?"
"Having a soul?" I look at Maxine, but she only shrugs. "I don't know," I tell Pelly. "I don't have anything to compare it to- you know, what not having a sould would feel like."
We fall into a kind of awkward silence. I don't know about the others, but I'm working on what a soul is and not coming up with a whole lot. I mean, I just always thought of it as me- what I feel like being me. But surely Pelly feels like himself, so that means he's got a soul right? But if that's not your soul, then what is?
It's weird and not something you really think about, is it?”
Charles de Lint, The Blue Girl

The Killers
“I've got soul, but I'm not a souldier.”
The Killers, The Killers, Hot Fuss

Kate Karyus Quinn
“Confession is good for the soul, they say. I'd imagine this is true. But my sins were too convoluted. And from the little I understand--too damning.”
Kate Karyus Quinn, Another Little Piece

Tabitha Suzuma
“The sight of such aching beauty would infuse his soul with pain.”
Tabitha Suzuma, A Note of Madness

James Hillman
“I can no longer be sure whether the psyche is in me or whether I'm in the psyche...”
James Hillman

Christopher Moore
“Don’t be so hard on yourself, You’re doing the same thing, trying to reconcile all the moms that Mom ever was - The one you wanted, the one she was when you needed her and she was there, the one she was when she didn’t understand. Most of us don’t live our lives with one, integrated self that meets the world, we’re a whole bunch of selves. When someone dies, they all integrate into the soul - the essence of who we are, beyond the different faces we wear throughout our lives. You’re just hating the selves you’ve always hated, and loving the ones you’ve always loved. It’s bound to mess you up.”
Christopher Moore, A Dirty Job

Terence McKenna
“The artist’s task is to save the soul of mankind; and anything less is a dithering while Rome burns. Because of the artists, who are self-selected, for being able to journey into the Other, if the artists cannot find the way, then the way cannot be found.”
Terence McKenna

Kyung-sook Shin
“You're paved in my heart like an old road. Like the pebbles in a pebble field, dirt in dirt, dust in dust, cobwebs in cobwebs.”
Kyung-sook Shin, Please Look After Mom

Robert McKee
“No matter our talent, we all know in the midnight of our souls that 90 percent of what we do is less than our best.”
Robert McKee, Story: Style, Structure, Substance, and the Principles of Screenwriting

Rudolfo Anaya
“I had been afraid of the awful presence of the river, which was the soul of the river, but through her [Ultima] I learned that my spirit shared in the spirit of all things.”
Rudolfo Anaya, Bless Me, Ultima

J.K. Rowling
“She had a way of moving that moved him as much as music, which was what moved him most of all. Surely the spirit animating that pearless body must be unusual too? Why would nature make a vessel like that, if not to contain something still more valuable?”
J.K. Rowling, The Casual Vacancy
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