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P.G. Wodehouse
“The fascination of shooting as a sport depends almost wholly on whether you are at the right or wrong end of the gun.”
P.G. Wodehouse, The Adventures of Sally

Mira Grant
“Nothing is impossible to kill. It's just that sometimes after you kill something you have to keep shooting it until it stops moving”
Mira Grant, Feed

John le Carré
“Everyone who is not happy must be shot.”
John le Carré, The Little Drummer Girl

Jarod Kintz
“When you carry a gun, everything starts looking like a sword. If you pass the butter too quickly, I’m likely to shoot you. But even if you attack me, we can still be lovers.”
Jarod Kintz, This Book is Not FOR SALE

Obert Skye
“Stupid deer," I said, embarrassed about being startled. "We need a ladder."

"I think they're easier to shoot with a rifle."

"I'm not talking about the deer," I said, hitting Milo on the back of his shoulder. "We need a ladder to look over the wall."

"Or a catapult," Milo said seriously.”
Obert Skye, Pillage

Katja Michael
“No, you don't shoot things. You capture them. Photography means painting with light. And that's what you do. You paint a picture only by adding light to the things you see.”
Katja Michael

Lailah Gifty Akita
“God saved my life miraculously...when I was shot by armed robber. I am a survivor! I am thankful to God for the gift of life.”
Lailah Gifty Akita, Think Great: Be Great: Beautiful Quotes

“I'm a disgruntled ex-civil servant, and I'm armed. If you don't process my license right now I'm going to start making small, yet significant holes in people.”
Howard Tayler, The Tub of Happiness

T.F. Hodge
“A coward's gun is emptied when fear pulls the trigger, and hate is the ammunition of choice.”
T.F. Hodge, From Within I Rise: Spiritual Triumph Over Death and Conscious Encounters with "The Divine Presence"

David Finkel
“I can see the little girl, the face of the little girl. And as much as people say that they don't care about these people and all that, I don't care about these people - but I do, at the same time, if that makes any sense. They don't want to help themselves, they're blowing us up, yeah, that hurts, but it also hurts to know that I've seen a girl that's as old as my little brother watch me shoot somebody in the head. And I don't care if she's Iraqi, Korean, African, white - she's still a little girl. And she watched me shoot somebody.”
David Finkel, The Good Soldiers

Ernest Hemingway
“Now standing in one corner of a boxing ring with a .22 caliber Colt automatic pistol, shooting a bullet weighing only 40 grains and with a striking energy of 51 foot pounds at 25 feet from the muzzle, I will guarantee to kill either Gene Tunney or Joe Louis before they get to me from the opposite corner. This is the smallest caliber pistol cartridge made; but it is also one of the most accurate and easy to hit with, since the pistol has no recoil. I have killed many horses with it, cripples and bear baits, with a single shot, and what will kill a horse will kill a man. I have hit six dueling silhouettes in the head with it at regulation distance in five seconds. It was this type of pistol that Millen boys’ colleague, Abe Faber, did all his killings with. Yet this same pistol bullet fired at point blank range will not dent a grizzly’s skull, and to shoot a grizzly with a .22 caliber pistol would simply be one way of committing suicide”
Ernest Hemingway, Hemingway on Hunting

Jarod Kintz
“A bird was shot. I suspect fowl play. The next man to be shot is the man who wrote that pun. Excuse me while I load my gun and shoot myself.”
Jarod Kintz, This Book is Not FOR SALE

Dean Koontz
“From all these friends, I could not escape learning some of the statistics that I preferred not to know. Forty-one people at the mall had been wounded. Nineteen had died.
Everyone said it was a miracle that only nineteen perished.
What has gone wrong with our world when nineteen dead can seem like any kind of miracle?”
Dean Koontz, Odd Thomas

T.H. White
“The best example I know, of this astonishingly stupid attitude towards sport, is that of Franz Ferdinand. His, however, was an achievement with the gun. He used to shoot at Konopist with no less than seven weapons and four loaders, and he once killed more than 4,000 birds, himself, in one day. [A propos of statistics and quite beside the point: a Yorkshireman once drank 52½ pints of beer in one hour.] Now why did Franz Ferdinand do this? Even if he shot for twelve hours at a stretch, without pause for luncheon, it means that he killed six birds in each minute of the day. The mere manual labour, a pheasant every ten seconds for twelve successive hours, is enough to make a road-mender stagger; and there is little wonder that, by the time the unhappy archduke had accumulated his collection of 300,000 head of game, he was shooting with rubber pads on his coat and a bandage round his ears. The unfortunate man had practically stunned himself with gunpowder, long before they bagged him also at Sarajevo.”
T.H. White, England Have My Bones

