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Thomas Paine
“In the early ages of the world, according to the scripture chronology, there were no kings; the consequence of which was there were no wars; it is the pride of kings which throws mankind into confusion.”
Thomas Paine, Common Sense

“Republicans don't want to 'save the world'; they want to save the country from those who would 'save the world.”
Richard D. Kahlenberg, Broken Contract

“It is complete nihilism to propose laying down arms in a world where atom bombs are around. It is very simple: there is no way of achieving peace other than with weapons.”
Karl R. Popper, Lesson of This Century: With Two Talks on Freedom and the Democratic State

Matt Taibbi
“This story is the ultimate example of American’s biggest political problem. We no longer have the attention span to deal with any twenty-first century crisis. We live in an economy that is immensely complex and we are completely at the mercy of the small group of people who understand it – who incidentally often happen to be the same people who built these wildly complex economic systems. We have to trust these people to do the right thing, but we can’t, because, well, they’re scum. Which is kind of a big problem, when you think about it.”
Matt Taibbi, Griftopia: Bubble Machines, Vampire Squids, and the Long Con That Is Breaking America

Tom Robbins
“I believe in political solutions to political problems. But man's primary problems aren't political; they're philosophical. Until humans can solve their philosophical problems, they're condemned to solve their political problems over and over and over again. It's a cruel, repetitious bore.”
Tom Robbins, Even Cowgirls Get the Blues

Alexandre Dumas
“The king! I thought he was philosopher enough to allow that there was no murder in politics. In politics, my dear fellow, you know, as well as I do, there are no men, but ideas - no feelings, but interests; in politics we do not kill a man, we only remove an obstacle, that is all.”
Alexandre Dumas, The Count of Monte Cristo

George Orwell
“In all the useful arts the world is either standing still or going backwards.”
George Orwell, 1984

Matt Taibbi
“To be robbed and betrayed by a fiendish underground conspiracy, or by the earthly agents of Satan, is at least a romantic sort of plight - it suggests at least a grand Hollywood-ready confrontation between good and evil - but to be coldly ripped off over and over again by a bunch of bloodless, second-rate schmoes, schmoes you chose, you elected, is not something anyone will take much pleasure in bragging about.”
Matt Taibbi, The Great Derangement: A Terrifying True Story of War, Politics, and Religion at the Twilight of the American Empire

Glenn Greenwald
“Incestuous, homogeneous fiefdoms of self-proclaimed expertise are always rank-closing and mutually self-defending, above all else.”
Glenn Greenwald

Tariq Ali
“Proximity to power has an unsurprising ability to mutate a politician's spinal cord into bright yellow jelly.”
Tariq Ali, The Obama Syndrome: Surrender at Home, War Abroad

Matt Taibbi
“Washington politicians basically view the People as a capricious and dangerous enemy, a dumb mob whose only interesting quality happens to be their power to take away politicians' jobs... When the government sees its people as the enemy, sooner or later that feeling gets to be mutual. And that's when the real weirdness begins.”
Matt Taibbi, The Great Derangement: A Terrifying True Story of War, Politics, and Religion at the Twilight of the American Empire

Tom Lehrer
“If after hearing my songs just one human being is inspired to say something nasty to a friend or perhaps to strike a loved one it will all have been worth the while.”
Tom Lehrer

Mark Twain
“Look at the tyranny of party-- at what is called party allegiance, party loyalty-- a snare invented by designing men for selfish purposes-- and which turns voters into chattels, slaves, rabbits; and all the while, their masters, and they themselves are shouting rubbish about liberty, independence, freedom of opinion, freedom of speech, honestly unconscious of the fantastic contradiction; and forgetting or ignoring that their fathers and the churches shouted the same blasphemies a generation earlier when they were closing thier doors against the hunted slave, beating his handful of humane defenders with Bible-texts and billies, and pocketing the insults nad licking the shoes of his Southern master.”
Mark Twain, Autobiography of Mark Twain, Vol. 1

Eric Hoffer
“Even the sober desire for progress is sustained by faith—faith in the intrinsic goodness of human nature and in the omnipotence of science. It is a defiant and blasphemous faith, not unlike that held by the men who set out to build a "city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven" and who believed that "nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.”
Eric Hoffer

