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Benjamin Disraeli
“Time is precious, but truth is more precious than time.”
Benjamin Disraeli

Nobuhiro Watsuki
“Well, if you live long enough, you lose a lot. Just as long as you don't throw them away. Whatever you loose, you'll find again, but what you throw away you never get back.
-Oibore (Enishi's dad) to Yahiko and Misao”
Nobuhiro Watsuki

Cassandra Clare
“To them, as to Magnus, time was like rain, glittering as it fell, changing the world, but something that could also be taken for granted.
Until you loved a mortal. Then time became gold in a miser's hands, every bright year counted out carefully, infinitely precious, and each one slipping through your fingers.”
Cassandra Clare, The Bane Chronicles

“Depression is anger turned inward.”
Sapphire, Push

Marvin Gaye
“To share is precious, pure and fair.
Don't play with something you should cherish for life. Don't you wanna care, ain't it lonely out there?”
Marvin Gaye

Shaun Jeffrey
“Life was such a precious thing, easily broken.”
Shaun Jeffrey, The Kult

Georgette Heyer
“The youngest Merriville, bursting into the room some time later, found them seated side by side on the sofa. 'Buddle said I wasn't to disturb you, but I knew that was fudge,' he said scornfully. 'Cousin Alverstoke, there is someting I particularly wanted to ask you!' He broke off, perceiving suddenly, and with disfavour, that his Cousin Alverstoke had an arm round Frederica. Revolted by such a betrayal of unmanliness, he bent a disapproving look upon his idol and demanded: 'Why are you cuddling Frederica, sir?'
'Because we are going to be married,' replied his lordship calmly. 'It's obligatory, you know. One is expected to -er - cuddle the lady one is going to marry.'
'Oh!' said Felix. 'Well, I won't ask anyone to marry me , if that's what you have to do! I just say I never thought that you sir would have-' Again he broke off, as a thought struck him. 'Will that make her a - a She-Marquis? Oh, Jessamy, did you hear that? Frederica is going to be a She-Marquis!'
'What you mean is a Marchioness, you ignorant little ape!' replied his austere brother”
Georgette Heyer, Frederica

Silvia Hartmann
“The most precious thing I have to give is my time.”
Silvia Hartmann

“Kurogane: That's what you want, isn't it? Underneath that constant grin, you're keeping everyone away. So that nobody gets involved with you. But look. Just now you checked to see if the kid had a fever, and you're relieved that the princess doesn't see the wretched condition of this world. And in the last country, you used your magic.
Fai: *smiling* I said it, didn't I? I wasn't going to die. And so...
Kurogane: Yeah, but that was all about you not dying on your own account. Dying for somebody else... That's a whole new question. Back then, if you hadn't done anything, we would have been captured, and if we handled it wrong, we might have died. But you decided to use magic on your own. You involved yourself in their lives.
Fai: *no longer smiling, looks depressed* I... I don't want to make anyone unhappy because of their involvement with me. ”

“It was tragic how life had sucked her down to the bones, all her spontaneity her laughter and freedom had vanished. I knew then that I didn't ever want to be like that. Whatever happened, life was something too precious to give up on so easily.”
Belinda Jeffrey, One Long Thread

“Mokona: Please! Fai is about to die! Yûko!
Fai: Y... You... can't... While I'm still ailve... Syaoran-kun's magic still lives. Even half of that power is too much... Nothing... will be able to stop him.
Mokona: Fai!!
Kurogane: *punches hole in wall* Who told you to make that decision now?!
Mokona: No! Kurogane!! *Kurogane grabs Fai by the collar*
Fai: Sorry... *Fai collapses*
Kurogane: Witch... Is there any way to keep him from dying?
Yûko: Yes, there is.”
CLAMP, Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE, Vol. 16

“Sure you can do anything when talking or writing, it's not like living when you can only do what you doing.”

“Though we might have precious little
It's still precious

I like that song about this wonderful world
It's got a sunny point of view
And sometimes I feel it's true
At least for a few of us
I like that world, it makes a wonderful song
But there's a darker point of view
But sadly just as true
For so many among us

Though we might have precious little
It's still precious

In the sweetest child there's a vicious streak
In the strongest man there's a child so weak
In the whole wide world there's no magic place
So you might as well rise put on your bravest face

I like that show where they solve all the murders
An heroic point of view
It's got justice and vengeance too
At least so the story goes
I like that story, makes a satisfying case
But there's a messy point of view
That's sadly just as true
For so many among us

In softest voice there's an acid tongue
In the oldest eyes there's a soul so young
In the shakiest will there's a core of steel
On the smoothest ride there's a squeaky wheel

Though we might have precious little
It's still precious”

Amy Leigh Mercree
“Love drips like honey from the hive, constant, sweet, precious, into your heart each and every moment if you let it.”
Amy Leigh Mercree

James C. Dobson
“Your most precious memories will focus on those you loved, those who loved you, and what you did together in the service of the Lord.”
James C. Dobson, Life on the Edge: The Next Generation's Guide to a Meaningful Future

Anita R. Sneed-Carter
“Time is precious, so use it wisely in every area of your life including having a relationship with God through"The Door", Jesus Christ! No one knows how much time that they have to live, so don't allow time to run out on you!”
Anita R. Sneed-Carter

“I just realized that sleep sometimes is the only precious wage for the hard working man.”
Akilnathan Logeswaran

Craig D. Lounsbrough
“Have we ever thought to consider that God allows things in our lives to die so that in that death we might come to the precious realization of how little we’ve actually lived in the first place?”
Craig D. Lounsbrough

Craig D. Lounsbrough
“The key to understanding if something is truly precious is to ask if we can hold it, for things truly precious cannot be held.”
Craig D. Lounsbrough

“Treasure your time,
don’t test it.”
Dominic Riccitello

Christina Engela
“Sumone Yiden Smiff was a businessman of note. Was, past tense. Through years of sweat and swearing and amazingly smart (or lucky) deals he’d built up a mining empire that spanned the sum of known space. At 74 years, he had reached the apex of a career stretching half a century. His companies mined precious commodities like Impervium, Obstinatium and Bitanium. He wasn’t really famous, or ostentatious. In fact he only ever made the cover of Fortune One Billion once, twenty-five years ago. He’d never married, had lots of children – light-years apart, apparently.”
Christina Engela, Dead Man's Hammer

“Life is so precious, it should be shared.”
Psyche Roxas-Mendoza

“If she could take my strength. He put his hand on his chest, feeling his heartbeat. If she could have some of my heart's strength. I'd give years of my life, Lord, if she could use them." He looked at her peaceful face, again looking at her beating pulse. Life seemed so fragile to him. She had become, in such a short time, infinitely precious to him. "A daughter of God. Your daughter, Lord. My wife.”
Jan Holly, Marriage by Mail

Lily Amis
“Meeting him was a miracle. He was a precious gift sent from God from heaven above!”
Lily Amis, Angel of Love & Lily: Zak, My Sweet Inspiration

“I don't want to hurt i will not hurt. don't hurt me.Its is really easy to hurt somebody but make her feel unique feel special feel alive this worth more then any of the richness in the world.”

“Poetry is like a beef bouillon cube; it's hardly ever needed (or perhaps never needed at all); it sits in its precious wrapper, well out of view, until everyone has forgotten it's there.”
Joe Wenderoth

“God’s eyes are always on you, you are precious in His sight”
Sunday Adelaja

“The beauty of a meek spirit is precious to God”
Sunday Adelaja

“The work that you were called to do is very important and precious”
Sunday Adelaja

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