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“Don't look for a black cat in a dark room, especially if it is not there...”

“Intellegence is a disease”
J. Philipse

Joseph Brodsky
“The Last Judgement is the Last Judgement, but a human being who spent his life in Russia, has to be, without any hesitation, placed into Paradise.”
Joseph Brodsky

Makoto Shinkai
“By just living one’s life, sadness accumulates here and there, be it in the blankets hung out in the sun to dry, the toothbrushes in the bathroom, and the phone history logs.”
Makoto Shinkai

R.A. Salvatore
“For life is experience, and longevity is, in the end, measured by memory, and those with a thousand tales to tell have indeed lived longer than any who embrace the mundane."
-Drizzt Do'Urden”
R.A. Salvatore, The Pirate King

Haruki Murakami
“Irony deepens a person, helps them mature. It is the entrance to salvation on a higher plane, to a place where you can find a more universal kind of hope.”
Haruki Murakami

“sometimes music isn't just a bunch of sounds and lyrics, sometimes it's more than that: a time machine...”
Alina Radoi

“Nothing can be made idiot proof. Idiot resistant perhaps, but never idiot proof.”
M.J. Marsh

Jules Verne
“you don't see, I dare say, Axel, but if you were to listen, you might hear.”
Jules Verne, Journey to the Center of the Earth

“We lead out of our beliefs”
Dr. Myles Munroe

Tsukiko Haruka
“Toužila jsem až moc po snadném životě. Jenže když chceme něco špatného vymazat, jako například bolest. U vědomíme si, že se tím zničí podstata radosti. Nepoznáš bolest. Nemůžeš vědět, co je to radost. Chtěla jsem si svět pokrýt koberečkem. Raději jsem měla volit pohodlnější obuv”
Tsukiko Haruka, Uvězněná

“World with various situations has various relations,don't give conclusions with your perception.”
sai nikhil dinatkurthi

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