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Nguyễn Nhật Ánh
“Càng lớn tuổi, con người ta càng nói ít đi. Họ nghĩ nhiều hơn.”
Nguyễn Nhật Ánh, Tôi Là Bêtô

Shannon L. Alder
“What if you were wrong? What if everything you ever believed was a lie? What if you missed your opportunity because you didn't know your worth? What if you settled on familiar, but God was trying to give you something better? What if you decided not to go backwards, but forward? What if doing what you have never done before was the answer to everything that didn't make sense? What if the answer wasn't to be found in words, but in action? What if you found the courage to do what you really wanted to do and doing it changed your whole life?”
Shannon L. Alder

P.G. Wodehouse
“I spent the afternoon musing on Life. If you come to think of it, what a queer thing Life is! So unlike anything else, don't you know, if you see what I mean.”
P.G. Wodehouse

Nguyễn Nhật Ánh
“Xưa nay chiến tranh nổ ra cũng chỉ vì miếng ăn. Mặc dù người ta luôn tìm cách che lấp đi bằng những điều cao cả.”
Nguyễn Nhật Ánh, Tôi Là Bêtô

Drew Barrymore
“When they [breasts] are huge, you become very self-conscious...I've learned something though, through my years of pondering and pontificating, and that is: men love them, and I love that.”
Drew Barrymore

Julie Andrews Edwards
“A rose lay open in full bloom
and, looking from my garden room,
I watched the sun-baked flower fill with rain.
It seemed so fragile,
resting there,
and such a silence filled the air,
the beauty of the moment caused me pain.
"What more?" I thought. "There must be more."
As if in answer then, I saw
one weighty drop that caused my rose to fall.
It trembled, then cascaded down
to earth just staining gentle brown
and, since then, I've felt different.
That's all.”
Julie Andrews Edwards, Home: A Memoir of My Early Years

Sanober  Khan
“As the sky prepares to settle its tired, aching feet
into the night’s velvet slippers

I settle, into my armchair, soaking the teabag,
of my thoughts, into warm liquidy stars.”
Sanober Khan, A touch, a tear, a tempest

Wayne Gerard Trotman
“Your thoughts are transparent.”
Wayne Gerard Trotman, Veterans of the Psychic Wars

Criss Jami
“From time to time
I once wondered how one wanders from time to time
And think up the paradox line
Speak of Epoch's crime
Oh I lied, it hasn't happened yet
But bet you better believe it's such a habit that
I just said that in a past mindset”
Criss Jami, Diotima, Battery, Electric Personality

Friedrich Max Müller
“If I were asked under what sky the human mind has most fully developed some of its choicest gifts, has most deeply pondered over the greatest problems of life, and has found solutions of some of them which well deserve the attention even of those who have studied Plato and Kant, I should point to India. And if I were to ask myself from what literature we who have been nurtured almost exclusively on the thoughts of Greeks and Romans, and of the Semitic race, the Jewish, may draw the corrective which is most wanted in order to make our inner life more perfect, more comprehensive, more universal, in fact more truly human a life... again I should point to India.”
Friedrich Max Müller, India: What it Can Teach Us

“You are a manager nonetheless who you are. There is a business worth keeping and you are the manager of that business. Yes, the business of your life. There is a big asset worth managing. Yes, your choices. As a manager of your own life, your choices are your assets. They form the pivot for the doom or boom of the business of your life. Some will be great managers and others will collapse the business of their lives by their choices or stay in mediocrity with the business of their lives.”
Ernest Agyemang Yeboah, The Untapped Wonderer in You: Dare to Do the Undone

Tahir Shah
“Contemplation is a luxury, requiring time and alternatives.”
Tahir Shah, In Search of King Solomon's Mines

Anna Quindlen
“She had filled her days mourning that shadow life, and it had no more meaning than the chattering of monkeys. Instead, these last few weeks, she had seen what might have been had she not felt perpetually done out of something better.”
Anna Quindlen, Blessings

Shannon L. Alder
“Who gets to be the judge of reality? If it was deeply felt, believed, spoken about often or altered your life course, then it was real enough. Faith doesn't get the luxury of all those things one hundred percent of the time, but we call that normal behavior based on a gut feeling.” I said. I looked at his wife and she busted out laughing. Her husband was trying to catch invisible butterflies above his head—dementia. My patients teach me the most sobering of truths: Why wreck his smile. If I could see them, I would want to catch them too.”
Shannon L. Alder

Agostino Scafidi
“If you look deep enough into anything, sense is always there to be made, wouldn’t you agree?”
Agostino Scafidi, The Invisible Papers

Anne Enright
“Has the rain a father...
What womb brings forth the ice?
- Job: 38”
Anne Enright, What are You Like?

“The real you is not you, the real you is what is within you. What is behind your joy or your melancholy. What gives you the reason to ponder. What moves or stops you. What makes you you is you.”
Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Michael Bassey Johnson
“Sitting to think of what to write will only set your ass on fire, give you headache, twist your face to look stupid, instead, walk around with a blank mind and something from somewhere will fill it up.”
Michael Bassey Johnson

“The real you is not you; the real you is what is within you. What is behind your joy or your melancholy. What gives you the reason to ponder. What moves or stops you. What makes you you is you”
Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Erich Maria Remarque
“And in the night you realize, when you wake out of a dream, overcome and captivated by the enchantment of visions that crowd in on each other, just how fragile a handhold, how tenuous a boundary separates us from darkness - we are little flames, inadequately sheltered by thin walls from the tempest of dissolution and insensibility in which we flicker and are often all but extinguished. Then the muted sounds of battle surrounds us, and we creep into ourselves and stare wide-eyed into the night.”
Erich Maria Remarque, All Quiet on the Western Front

Richelle E. Goodrich
“I sat in a box
With walls on each side.
Not too tall.
Not too wide.
To think.
To ponder.
To pray.
To hide.
I sat in a box and cried.”
Richelle E. Goodrich

“Pondering over your actions is a practical way of helping yourself in the battle against sin.”
Sunday Adelaja

“The tongue never rests. It speaks even when we sleep. It speaks through the mind even when the mouth keeps shut”
Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

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