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David Mamet
“We must have a pie. Stress cannot exist in the presence of a pie.”
David Mamet, Boston Marriage

Gerard Way
“This shit is easy peasy, pumpkin peasy, pumpkin pie, muthafucka!”
Gerard Way

Yogi Berra
“Cut my pie into four pieces, I don’t think I could eat eight.”
Yogi Berra

Ilona Andrews
“The vampire leaned forward, tapping a scimitar claw. "Is that a lion with horns and a pitchfork?"
"Is he carrying a moon on his pitchfork?"
"No, it's a pie.”
Ilona Andrews, Magic Bleeds

Ilona Andrews
“Kid 1: *examining my gorgeous strawberry and blueberry pies*: Wow, Mom, your pies don’t look awful this time.
Me (Ilona): ...

~A little later~

Kid 2: *wandering into the kitchen*
Kid 1: Hey, you’ve got to see these pies. *opening the stove*
Kid 2: Wow. They are not ugly this time.
Kid 1: I know, right?”
Ilona Andrews

“Pies mean Thanksgiving and Christmas and picnics.”
Janet Clarkson, Pie: A Global History

Nick Harkaway
“A cherry pie is . . . ephemeral. From the moment it emerges from the oven it begins a steep decline: from too hot to edible to cold to stale to mouldy, and finally to a post-pie state where only history can tell you that it was once considered food. The pie is a parable of human life.”
Nick Harkaway, The Gone-Away World

“America has developed a pie tradition unequivocally and unapologetically at the sweet end of the scale, and at no time is this better demonstrated than at Thanksgiving.”
Janet Clarkson, Pie: A Global History

Rebecca McNutt
“Alford, Massachusetts: Mandy stood there with her old Nikon film camera, snapping photo after photo of the rural landscape. It was difficult to describe the wonderful feeling of there not being a single cell phone in sight; the only modern technology around was the faint blue glow of a cathode ray tube television in the window of a nearby house, and a few cars and trucks parked in crumbling gravel driveways. She was allowed to see this place, one that would likely be ruined by the 21st century as time went on… places like these were extremely hard to find these days. A world of wood-burning cookstoves and the waxy smell of Paraffin, laundry hung out to dry, rusty steel bridges over streams that reflected the bright blue skies, apple pies left out on windowsills… a world of hard work with very little to show for it aside from the sunlight beaming down on a proud community. And Mandy wanted to trap it all in her Kodak film rolls and rescue it from the future.”
Rebecca McNutt, Smog City

“We have been careless with our pie repertoire. The demise of apple-pear pie with figs and saffron and orengeado pies are tragic losses.”
Janet Clarkson, Pie: A Global History

Jan Karon
“In his bachelor's heart of hearts, he loved pie with an intensity that alarmed him. Yet, when he was offered seconds, he usually refused. "Wouldn't you like another piece of this nice coconut pie, Father?" he might be asked. "No, I don't believe I'd care for anymore," he'd say. An outright lie!”
Jan Karon
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“It could be argued that there is an element of entertainment in every pie, as every pie is inherently a surprise by virtue of its crust.”
Janet Clarkson, Pie: A Global History

“The homemade pie has been under siege for a century, and surely its survival is endangered.”
Janet Clarkson, Pie: A Global History

“The First Law of Pies: 'No Pastry, No Pie.”
Janet Clarkson, Pie: A Global History
tags: pastry, pie

“The Second Law of Pies: they must be baked, not fried (or boiled, or steamed).”
Janet Clarkson, Pie: A Global History
tags: baking, pie

James May
“Now, thats a pie!”
James May

Janet Evanovich
“As much as I disliked Eddie Kuntz, I could sort of identify with a man who got a stiffie over banana cream pie.”
Janet Evanovich, Four to Score

Crockett Johnson
“The sandy beach reminded Harold of picnics. And the thought of picnics made him hungry. So he laid out a nice simple picnic lunch.

There was nothing but pie. But there were all nine kinds of pie that Harold liked best.

When Harold finished his picnic there was quite a lot left. He hated to see so much delicious pie go to waste.

