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Janet Fitch
“Isn't it funny.I'm enjoying my hatred so much more than i ever enjoyed love. Love is temperamental. Tiring. It makes demands. Love uses you, changes its mind. But hatred, now, that's something you can use. Sculpt. Wield. It's hard, or soft, however you need it. Love humiliates you, but Hatred cradles you.”
Janet Fitch, White Oleander

Maggie Stiefvater
“I settled on the floor and whispered to Sam, “I want you to listen to me, if you can.” I leaned the side of my face against his ruff and remembered the golden wood he had shown me so long ago. I remembered the way the yellow leaves, the color of Sam’s eyes, fluttered and twisted, crashing butterflies, on their way to the ground. The slender white trunks of the birches, creamy and smooth as human skin. I remembered Sam standing in the middle of the wood, his arms stretched out, a dark, solid form in the dream of the trees. His coming to me, me punching his chest, the soft kiss. I remembered every kiss we’d ever had, and I remembered every time I’d curled in his human arms. I remembered the soft warmth of his breath on the back of my neck while we slept.
I remembered Sam.”
Maggie Stiefvater, Shiver

Vera Nazarian
“A choir is made up of many voices, including yours and mine. If one by one all go silent then all that will be left are the soloists.

Don’t let a loud few determine the nature of the sound. It makes for poor harmony and diminishes the song.”
Vera Nazarian, The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration

C. JoyBell C.
“Silk is a fine, delicate, soft, illuminating, beautiful substance. But you can never rip it! If a man takes this tender silk and attempts to tear it, and cannot tear it, is he in his right mind to say "This silk is fake! I thought it was soft, I thought it was delicate, but look, I cannot even tear it" ? Surely, this man is not in his right mind! The silk is not fake! This silk is 100% real. It's the man who is stupid!”
C. JoyBell C.

“Watching my parents I've learnt a lesson many do not recognize. True love is not signaled by romantic, candle light dinners, red roses glistening with dew, or even Valentine's day celebrations. While these things may accompany our feelings, love is truly more than all those! Love is being with your spouse even when its not pleasing. Sometimes, love is walking down the hall, with your spouse hanging onto your shoulders and walking at a turtle's pace down the hall, just because surgery made life a burden. Love is patient, love is kind, love is Jesus! May we always remember love is not always tied in bows!”
Mary Kate

Sanober  Khan
wounds me
with soft pillows
with tender lips
and fingers”
Sanober Khan, A touch, a tear, a tempest

Sanober  Khan
“With callused hands
i tasted
the softness of the moon

in the coldest winds
i discovered
my soul's
warmest fireplace

in the roughness
of his stubble
the tenderest love.”
Sanober Khan, A Thousand Flamingos

Karen Marie Moning
My trews may be soft, lass, he thoughts, but what's in them isn't.
Karen Marie Moning, Kiss of the Highlander

Dejan Stojanovic
“Be aware of the high notes, of the blissful faces and their soft messages, and listen for the silent message of a highly decorated gift.”
Dejan Stojanovic

Mike  Norton
“War can condition a person to be resilient, tolerant, dependable, strong, and capable of so much more than one who had experienced nothing of it; it can bring out the very best in us, but also the very worst. Where is it, I ask, the proper conduit through which a soldier should be raised from whence they would become an upstanding citizen of the world, instead of a single country?”
Mike Norton

Criss Jami
“The funny thing about the heart is a soft heart is a strong heart, and a hard heart is a weak heart.”
Criss Jami, Healology

Criss Jami
“All great leaders find a sense of balance through their levels of reception. For instance, those who support a leader may soften him, those who ignore him may challenge him, and those who oppose him may stroke his ego.”
Criss Jami, Killosophy

Alice Hoffman
“...early on Monday evening, when the sky was the color of a velvet ribbon falling over the hills.”
Alice Hoffman, Here on Earth

Itohan Eghide
“There is no need searching for love, it cannot be found-it happens!”
Itohan Eghide, Master of Maxims

