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Jarod Kintz
“I skimmed the pond scum with a spoon like broth in a soup bowl. Why does everything have to remind me of her?”
Jarod Kintz, This Book Has No Title

Emma Cameron
she's as still
as a leaf-littered pond,
dark water evaporating,
waiting desperately for rain.”
Emma Cameron, Cinnamon Rain

“I dream that one day I would be a published writer and people would read my books - if not, I would be living in the mountains in a small hut, near a pond where swans swim, writing a diary for myself.”

Clare Vanderpool
“Some fish get caught for biting and some fish just get caught for being in the wrong part of the pond...I'm no diviner, but having been in the wrong part of the pond most of my life, I can usually tell which fish bite and which fish don't. I suspect you may have found yourself in the wrong part of the pond a time or two.”
Clare Vanderpool

Munia Khan
“My pond life with hydra is over; now I’m into the ocean world of poetry to dive deeper..”
Munia Khan

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