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Rachel Van Dyken
“Sometimes by holding onto what you love the most — you end up choking the very life from the thing you want to keep on living. It’s possible to try too hard, to love something so deeply that you lose yourself. The danger is never in loving someone — but losing your identity in the process. Because what happens when tragedy strikes? You’re left an empty shell. You’re left with nothing. ”
Rachel Van Dyken, Toxic

Jennifer Echols
“I feel like I've been through a lot in the past couple of years, But I've kept pretty stable. That's because I channel that emotion into performance. I can handle emotion as long as it's only a song. It works for me, and I don't want to change it. I don't have anything left for writing.”
Jennifer Echols, Dirty Little Secret

Cassandra Giovanni
“I know I’m the one who has shattered the perfection that was our souls as one.”
Cassandra Giovanni, Pieces of Perfection

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