Debasish Mridha
“When you act strong you are truly weak. When you are soft and kind your heart is truly strong.”
Debasish Mridha

Miya Yamanouchi
“Both men and women experience pressure to conform to social standards of attractiveness. Men to look strong and be tough, women to look pretty and soft. Men to be masculine, women to be feminine. Men get judged for being "too feminine", women get criticized for being "too masculine". Gender policing affects us all.”
Miya Yamanouchi, Embrace Your Sexual Self: A Practical Guide for Women

Pablo Neruda
“from that terrible love the soft pure hands
gave peace to my eyes and sun to my senses.”
Pablo Neruda, 100 Love Sonnets

Munia Khan
“Soft feathers cannot make a cruel bird kind”
Munia Khan

“His whisper was the softest sound I ever knew, which seemed to bring the loudest heartbeat.”
Dominic Riccitello

“The sky blue strengthens slowly, the dawn light rosy and pale the summer song of our romance begin to unveil...with every heart beat and the waves' breath...the time stood in harmony still. Your morning kiss my hands could feel...by your lips soft, so warm, so very gentle, nice and full of life...”
Oksana Rus

“It was normal for it to rain, but in October- who could forget the rains of October?- now this disturbingly silent rain was falling. That was so nebulous that it was pretty; that, if it had not been wet, no one would have believed it was raining; that was so slow that it was possible to follow its fall with one's eyes. That which villagers called 'the rains of October' was the accumulation of the serenity of such a life. Eyes almost broke into tears on looking at the sun subdividing itself, at the end of the afternoon, in each drop of that snail's-pace precipitation, as if the great star had dissolved each day an infinitesimal bit more.”
Ondjaki, The Whistler

William S. Burroughs
“In the beginning his flesh was simply soft, so soft that he was cut to the bone by dust particles, air currents and brushing overcoats while direct contact with doors and chairs seemed to occasion no discomfort. No wound healed in his soft, tentative flesh... Long white tendrils of fungus curled round the naked bones.”
William S. Burroughs, Naked Lunch

“Soft on the neck of either dove love's hands let slip the reins: and while we look for light of love, love's twilight wanes...”
Oksana Rus

Knut Hamsun
“-ingen Penge mere og kan ikke arbejde, blaut, Far, udsuget, Fan danse mig.”
Knut Hamsun

Christine Feehan
“Gregori,” Mikhail reminded him softly, “if the child is your lifemate, and you do something careless, you are condemning her to death. Keep that in mind when you enter this place of madness.”
Gregori’s silver eyes slashed at his old friend. “Do you think I would chance harming her in any way? I have waited several lifetimes for her. These humans are nothing. They have persecuted our people for far too long. I mean it to stop.”
Mikhail nodded, his dark eyes, so like his brother’s, black ice. “You are up to this, Jacques?”
Jacques’ smile was a humorless promise of retaliation. “Have no worries about me. I am looking forward to this.”
Mikhail sighed. “Two bloodthirsty savages thinking they are in the dark ages.”
Jacques exchanged a humorless grin with Gregori. “The dark ages were not such a bad time. At least justice could be dispensed easily without worrying about what the women would think.”
“You both have gone soft,” Gregori snickered. “No wonder our people have such problems. The women are ruling, and you two besotted idiots just follow along.”
Jacques’ solid form wavered, became transparent. “We will see who proves to be the soft one, healer.” His body completely disappeared from sight.
Mikhail glanced at Gregori, shrugged, then followed suit. None of this was to his liking. Gregori was a time bomb waiting to explode. And only God knew what Jacques was capable of.”
Christine Feehan, Dark Desire

“I wouldn't say I'm happy, but I look at things in a soft way. I try to convey more personal interaction, rather than huge injustices.”

Charles Bukowski
“I had a dream about you. I opened your chest like a cabinet, it had doors, and when I opened the doors, I saw all kinds of soft things inside you--teddy bears, tiny fuzzy animals, all these soft, cuddly things.”
Charles Bukowski, Women

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