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Rachael Wade
“Stumbling closer, I held up the manuscript, the pages flapping frantically in the wind. “I take it this is a murder mystery? You killed the ex-fiancée and thanked her in the dedication? Mighty dignified of you, I must say.”

“Nah. It’s a horror novel. But yeah, the bimbo dies in the end. Bob Hall says it’s going to be a bestseller, so I figured I owed her some thanks for the inspiration.” He edged a few feet closer, his smile spread from ear to ear. The glimmer in his eyes flickered toward the ocean, breaking our connection. He hung his head, licked his lips, then returned his eyes to mine, restoring the connection with an intense smolder. “Are you gonna get over here, or what?”

Letting out a soft chuckle, the tears began to blind me. “Make me.”
Rachael Wade, Preservation

Tom Winton
“I once believed soft, warm, beautiful things could never flourish in an environment of hard concrete and cold, dark bricks.”
Tom Winton

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