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Jetta Carleton
“Suddenly it seemed to me that I looked back from a great distance on that smile and saw it all again - the smile and the day, the whole sunny, sad, funny, wonderful day and all the days that we had spent here together. What was I going to do when such days came no more? There could not be many; for we were a family growing old. And how would I learn to live without these people? I who needed them so little that I could stay away all year - what should I do without them?”
Jetta Carleton, The Moonflower Vine

S.C. Stephens
“He was my comfort. He was my solace. Nearly everything I had faced in my young life, I had gotten through because of him, because he was always there for me, with soft words and a tender heart.

-Kiera Allen”
S.C. Stephens, Thoughtless

“What can ever equal the memory of being young together?”
Michael Stein, In the Age of Love

Bryan Lee O'Malley
“And sometimes I try to stop speculating the future out of existence, and other times I just lean back and run with it because maybe it's for the best.”
Bryan Lee O'Malley, Lost at Sea

“How often had she wondered what would have happened if she'd remained with Jonathan? Not often, but regularly over the years. It was impossible not to have imagined that rejected future, a life of many countries, of vast and enduring adventure, of tiny rooms and rental houses. It was the sense of missed opportunity that returned to her, frightening but real, overwhelmingly real.”
Michael Stein, In the Age of Love

Tana French
“Places are supposed to look smaller when you go back to them, but my road just looked schizoid. A couple of the houses had had nifty little makeovers involving double glazing and amusing faux-antique pastel paint; most of them hadn't. Number 16 looked like it was on its last legs: the roof was in tatters, there was a pile of bricks and a dead wheelbarrow by the front steps, and at some point in the last twenty years someone had set the door on fire. In Number 8, a window on the first floor was lit up, gold and cozy and dangerous as hell.”
Tana French, Faithful Place

“Today, it felt like time should be measured by how much of the future she had left, and needed to be counted forward. She felt proud listening, as if somehow Jonathan Parish's speech reflected on her, as if she could take credit for some part of it, for him.”
Michael Stein

Jodi Picoult
“You know, that was what we missed most. Not our beds, not our homes, not even our mothers. We would talk about food.”
Jodi Picoult

Mindi Scott
“As I grabbed my cocoa, chocolate ran down my hand.
"This makes me feel like a five-year-old," I said, licking it off.
"If I ordered a sandwich at this place, do you think they'd cut the crusts off?”
Mindi Scott, Freefall

A.B. Shepherd
“He took his time looking around for anything interesting to salvage, but found only broken bits of what once was.”
A.B. Shepherd, The Beacon

Alex Bosworth
“My mother told me I shouldn't spend my life reminiscing about the past. I remember when she said that. Good times, good times.”
Alex Bosworth, Chip Chip Chaw!

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