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Carla H Krueger
“Please, never tell me what 'horror erotica' is. Real #art is being lost in a bizarre swamp of over-processed, sexually exploitative garbage.”
Carla H Krueger

Tracey Emin
“When I was 14-15
There was nothing to my life
but dancing and sex
I'd go to night clubs and dance
Then I'd meet someone and have sex
it was Fine and easy
nothing to do
BUT Think with my body
like a bird
I Thought I was Free

TrAcey Emin”
Tracey Emin, Strangeland

Jane Hersey
“Marginalised and abused children are often overlooked even today, and risk becoming marginalised and abused adults who may never receive acknowledgment or respect for the immense physical and emotional burden they carry from childhood or indeed have their full potential realised.”
Jane Hersey, Full Circle

Jane Hersey
“We are all the product of our past and have to live with our memories and personality they cannot be erased.”
Jane Hersey, Full Circle

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