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Albert Pike
“What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal.”
Albert Pike

Jeffrey Rasley
“Chasing angels or fleeing demons, go to the mountains.”
Jeffrey Rasley, Bringing Progress to Paradise: What I Got from Giving to a Mountain Village in Nepal

“In honor of Oprah Winfrey: Even greater than the ability to inspire others with hope is the power to motivate them to give as much to the lives of others as they would give to their own; and to empower them to confront the worst in themselves in order to discover and claim the best in themselves.”
Aberjhani, Journey through the Power of the Rainbow: Quotations from a Life Made Out of Poetry

Angela Carter
“What would the daughters of the rich do with themselves if the poor ceased to exist?”
Angela Carter, Saints and Strangers

Marc A. Pitman
“Fundraising is an extreme sport!”
Marc A. Pitman, Ask Without Fear!: A Simple Guide to Connecting Donors with What Matters to Them Most

Nicholas D. Kristof
“There could be a powerful international women's rights movement if only philanthropists would donate as much to real women as to paintings and sculptures of women.”
Nicholas D. Kristof

“Rather than being a human, be a humanitarian”
Kowtham Kumar K

Nicholas D. Kristof
“Conservatives, who have presumed that the key to preventing AIDS is abstinence-only education, and liberals, who have focused on distribution of condoms, should both note that the intervention that has tested most cost-effective in Africa is neither... Secular bleeding hearts and religious bleeding hearts will have to forge a common cause.”
Nicholas D. Kristof

Charles Portis
“She gave me a pledge card, a card promising an annual gift of $5, $10, or $25 toward the support of the Unity mission. I filled it out under the hot light of the projector. The name and address spaces were much too short, unless you wrote a very fine hand or unless your name was Ed Poe and you lived at 1 Elm St.”
Charles Portis

Valaida Fullwood
“Giving Back reframes portraits of philanthropy.”
Valaida Fullwood, Giving Back: A Tribute to Generations of African American Philanthropists

George Soros
“The world order needs a major overhaul.”
George Soros, The Age of Fallibility: Consequences of the War on Terror

“Through their donations and work for voluntary organizations, the charitable rich exert enormous influence in society. As philanthropists, they acquire status within and outside of their class. Although private wealth is the basis of the hegemony of this group, philanthropy is essential to the maintenance and perpetuation of the upper class in the United States. In this sense, nonprofit activities are the nexus of a modern power elite.”
Teresa Odendahl, Charity Begins at Home: Generosity and Self-Interest Among the Philanthropic Elite

Sharman Apt Russell
“I will help--but only so much, only so far. It is not that I believe these children are less than my own. It is not that I believe I do not have a responsibility for them. It is just that in a world of haves and have-nots, I do not want to give up too much of what I have. I do not want to diminish the complexity and diversity of my life. Instead, I will choose to spend another seventy-five dollars on myself rather than send another child to school, and I will choose to do this over and over again. I no longer think of myself as a good person. I have adjusted to that.”
Sharman Apt Russell, Hunger: An Unnatural History

T.C. Boyle
“War der Mensch bei seiner Geburt eine tabula rasa, ungeformt und ohne Ideen, bereit, von der Gesellschaft beschrieben zu werden, erziehbar und imstande, auf dem Weg zur Vervollkommnung voranzuschreiten? Oder stellte die Gesellschaft, wie Rousseau behauptete, einen verderblichen Einfluss dar und nicht das Fundament alles Richtigen und Guten?”
T.C. Boyle, Das wilde Kind

“It is one of the many ironies of this period that, at a time when the intelligentsia were excoriating Mellon for tax-evasion, and contrasting the smooth-running Soviet planned economy with the breakdown in America, he was secretly exploiting the frantic necessities of the Soviet leaders to form the basis of one of America's most splendid public collections”
Paul Johnson, Modern Times

Valaida Fullwood
“Philanthropy simply means love of what it means to be human.”
Valaida Fullwood

