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Sanober  Khan
“As the sky prepares to settle its tired, aching feet
into the night’s velvet slippers

I settle, into my armchair, soaking the teabag,
of my thoughts, into warm liquidy stars.”
Sanober Khan, A touch, a tear, a tempest

Rachel Caine
“He had on bunny slippers.
These had fangs.
They all stared at them in silence for about a heartbeat, and then Shane said, "That is impressively wicked. Crazy, but wicked.”
Rachel Caine, Fade Out

Rebecca McNutt
“Where did the stereotypical image of the reclusive author in a bathrobe and slippers, indulging in vices and spending hours before a typewriter, even come from? I don't know about you, but most writers don't have the luxury of doing any of this. Otherwise we'd have no life experience and nothing to write about, anyway.”
Rebecca McNutt

“...if it weren't for you, mornings wouldn't be so comforting - slippers wouldn't scrape through the rooms of my heart...”
John Geddes, A Familiar Rain

Kamand Kojouri
“Like a pair of old slippers,
I feel comfort and
warmth as I slip into you.
No, that is too crude.

Like the match to the wick,
I ignite when we touch.
My counterpart and
life's purpose.
Yes, as though I've known you my whole life.

Every scar,
every failure
has become an affirmation
of what should be:
Yes, as though I've loved you my whole life.”
Kamand Kojouri

Israelmore Ayivor
“Leaders don't climb hills of success with shoes of pride. They are slippery enough to bring a person down to the valley.”
Israelmore Ayivor, Leaders' Ladder

“Qui n'a plus qu'un moment a vivre
N'a plus rien a dissimuler”
Philippe Quinault, Atys: A Play in Five Acts

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