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“I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: Oh Lord, make my enemies ridiculous. And God granted it."

(Letter to Étienne Noël Damilaville, May 16, 1767)”

C.S. Lewis
“Even in social life, you will never make a good impression on other people until you stop thinking about what sort of impression you're making.”
C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity

Agatha Christie
“Authors were shy, unsociable creatures, atoning for their lack of social aptitude by inventing their own companions and conversations.”
Agatha Christie, Mrs. McGinty's Dead

Gemma Burgess
“The best thing about a busy social life? It helps you avoid reality.”
Gemma Burgess

Ernst Jünger
“The anarch knows the rules. He has studied them as a historian and goes along with them as a contemporary. Wherever possible, he plays his own game within their framework; this makes the fewest waves.”
Ernst Jünger, Eumeswil

Farahad Zama
“Oh, Vasu. People always talk; you have to learn to ignore them.”
Farahad Zama, Not All Marriages are Made in Heaven

B.R. Ambedkar
“My definition of democracy is -
A form and a method of Government whereby revolutionary changes in the social life are brought about without bloodshed.
That is the real test. It is perhaps the severest test. But when you are judging the quality of the material you must put it to the severest test.”
B.R. Ambedkar, Writings And Speeches

Eileen Rendahl
“No boyfriend," I said, perhaps a little too quickly. Have I mentioned my total lack of social life? Having a dream about Alex last night was the closest thing I'd had to a date in months and that was only a dream and it was about a guy who was undead. Admittedly very sexy, but still completely undead. Although I have heard that vampire sex is supposed to be pretty damn good.”
Eileen Rendahl, Don't Kill The Messenger

M.H. Rakib
“Actually, all the life we keep deceiving eachother. Because, life is too short to hate someone.”
M.H. Rakib, The Cavalier

Michael Bassey Johnson
“There is no medicine that can ignite the bond of love. Friendship is compulsory, love comes around when friendship ripes, and sex is a matter of choice.”
Michael Bassey Johnson

Malcolm Cowley
“The late 1920s were an age of islands, real and metaphorical. They were an age when Americans by thousands and tens of thousands were scheming to take the next boat for the South Seas or the West Indies, or better still for Paris, from which they could scatter to Majorca, Corsica, Capri or the isles of Greece. Paris itself was a modern city that seemed islanded in the past, and there were island countries, like Mexico, where Americans could feel that they had escaped from everything that oppressed them in a business civilization. Or without leaving home they could build themselves private islands of art or philosophy; or else - and this was a frequent solution - they could create social islands in the shadow of the skyscrapers, groups of close friends among whom they could live as unconstrainedly as in a Polynesian valley, live without moral scruples or modern conveniences, live in the pure moment, live gaily on gin and love and two lamb chops broiled over a coal fire in the grate. That was part of the Greenwich Village idea, and soon it was being copied in Boston, San Francisco, everywhere.”
Malcolm Cowley, Exile's Return: A Literary Odyssey of the 1920s

“The use of tobacco is one of the most evident of all the retrograde influences of our time. It invades all classes, destroys social life, and is turning, in the words of Mantegazza, the whole of Europe into a cigar divan.”
Charles R. Drysdale

Eric C. Sinoway
“Howard [Stevenson] smiled impishly, as if he'd lured me into a trap on the chessboard—a trap he now sprung. “Ah, yes, all his social activities, his community engagement, his golf… On the surface, sure, his life looks well-rounded—three dimensional, if you will. But I’d be willing to bet a platterful of roast beef sandwiches that his life was in fact, ‘pseudo three-D’...[A]ll of if was—whether he knew it or not—part of his strategy for pursuing financial success, not distinct elements of a well-rounded life. An extension of one dimension that appears to be multifaceted—three dimensional—but really isn’t, Pseudo three-D.”
Eric C. Sinoway, Howard's Gift: Uncommon Wisdom to Inspire Your Life's Work

Sol Luckman
“I should think a dead language would be rather boring, socially
Sol Luckman, Snooze: A Story of Awakening

M.H. Rakib
“کِسی شخص سے محظ اس بنیاد پرنفرت کرنا کہ وہ آپ جیسانہیں سوچتا، اوّل درجے کی بیوقوفی یے”
M.H. Rakib

Lisa Bedrick
“Some people only go to church for the social life. They like having all the friends in church or getting the praises of men by doing certain things, but they don’t go there to actually worship God. They go there so others can worship THEM instead.”
Lisa Bedrick, On the Charismatic Movement

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