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Jarod Kintz
“If it’s not already written, I want to write a book called, “The Art of Raw.” But instead of using my real name, I’ll use the pseudonym, “Sun Tzushi.”
Jarod Kintz, I Want Two apply for a job at our country's largest funeral home, and then wear a suit and noose to the job interview.

Rachel Caine
“Right. I’ve been missing Nutty McFang anyway.”
“Stop making up names for him.”
“What about Count Crackula?”
“Just stop.”
Rachel Caine, Last Breath

Jarod Kintz
“Dear Disney Cruise Line,
I would very much like to go on one of your cruises, but I have certain accommodations that need to be made before I book my trip. I need a room large enough to comfortably fit a king-size bed, as well as a king (Juan Carlos of Spain).

Juan is afraid of people and will only come aboard incognito. He will be arriving in the costume of a small cat and answers to the pseudonym of “Mr. Fizzlebush.” He will need his litter box changed daily, the finest dry cat food, and fourteen bottles of your finest champagne (he is royalty, after all). His Majesty Juan Carlos is not to be touched, but should he decide to lick a crew member’s face, he or she will be expected to kneel and grovel at His Majesty’s paws. I hope you won’t turn your back on a royal customer.

We look forward to sailing with you soon.

Thank you,

Jarod Kintz”
Jarod Kintz, E-mails from a Madman: namdam a morf sliame

Joyce Carol Oates
“I suggest to my students that they write under a pseudonym for a week. That allows young men to write as women, and women as men. It allows them a lot of freedom they don't have ordinarily.”
Joyce Carol Oates

Jarod Kintz
“If my name were Mark Twain, I’d write under the pseudonym “Samuel Clemens.”
Jarod Kintz, Who Moved My Choose?: An Amazing Way to Deal With Change by Deciding to Let Indecision Into Your Life

Jarod Kintz
“William Penn would be a great pen name. But for love letters to manicured lawns, trees, and benches, the best name would be Nicholas Parks.”
Jarod Kintz, This Book is Not FOR SALE

Jarod Kintz
“The owner of The Mandrake Hotel and Resort is a man called Rot, a billionaire like Bill Gates, only nerdier. 

Rot Kugelschreiber isn’t the name he was born with.

No, the name on his birth certificate is Dark Jar Tin Zoo. He chose that penname because in German it means Red Pen—and a Red Pen is mightier than a Red Sword, which in turn is mightier than a Rothschild. 

Most of the time he goes by Rot, but occasionally he reverts back to Dark Jar Tin Zoo.”
Jarod Kintz, The Mandrake Hotel and Resort to violence if necessary

Jarod Kintz
“I want to make a name for myself. I’ll make it out of a pseudonym.”
Jarod Kintz, Sleepwalking is restercise

Jarod Kintz
“I'm currently involved in a love triangle—with two of my pseudonyms.”
Jarod Kintz, Love Quotes for the Ages. Specifically Ages 19-91.

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