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G.K. Chesterton
“The man who lives in a small community lives in a much larger world. He knows much more of the fierce variety and uncompromising divergences of men…In a large community, we can choose our companions. In a small community, our companions are chosen for us. Thus in all extensive and highly civilized society groups come into existence founded upon sympathy, and shut out the real world more sharply than the gates of a monastery. There is nothing really narrow about the clan; the thing which is really narrow is the clique.”
G.K. Chesterton, Heretics

Louise Erdrich
“When small towns find they cannot harm the strangest of their members, when eccentrics show resilience, they are eventually embraced and even cherished.”
Louise Erdrich, The Master Butchers Singing Club

W.B. Yeats
“In the great cities we see so little of the world, we drift into our minority. In the little towns and villages there are no minorities; people are not numerous enough. You must see the world there, perforce. Every man is himself a class; every hour carries its new challenge. When you pass the inn at the end of the village you leave your favourite whimsy behind you; for you will meet no one who can share it. We listen to eloquent speaking, read books and write them, settle all the affairs of the universe. The dumb village multitudes pass on unchanging; the feel of the spade in the hand is no different for all our talk: good seasons and bad follow each other as of old. The dumb multitudes are no more concerned with us than is the old horse peering through the rusty gate of the village pound. The ancient map-makers wrote across unexplored regions, 'Here are lions.' Across the villages of fishermen and turners of the earth, so different are these from us, we can write but one line that is certain, 'Here are ghosts.' ("Village Ghosts")”
W.B. Yeats, The Celtic Twilight: Faerie and Folklore

Don Roff
“But people in a small town tend to do a lot of talking, even when they don’t know what they’re talking about.”
Don Roff, Heebie-Jeebies: Volume One

Molly Harper
“There was not a lot of room for someone like me, who kept the gossip mill running like a hamster wheel.”
Molly Harper, Driving Mr. Dead

Victor Hugo
“He had to accept the fate of every newcomer to a small town where there are plenty of tongues that gossip and few minds that think.”
Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

Peter Straub
“It was incomprehensible to Ricky that anyone could find Milburn boring: if you watched it closely for seventy years, you saw the century at work.”
Peter Straub

Edward Abbey
“One of the pleasant things about small town life is that everyone, whether rich or poor, liked or disliked, has some kind of a role and place in the community. I never felt that living in a city -- as I once did for a couple of years.”
Edward Abbey, Postcards from Ed: Dispatches and Salvos from an American Iconoclast

Diana Palmer
“I think small towns are the closest to heaven you can get on earth. I'm glad that some other people, my wonderful readers especially, feel the same way I do.”
Diana Palmer

Beryl Markham
“(This place) presumed to be a town then, but was hardly more than a word under a tin roof.”
Beryl Markham, West with the Night

Beryl Markham
“(This town) doesn't look like anything; it isn't anything. Its five tin-roofed huts cling to the skinny tracks of the Uganda Railway like parasites on a vine.”
Beryl Markham, West with the Night

Volatalistic Phil
“And somewhere
out there,
in the river of
wife beaters,
overeducated legalized thieves,
fascist police,
and bitter rivalries—
someone told me
it’s a good city,
and I don’t know
what’s more frightening”
Volatalistic Phil, White Wedding Lies, and Discontent: An American Love Story

Cornell Woolrich
“A scattering of pinpoint lights shows up in the blackness ahead. A town or village straddling the highway. The indicator on the speedometer begins to lose ground. The man glances in his mirror at the girl, a little anxiously as if this oncoming town were some kind of test to be met.

An illuminated road sign flashes by:


The man nods grimly, as if agreeing with that first word. But not in the way it is meant.

The lights grow bigger, spread out on either side. Street lights peer out here and there among the trees. The highway suddenly sprouts a plank sidewalk on each side of it. Dark store-windows glide by.

With an instinctive gesture, the man dims his lights from blinding platinum to just a pale wash. A lunch-room window drifts by. ("Jane Brown's Body")”
Cornell Woolrich, The Fantastic Stories of Cornell Woolrich

Shannon Celebi
“It wasn’t as if she’d thought it through or anything, how what a person wanted wasn’t always what they needed, and what a person needed might be the last thing they could ever want.”
Shannon Celebi, Small Town Demons

Agatha Christie
“Nothing, I believe, is so full of life under the microscope as a drop of water from a stagnant pool.”
Agatha Christie, Murder at the Vicarage

Helen Grant
“My life might have been so different, had I not been known as the girl whose grandmother exploded. And had I not been born in Bad Munstereifel. If we had lived in the city -- well, I"m not saying the event would have gone unnoticed, but the fuss would probably only have lasted a week before public interest moved elsewhere. Besides, in a city you are anonymous; the chances of being picked out as Kristel Kolvenbach's granddaughter would be virtually zero. But in a small town -- well, small towns everywhere are rife with gossip, but in Germany they raise it to an art form.”
Helen Grant, The Vanishing of Katharina Linden

Andrew Ashling
“Naodyma isn’t exactly a one-temple town, you know.”
Andrew Ashling, The Invisible Hands - Part 2: Castling

Sonya Hartnett
“A small town has as many eyes as a fly”
Sonya Hartnett, Surrender

Sonya Hartnett
“A small town is nothing but eyes and gaping maw; it pecks at its own like a flock of vicious birds.”
Sonya Hartnett, Surrender

Robert Jackson Bennett
“Wink? she thinks. Where the fuck is Wink?”
Robert Jackson Bennett, American Elsewhere

M.L. Stedman
“The town draws a veil over certain events. This is a small community where everyone knows that sometimes the contract to forget is as important as any promise to remember. Children can grow up having no knowledge of the indiscretion of their father in his youth or the illegitimate sibling who lives fifty miles away and bears another man’s name. History is that which is agreed upon by mutual consent. That’s how life goes on; protected by the silence that anaesthetises shame.”
M.L. Stedman, The Light Between Oceans

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