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Rick DeStefanis
“Truth has a resonance to it that fills the cracks where falsehoods lie.”
Rick DeStefanis, The Gomorrah Principle

“Bolt actions speak louder than words.”
Craig Roberts, Crosshairs on the Kill Zone: American Combat Snipers, Vietnam through Operation Iraqi Freedom

“The Sniper must not be susceptible to emotions such as anxiety and remorse,”
Craig Roberts, Crosshairs on the Kill Zone: American Combat Snipers, Vietnam through Operation Iraqi Freedom

Jonathan Maberry
“She said, "Look down at your chest."
I held the cell phone to my ear as I bend my head. Two red dots, quivering slightly, danced right over my heart.
"You are one second away from death," said the caller.”
Jonathan Maberry, Assassin's Code
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Maggie Young
“I fell in love with a sniper - a man whose basic training instills psychopathic tendencies. I loved a professional dehumanizer. I loved a man who lived in a world where empathy was suicide. I loved a man who had to be ready to put a bullet through a toddler’s skull if necessary. I loved a man highly skilled in burying his emotions, resurrecting them if and when he chose. I loved a man who saw me as his enemy. I loved a man I was disposable to.”
Maggie Young, Just Another Number

“They say of a sniper’s bullet that it if you hear it, then you are safe, because it will already have passed safely by. It is the ones that you don’t hear that do for you”
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Cornell Woolrich
“Just inside the doorway he puts down the bags, motions her to stand by them a minute. He saunters out ahead, carefully casual. Peers up one way, down the other. Nothing. The street's dead to the world.

Then suddenly, from nowhere, ping! Something flicks off the wall just behind him, flops at his feet like a dead bug. He doesn't bend down to look closer, he can tell what kind of a bug it is all right. He's seen that kind of bug before, plenty of times. No flash, no report, to show which direction it came from. Silencer, of course.

He hasn't moved. Fsssh! and a bee or wasp in a hurry strokes by his cheek, tingles, draws a drop of slow blood. Another pokk! from the wall, another bug rolling over. The insect-world seems very streamlined, very self-destructive, tonight. ("Jane Brown's Body")”
Cornell Woolrich, The Fantastic Stories of Cornell Woolrich

“The sniper of heart misses only flowers. (Le sniper du cœur - Ne rate que les fleurs)”
Charles de Leusse

Chris Kyle
“I'd put him in the spot where he got hit. It was my fault he got shot. A hundred kills? Two hundred? More? What did they mean if my brother was dead?”
Chris Kyle, American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History

Elizabeth Heiter
“Nine people had died today. And it didn't matter what the FBI had thought of her actions. Her career as a negotiator had ended before it had even begun.”
Elizabeth Heiter, Seduced by the Sniper

“We weren't there to kill religious people. We were there to kill people who use religion to kill people.”
James Landis

Aleksandar Hemon
“-the apartment had been directly in the sight line of a Serb sniper across the river. Teta-Jozefina was a devout Catholic, but she somehow managed to believe in essential human goodness, despite all the abundant evidence to the contrary surrounding her. She felt that the sniper was essentially a good man because during the siege, she said, he had often shot over her and her husband's heads to warn them that he was watching and that they shouldn't move so carelessly in their own apartment.”
Aleksandar Hemon, The Book of My Lives

“Врач не бог. Он может заблуждаться. Но ошибаться он не имеет права. Врач что сапер, лишь с той разницей, что когда ошибается сапер - он сам погибает, а когда ошибается врач - гибнет больной.”
Елена Ивановна Коронатова, Жизнь Нины Камышиной. По ту сторону рва

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