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Alysha Speer
“Never be afraid to be sexy!”
Alysha Speer

Juliet Gauvin
“I couldn't hear anything or anyone, there was only the sound of our sex and the smell of books.”
Juliet Gauvin, The Freshman: Volume II

Amber Belldene
“Kos had different tastes. He was on the lookout for that Midwestern housewife attending a conference with her husband. There was usually at least one in the hotel bar. She was always seated in a corner drinking a cocktail and pretending to read a novel while her husband was off doing manly things. Kos knew something Mason didn't—stewardesses partied in every port, but housewives were still waiting for the party.”
Amber Belldene, Blood Entangled

“Come on, Princess," he called to the bench, and Carlotta bounced up. She was wide like the rest of them, but no man could fairly say she was too wide. The most that could be said was that she did not have much further to go before she would have to start squeezing it in and strapping it up, which she clearly did not do now. She let it hang where it was, and it did very nicely by itself. As she passed among the boys they looked her over with unconcealed envy, as though they knew she had something they didn't have but were not quite sure what it was. One thing was certain, she got more exercise than they did.

The next to be noticed were her braids, they hung forward over her terrain, ignoring as much as possible her contours, like two shiny black meridianal lines demarking her longitudes as far down as the equator. It was not hard to imagine oneself spending a long lifetime on that bare little island alone, with no plan or ambition, too overcome with the heat to continue on south to the pole, far less return to the continents. Nothing productive could ever be accomplished there, but there would be comfort such as few men have known, there would be torpor. The body swelled with such thoughts, the mind shrank from them, and the longing eyes traveled finally up north, to where those meridians came together at a point above a bland white area vaguely charted, with few landmarks, no doubt sparsely inhabited. There the imagination halted.”
Douglas Woolf, Wall to Wall

Laney Smith
“I always thought 'love at first sight' was silly and incredibly irresponsible. Then, you came along and you flipped it on me. I understand it now. I do! ~Sheriff Derrick Decker”
Laney Smith, Lock Creek: In Their Own Time

“Woman with known intent
intending to explore
Woman with her senses on the edge
edging for some more..."

From my poem, "Known Intent" - The Poetic Art of Seduction - Volume 1

©Clarissa O. Clemens”
Clarissa Clemens

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