Carmen Posadas
“All that work: his generous patronage of the arts, the vast sums of money he had donated to worthy causes, setting up charitable organizations . . . for what? In the end, none of those good works had redeemed him in the eyes of others. People think that men like me give money away to buy forgiveness for a sin or out of vanity, when it's the winner's pathetic tribute to the loser. Look at me, we seem to be begging, I need you too. I need you to accept me, to admire me, to love me.”
Carmen Posadas, Little Indiscretions

“frustration has flared up over the Common Core initiative, involving the implementation of national reading and maths standards for primary and secondary school children. The Gates Foundation played a central role in bringing the standards to fruition. Spending over $233 million to back the standards, the foundation dispersed money liberally to both conservative and progressive interest groups. The two major teachers' unions, the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers, each received large donations, as did the US Chamber of Commerce. Gates himself suggested that a benefit of the standards is that they open avenues towards increasing digital learning. In 2014, Microsoft announced it was partnering with Pearson to load Pearson's Common Core classroom material onto Microsoft's Surface tablet. Previously, the iPad was the classroom frontrunner; the Pearson partnership helps to make Microsoft more competitive.”
Linsey McGoey

George Soros
“In my view, philanthropy goes against the grain; therefore it generates a lot of hypocrisy and many paradoxes. Here are some examples: Philanthropy is supposed to be devoted to the benefit of others, but philanthropists are primarily concerned with their own benefit; philanthropy is supposed to help people, yet it often makes people dependent and turns them into objects of charity; applicants tell foundations what they want to hear, then proceed to do what the applicant wants to do.”
George Soros

“private philanthropy is no substitution for hard-fought battles over labour laws and social security, in part because philanthropy can be retracted on a whim, while elected officials, at least in theory, have citizens to answer to.”
Linsey McGoey, No Such Thing as a Free Gift: The Gates Foundation and the Price of Philanthropy

Valaida Fullwood
“I long to see a radical shift in philanthropy that will come to characterize the 21st century. That is, a reclaiming of the root meaning of philanthropy: love of what it means to be human.”
Valaida Fullwood, Giving Back: A Tribute to Generations of African American Philanthropists

“There is one kind of charity common enough among us… It is that patchwork philanthropy which clothes the ragged, feeds the poor, and heals the sick. I am far from decrying the noble spirit which seeks to help a poor or suffering fellow being… [However] what advances a nation or a community is not so much to prop up its weakest and most helpless members, but to lift up the best and the most gifted, so as to make them of the greatest service to the country.”
Jamsetji Tata

Sylvia Iparraguirre
“Power engenders the evil-minded who ill-treat the needy in all parts of the world.”
Sylvia Iparraguirre, Tierra del Fuego

“What's the best way to make sure that the poor have a share in a country's growing wealth: Regulation? Taxes? Philanthropy?”
Linsey McGoey, No Such Thing as a Free Gift: The Gates Foundation and the Price of Philanthropy

“Quite ironically, the answer to ineffective philanthropy is more of it: the failure of philanthropy is its own success. The perceived necessity — even the indispensability — of a donor like the Gates Foundation grows in proportion to its own inability to achieve the unachievable: mitigating the very inequalities that its own presence might be inadvertently compounding.”
Linsey McGoey, No Such Thing as a Free Gift: The Gates Foundation and the Price of Philanthropy

Henry Miller
“It's like saying to a drowning man: What a pity, what a pity! If you had only let me teach you how to swim! Everybody wants to right the world, nobody wants help his neighbor. They want to make a man of you without taking your body into consideration. It's all cockeyed.”
Henry Miller, The Cosmological Eye

John Steinbeck
“Perhaps the most overrated virtue in our list of shoddy virtues is that of giving. Giving builds up the ego of the giver, makes him superior and higher and larger than the receiver. Nearly always, giving is a selfish pleasure, and in many cases it is a downright destructive and evil thing. One has only to remember some of our wolfish financiers who spend two-thirds of their lives clawing fortunes out of the guts of society and the latter third pushing it back. It is not enough to suppose that their philanthropy is a kind of frightened restitution, or that their natures change when they have enough. Such a nature never has enough and natures do not change that readily. I think that the impulse is the same in both cases. For giving can bring the same sense of superiority as getting does, and philanthropy may be another kind of spiritual avarice.”
John Steinbeck, The Log from the Sea of Cortez

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