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Rachel Caine
“Did you see my ninja move?That was fast, right?"
"You are not a ninja, Shane."
"I've watched all the movies. I just haven't gotten the certificate from the correspondence course yet.”
Rachel Caine

Rachel Caine
“Shane talking to Claire -

"In this whole screwed up town, you're the only thing that's always been right to me," He whispered. "I love you, Claire”
Rachel Caine, Lord of Misrule

Rachel Caine
“I'm learning all the time."
"Well, you're a scholar.”
Rachel Caine, Ghost Town

Rachel Caine
“That is disgusting, and I will never kiss you again." "Yes, you will," he said, and proved by pressing his lips to hers. She wanted to squirm away, just to prove the point but God, she loved kissing him.”
Rachel Caine, Bite Club

Rachel Caine
“Shane kissed her one more time, lightly and softly, and fluffed her hair back from her face. “To be continued,” he said.
“I hate cliff-hangers.”
“Blame Eve.”
Rachel Caine, Fade Out

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