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Theric Jepson
“Adding kidney beans to his cottage cheese and pineapple was an act of bravery Dave had not intended.”
Theric Jepson, Byuck

Andrea Speed
“It’s an expensive place. The cheapest salad is twenty-five dollars.”

“I hope that comes with extra croutons and a hand job.”
Andrea Speed, Infected: Lesser Evils

Carl ''Cal'' Tuohey
“One day, we will live in a world without salads. It is a dream I have.”
Carl ''Cal'' Tuohey, Gray Hair, Black Belt: Earning a Black Belt After Age 50

“The sticky heaps of jellied marshmallows and tinted fruit that appear on too many tables should be shudderingly avoided along with their sickeningly sweet mayonnaise but my POTATO SALAD is something quite different.”
Margaret Yardley Potter, At Home on the Range

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