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Arthur Laurents
“Brandon, until this very moment, the world and the people in it have always been dark and incomprehensible to me, and I've tried to clear my way with logic and superior intellect, and you've thrown by own words right back in my face; you've given my words a meaning that I never dreamed of, and you tried to twist them into a cold logical excuse for your ugly murder!

Tonight you've made me ashamed of every concept I've ever had, of superior or inferior beings, but I thank you for that shame, because now I know that we're each of us a separate human being, Brandon, with the right to live and work and think as individuals, but with an obligation to the society that we live in. By what right do you dare say that there's a superior few to which you belong? By what right did you dare decide that that boy in there [he's referencing the dead body of "David," lying in a trunk in the middle of the room] was inferior and therefore could be killed?

Did you think you were God Brandon? Is that what you thought when you choked the life out of him? Is that what you thought when you served food from his grave! I don't know what you thought or what you are, but I know what you've done—YOU'VE MURDERED! You've strangled the life of a fellow human being who could live and love as you never could... and never will again!”
Arthur Laurents

Sabrina Jeffries
“Perhaps the wolf wasn't quite so dangerous as he pretended. Unfortunately, there was only one way to find out for sure——give him a little rope and see if he hung himself.

And pray that he didn't tie her up with it instead.”
Sabrina Jeffries, Dance of Seduction

Jarod Kintz
“I had a dream about you. You were riding a walrus like a cowboy, and I was riding a cowboy like a cowboy. I waved at you, and you waved your lasso over your head. That’s how I got roped into buying a new car.
Jarod Kintz, I had a dream about you 2

Courtney Milan
“I do believe you would have cut the rope.”
Courtney Milan, Unlocked

Friedrich Nietzsche
“All beings so far have created something beyond themselves; and do you want to be the ebb of this great flood and even go back to the beasts rather than overcome man? What is the ape to man? A laughingstock or a painful embarrassment. And man shall be just that for the overman: a laughingstock or a painful embarrassment…


Man is a rope, tied between beast and overman—a rope over an abyss…

What is great in man is that he is a bridge and not an end: what can be loved in man is that he is an overture and a going under…”
Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

Chirag Tulsiani
“The rope longed-for her beloved, the ceiling hook.

The suspended body; a harbinger of good news.

Love was lost.
Love was found.”
Chirag Tulsiani

Israelmore Ayivor
“Pursuing a dream without God’s approval is as dangerous as walking on a rope bridge over a big gutter? Guess the end….!”
Israelmore Ayivor, Shaping the dream

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