“...when one considers that there are more than 750,000 police officers in the United States and that these officers have tens of millions of interactions with citizens each year, it is clear that police shootings are extremely rare events and that few officers--less than one-half of 1 percent each year--ever shoot anyone.”
David Klinger, Into the Kill Zone: A Cop's Eye View of Deadly Force

D.W. Beam
“Did I imagine all this? People are shooting at me! My job blew up, and I just watched myself exit my own room! This has been one day I will never forget!”
D.W. Beam, The Adventures of Kimball McRyan Vol. 2 Times are the Hardest

Steven Galloway
“A bullet leaves evidence that a mortar doesn't.”
Steven Galloway, The Cellist of Sarajevo

Jarod Kintz
“Love can come shooting out of nowhere, much like semen shoots out a penis. Too many lives come to an end—and begin—from random shootings.”
Jarod Kintz, This Book is Not FOR SALE

Cornell Woolrich
“His fear-inflamed mind sent the control-signal to his finger-joint to fold back. The trigger sliced back. The blast seemed to lift the booth clear off the floor, drop it down again. A pin-wheel of vacancy appeared in the glass, flinging off shards and slivers.”
Cornell Woolrich, Marihuana

Deeanne Gist
“Drew had never before shot like he did that day, nor has he since. It was something to see. The contest had just begun when he walked up, aimed, and felled a cluster from the very top of the boughs.”
Deeanne Gist, A Bride Most Begrudging

Jarod Kintz
“I went to a gun range and shot a man made out of paper. That paper man must have had a brother, and I fear one day that paper man’s brother is going to shoot me while I am laying flat on my back.”
Jarod Kintz, This Book is Not FOR SALE

Halldór Laxness
“That blasted family could never look at a living thing without wanting to make a profit out of it, preferably by killing it.”
Halldór Laxness, Independent People

Frances Mayes
“First memory: a man at the back door is saying, I have real bad news, sweat is dripping off his face, Garbert's been shot, noise from my mother, I run to her room behind her, I'm jumping on the canopied bed while she cries, she's pulling out drawers looking for a handkerchief, Now, he's all right, the man say, they think, patting her shoulder, I'm jumping higher, I'm not allowed, they think he saved old man Mayes, the bed slats dislodge and the mattress collapses. My mother lunges for me.

Many traveled to Reidsville for the event, but my family did not witness Willis Barnes's electrocution, From kindergarten through high school, Donette, the murderer's daughter, was in my class. We played together at recess. Sometimes she'd spit on me.”
Frances Mayes, Under Magnolia: A Southern Memoir

Rachel Kushner
“Gloria was still talking, something about how shooting people was in a sense safer than making art, in terms of avoiding serious lapses in taste.”
Rachel Kushner, The Flamethrowers

L. Ashley Straker
“Max?' he asked.
'...What are you doing?'
'Shooting people.”
L. Ashley Straker, Infected Connection

L. Ashley Straker
“Who gave you a gun?'
'The army.'
'That's what the army does, Simon.”
L. Ashley Straker, Infected Connection

L. Ashley Straker
“Raven scowled at her. 'Fine. But if I accidentally shoot you because my aim is shaky, because I'm too tense, because I wasn't given the chance to relax before going into a potentially very dangerous situation, you'll be happy blaming only yourself?”
L. Ashley Straker, Connected Infection

“In fact the trick good shooters deploy is change of focus from long to short and vice versa. And that should happen fast.
The modus operandi is an alignment – of long Focus (long term vision) with due validation with respect to current status (short term goals).”
Priyavrat Thareja

Steve Stockman
“Great video comes from thinking humans, not equipment.”
Steve Stockman, How to Shoot Video That Doesn't Suck: Advice to Make Any Amateur Look Like a Pro

Joe Hill
“He'd possessed all the key elements of a school shooter: hormones, misery, ammunition. People wondered how something like Columbine could happen. Jude wondered why it didn't happen more often.”
Joe Hill, Heart-Shaped Box

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