Tao Lin
“a kind of emptiness existed in the center of my bagel; really
it was just the hole that's in the middle
of all bagels; 'i need to go read my blog
to find out what my politics are”
Tao Lin, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Matt Taibbi
“When the Crossfire paradigm loses its force, all that's left is a bunch of people with different views all sitting together in a room, wondering why they're all paying three bucks a gallon for gas, why they have no health insurance, why their tax rates are higher than Warren Buffet's. If we're all equally a bunch of suckers, how could any of us be worth hating?”
Matt Taibbi, The Great Derangement: A Terrifying True Story of War, Politics, and Religion at the Twilight of the American Empire

Philip Slater
“At a conservative estimate, there are probably a million men and women in their twenties and thirties who would happily work long hours doing what most needs to be done, if they were paid something for it.”
Philip Slater, The Pursuit of Loneliness: America's Discontent and the Search for a New Democratic Ideal

Stacy Schiff
“As Dio observed later, democracy sounded very well and good, “but its results are seen not to agree at all with its title. Monarchy, on the contrary, has an unpleasant sound, but is a most practical form of government to live under. For it is easier to find a single excellent man than many of them.”
Stacy Schiff, Cleopatra: A Life

“politics is the gentle art of getting votes from the poor and campaign funds from the rich, by promising to protect each from the other.”
Oscar Ameringer

George Soros
“I commissioned two political experts to advise me about what I could do to oppose the re-election of President Bush.”
George Soros

Fulton J. Sheen
“In the eleven months preceding the outbreak of World War II, 211 treaties of peace were signed. Were these treaties of peace written on paper, or were they written on the hearts of men? And we must ask ourselves as we hear of treaties being written today, whether the treaties of the UN are written with the full cognizance of the fact that those who sign them are responsible before God?”
Fulton J. Sheen, Life Is Worth Living

Matt Taibbi
“Being in the building with Sarah Palin that night is a transformative and oddly unsettling experience. It’s a little like having live cave-level access for the ripping-the-heart-out-with-the-bare-hands scene in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.
Matt Taibbi, Griftopia: Bubble Machines, Vampire Squids, and the Long Con That Is Breaking America

Joel C. Rosenberg
“The possibility of somebody emerging as a nuclear power or events happening that surprise us on the nuclear age is still a possibility. It always will be because there's an awful lot going on behind the scenes. Our intelligence just has to get better on that score. Peter Goss”
Joel C. Rosenberg, Inside the Revolution: How the Followers of Jihad, Jefferson & Jesus Are Battling to Dominate . . .

Ali Shariati
“Hey, I am thinking of it myself, in this part of world (East), we all do endeavors in praying and are sweating (white liquid) and this is our situation, frustrated , but on the other part of world (West) ,they are enjoying in party and drinking liquor (white liquid) but their situation is that, successful, I do not know that the problem relates to the type of liquid or the way of drinking!!”
Ali Shariati

Linda Grant
“What is the death of a soldier even off duty of an occupying army walking in an occupied territory against the death of a little boy screaming in terror in his father's arms Where is the equivalence”
Linda Grant

Aldous Huxley
“La filosofía nos enseña a sentir incertidumbre ante las cosas que nos parecen evidentes. La propaganda, en cambio, nos enseña a aceptar como evidentes cosas sobre las que sería razonable suspender nuestro juicio o sentir dudas.”
Aldous Huxley, Brave New World Revisited

Jean-Jacques Rousseau
“Renunciar a la libertad es renunciar a la condición de hombre.”
Jean-Jacques Rousseau, The Social Contract

برهان غليون
“وما كان من الممكن على اساس خلق مجتمعين الاول يحتكر كل  السلطة الاقتصادية والسياسية والفكرية والآخر يتلقى كل القهر الأول يحتكر الحقوق والآخر ينوء بحمل كل الواجبات بما في ذلك واجبات تقديس وإرضاء السلطان وعبادته اليومية  أن تتعمق وتتقوى القاعدة السياسية للأمة:أي الدولة ”
برهان غليون, بيان من اجل الديمقراطية

Robert Byrne
“A promising young man should go into politics so that he can go on promising for the rest of his life.”
Robert Byrne

Paul Graham
“People who write about politics, whether on the left or the right, have a consistent bias: they take politics seriously.”
Paul Graham

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