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Ivo Andrić
“- Ne treba se bojati ljudi.
- Pa ja se i ne bojim ljudi, nego onog što je neljudsko u njma.”
Ivo Andrić

“I don't believe everything happens for a reason. But I still search for reasons anyway. It's like I don't want to admit that maybe everything really is totally random...that people are just molecules in the air, bumping into each other and floating away again."
Avery Sawyer, Notes to Self

Ayn Rand
“A house can have integrity, just like a person,' said Roark, 'and just as seldom.”
Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead

Karl Lagerfeld
“Logos and branding are so important. In a big part of the world, people cannot read French or English--but are great in remembering signs”
Karl Lagerfeld

Hilary Duff
“He always believed that people live up or down to the amount of trust you put in them.”
Hilary Duff, Elixir

John Kenneth Galbraith
“I am worried about our tendency to over invest in things and under invest in people.”
John Kenneth Galbraith

Sarah Dessen
“It's okay to accept things from people. It doesn't make you weak or helpless.”
Sarah Dessen, Lock and Key

Paul David Tripp
“Embedded in the larger story of redemption is a principle we must not miss: God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things in the lives of others.”
Paul David Tripp, Instruments in the Redeemer's Hands: People in Need of Change Helping People in Need of Change

Jessica Khoury
“Time has a different meaning for me, and these events that seem so monumental in the moment will one day be nothing more than a line in a scroll. These humans are but letters to be inked into history. A hundred years from now, I will be free. I will have forgotten their names and faces, and the struggles they have will not matter. Time has a way of burying things, shifting like the desert and swallowing entire civilizations, erasing them from map and memory. Always, in the end, everything returns to dust.”
Jessica Khoury, The Forbidden Wish

“The most dangerous people in the world are not the tiny minority instigating evil acts, but those who do the acts for them. For example, when the British invaded India, many Indians accepted to work for the British to kill off Indians who resisted their occupation. So in other words, many Indians were hired to kill other Indians on behalf of the enemy for a paycheck. Today, we have mercenaries in Africa, corporate armies from the western world, and unemployed men throughout the Middle East killing their own people - and people of other nations - for a paycheck. To act without a conscience, but for a paycheck, makes anyone a dangerous animal. The devil would be powerless if he couldn't entice people to do his work. So as long as money continues to seduce the hungry, the hopeless, the broken, the greedy, and the needy, there will always be war between brothers.”
Suzy Kassem

Doug Dillon
“Treat everyone you meet as if they were you.”
Doug Dillon

“People are like M&Ms. They come in a variety of colors, they're hard on the outside, and full of obscene yumminess on the inside.”
Michael Makai, Domination & Submission: The BDSM Relationship Handbook

“People are not measured by their accomplishments, but by how many times they screw up trying to achieve them.”
James McGregor

“People just don't seem to get me. Don't understand that I need my space. Always telling me what to do. They think rules and routines and clean hands and your p's and q's will make everything all right. They haven't got a clue.”
Rachel Ward, Numbers

Andy Warhol
“Just because people throw it out and don't have any use for it, doesn't mean it's garbage.”
Andy Warhol

Josephine Humphreys
“People Should not be protected from the world.. -It cripples them.”
Josephine Humphreys, Rich in Love

Martina Cole
“He had found many years ago before that if you kept very quiet people filled in the silences themselves,offering more information than they had originally intended to give.”
Martina Cole, Close

“Where words lose their meaning, people lose their lives.”

Laurence Sterne
“We don't love people so much for the good they have done us, as for the good we have done them”
Laurence Sterne

Sangu Mandanna
“You have to be a two people; a saint and a sinner”
Sangu Mandanna, The Lost Girl

Criss Jami
“Considering the notion that the spiritual battlefield is infinitely greater than the physical, perhaps God is more willing to bless with a sort of divine ecstasy those who see the devil as the enemy rather than those who see other people as the enemies.”
Criss Jami, Killosophy

Thomas Carlyle
“History is the essence of innumerable biographies.”
Thomas Carlyle

Joyce Carol Oates
“But he doesn't love her. I invented that. It is a plot if you imagine people in love--the lazy looping criss crosses of love, blows, stares, tears. No. It doesn't happen. No love. People meet, touch, stare into one another's faces, shake their heads clear, move on, forget. It doesn't happen.”
Joyce Carol Oates, Marriages and Infidelities

Sarah Dessen
“So you should remember that, when you're thinking about what other people can deal with. Maybe it's not so bad.”
Sarah Dessen, The Truth About Forever

Michael Bassey Johnson
“Don't show a friend your gift, or your bag of money if you still want to maintain your relationship, but if nay, go on, and all you'll see is hate and jealousy, and you'll fight with him in the street like a dog and all you'll feel is regret.”
Michael Bassey Johnson

Rebecca McKinsey
“My point is this — you don't know. When I was first here, people looked at my hair, noticed apples on my tray, and thought 'hippie.' Then, from 'hippie' they thought 'druggie.' From there it went to 'will get me in trouble' and 'not worth my time,' and then they stopped thinking at all. No one bothered to find out if what they thought about me was true. No one wanted to hear what I thought. No one cared what I believed in. No one cared about talking to me or asking what my plans were for the day or night. And then came you. Don't let what you think you know make him into what I could have been. Don't become someone who doesn't think, just because you don't like him for some reason. Because, quite frankly, I like how you think. Except for now, of course.”
Rebecca McKinsey, Sydney West

“Your thinking depends on your perception, just as
your perception depends on the way you think.”
Aniekee Tochukwu Ezekiel, Psychology of Friendship for Leadership

Charles Bukowski
“I was alone with myself. And disgusting as I was it was better than being with somebody else, anybody else, all of them out there doing their pitiful little tricks and handsprings.”
Charles Bukowski

Akira Kurosawa
Akira Kurosawa

“Always surround yourself with friends that have plenty of light in them. That way, you will always have candles around you when days are dark.”
Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

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