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Criss Jami
“Find a purpose to serve, not a lifestyle to live.”
Criss Jami, Venus in Arms

Natsuki Takaya
“You're trying to find it. You're probably trying to find- the reason that you live- all by yourself. Because...because, in reality, there aren't any people who are born with reasons to live. I think that...that everyone has to find their reason to live. A reason to live. A reason to say that it's okay to be here. A reason for being. Everyone must find out and then decide. Maybe in a dream, or in a job, or in a person. "The reason" you find might be unclear, uncertain, and unstable. Even though you may lose it, I want to have a reason for as long as I live. I also want one. And then, if it's possible, I want to find it in somebody's heart. I want to be able to live for someone. I hope that someday, someone would tell me, 'You can think of it that way.' At times I want to give up, but I try my best. That's why...that's why it's okay, for sure, to be shameless. Because if you lead a bold life, someday you might meet someone with whom you'll want to eat takoyaki together.”
Natsuki Takaya

Laini Taylor
“As long as you're alive, there's always a chance things will get better.”
Laini Taylor, Days of Blood & Starlight

Rachel Hartman
“But are you finding monastic history a very compelling reason to live?"
"I'm not human," he said. "I don't require a reason to live. Living is my default condition."
I couldn't help it; I laughed, and teas weleld in my eyes. That answer was quintessentially Orma, distilled to his elemental Orma-ness.”
Rachel Hartman, Shadow Scale

Ken Poirot
“I feel the reason we are all here, our purpose of being, is to help others find their little piece of happiness and heaven right here on earth.”
Ken Poirot, Mentor Me: GA=T+E—A Formula to Fulfill Your Greatest Achievement

Criss Jami
“After each of his books, the writer, for a while, feels once again that he can now die happy.”
Criss Jami, Healology

Joseph Conrad
“I saw only the reality of his destiny, which he had known
how to follow with unfaltering footsteps, that life begun in humble
surroundings, rich in generous enthusiasms, in friendship, love, war--in
all the exalted elements of romance.”
Joseph Conrad, Lord Jim

Innocent Mwatsikesimbe
“When you know your role in life, living makes sense because of clarity, and the loads become enjoyable to carry.”
Innocent Mwatsikesimbe, The Vision

“But even a vessel pulsates, beats and pumps in ecstasy and in rage!

I wonder are the way we are because we are trying to protect ourselves from the “monsters” not realizing this fear that we are harboring inside us is turning us into goblins and ghouls ourselves? Not even a heart caged inside of ribs can be protected. Who can really be to blame for your broken heart?

In-turn we find our own vices , our own ways to cope, ways that we petrify our bodies our lives in such a fashion so we can stop and notice the stars sparkling in the sky everything and everyone that embodies love YOUR LOVE… and every spec dancing in our own light, specs we failed to see because of our own faults.”

“Dream in colours, for hues are vibrant.
Paint each day with a smile.
In days of past, don't grieve;
Make new deposit to the pleasant memory bank!
Let your life be a reason for others to LIVE.”
Somya Kedia

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