So Harold left a very hungry moose and a deserving porcupine to finish it up.”
Crockett Johnson, Harold and the Purple Crayon

Will Advise
“I am the most pious person in the room. Even though I have no pie - I have pizza, and what can be more virtuous than eating all by yourself?”
Will Advise, Nothing is here...

Will Advise
“If you have half a nothing - sell it for a double something, resell half at double-price, and buy another something and a half - how much nothing will you have two days from then? Like three. Because three is the short version of π, and π is involved in virtually anything, in some form, if you believe what the internet tells you.”
Will Advise, Nothing is here...

Neal Stephenson
“In an apt demonstration of the principle of relativity, as propounded by Galileo, the bawdy platter and the steaming morsels thereon, remained in the same position, vis-à-vis Daniel, and hence were, in principle, just as edible as if he had been seated before and the pies had been resting upon a table that was stationary with respect to the fixed stars. This was true despite the fact that the carriage containing Daniel, Isaac Newton, and the pies, was banging around London. . . . Isaac, though better equipped than Daniel, or any other man alive, to understand relativity, showed no interest in his pie, as if being in a state of movement with respect to the planet Earth rendered it somehow not a pie. But as far as Daniel was concerned, a pie in a moving frame of reference was no less a pie than one that was sitting still. Position and velocity to him might be perfectly interesting physical properties, but they had no bearing on, no relationship to, those properties that were essential to “pie-ness.” All that mattered to Daniel were relationships between his—Daniel’s—physical state and that of the pie. If Daniel and pie were close together, both in position and velocity, then pie eating became a practical and tempting possibility. If pie were far sundered from Daniel, or moving at a large relative velocity, e.g. being hurled at his face, then its pie-ness was somehow impaired, at least from the Daniel frame of reference. At the time being however, these were purely scholastic hypotheticals. The pie was on his lap, and very much a pie, no matter what Isaac might think of it. Mr. Kat had lent them silver table settings and Daniel, as he spoke, tucked a napkin into his shirt collar, a flag of surrender and unconditional capitulation to the attractions of pie. Rather than laying down arms, he now picked them up, knife and fork, Isaac’s question frozen just as he poised these above the flaky top crust. . . . and he stabbed pie.”
Neal Stephenson

Jack Kerouac
“I went to sit in the bus station and think this over. I ate another apple pie and ice cream; that’s
practically all I ate all the way across the country, I knew it was nutritious and it was delicious, of
Jack Kerouac

Erin O'Riordan
“Starla, when you work in a restaurant, it’s not called ‘pie with ice cream on top.’ It’s called pie a la mode. Try saying it one time.”
“A-la-mo,” she pronounced.
“There’s a good girl,” Darius said, grinning. “The next time you ask a customer if he wants some dessert, you ask him if he wants pie Alamo.”
Erin O'Riordan, Cut

Will Advise
“Eating pizza is like having a little heaven in your nose. Wait, that's not what you eat pizza with. I always get it confused with pizza-pie.”
Will Advise, Nothing is here...

Sandra Peterson Ramirez
“What a sad and cynical world this has become when one is forced to be suspicious of pie.”
Sandra Peterson Ramirez, The Infinite Loop: a novella of spaceships, time warps and free pie
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Catherine Cookson
“She's only got eight fingers but she's got them stuck in all kinds of pies, and she keeps her thumbs bare for testing new ones.”
Catherine Cookson, The Black Candle

George R.R. Martin
“Never ask a baker what went into a pie. Just eat.”
George R.R. Martin, A Dance with Dragons
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Joe Hill
“There were little triangles of coconut custard pie on a graham cracker crust for dessert, the best and sweetest thing...”
Joe Hill
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Jacqueline Sweet
“In fairy tales,” her mother used to say, “no one ever says I love you. They give food and they kiss. That’s what love is made of.”
Jacqueline Sweet, A Slice of Honeybear Pie

Amit Kalantri
“Some people when they see cheese, chocolate or cake they don't think of calories.”
Amit Kalantri, Wealth of Words

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