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Thomas A. Edison
“Non-violence leads to the highest ethics, which is the goal of all evolution. Until we stop harming all other living beings, we are still savages.”
Thomas A. Edison

Arundhati Roy
“Colorful demonstrations and weekend marches are vital but alone are not powerful enough to stop wars. Wars will be stopped only when soldiers refuse to fight, when workers refuse to load weapons onto ships and aircraft, when people boycott the economic outposts of Empire that are strung across the globe. ”
Arundhati Roy, Public Power in the Age of Empire

Mother Teresa
“We do not need guns and bombs to bring peace, we need love and compassion.”
Mother Teresa, The Joy in Loving: A Guide to Daily Living

Mahatma Gandhi
“I first learned the concepts of non-violence in my marriage.”
Mahatma Gandhi

Malcolm X
“Concerning non-violence: it is criminal to teach a man not to defend himself when he is the constant victim of brutal attacks.”
Malcolm X, Malcolm X Speaks: Selected Speeches and Statements

Mahatma Gandhi
“An unjust law is itself a species of violence. Arrest for its breach is more so. Now the law of nonviolence says that violence should be resisted not by counter-violence but by nonviolence. This I do by breaking the law and by peacefully submitting to arrest and imprisonment.”
Mahatma Gandhi, Non-violence in Peace and War 1942-49

Chief Joseph
“I believe much trouble and blood would be saved if we opened our hearts more.”
Chief Joseph

Martin Luther King Jr.
“We must forever conduct our struggle on the high plane of dignity and discipline. We must not allow our creative protest to degenerate into physical violence.”
Martin Luther King Jr.

Amit Ray
“Compassion is the signature of Higher Consciousness. Non-violence is the tool to evolve into the Higher Consciousness.”
Amit Ray, Nonviolence: The Transforming Power

“Islam teaches tolerance, not hatred; universal brotherhood, not enmity; peace, and not violence.”
Parwez Musharraf

Thomas Merton
“Peace cannot be built on exclusivism, absolutism, and intolerance. But neither can it be built on vague liberal slogans and pious programs gestated in the smoke of confabulation. There can be no peace on earth without the kind of inner change that brings man back to his "right mind." p. 31”
Thomas Merton, On Non-Violence

Cornelia Maude Spelman
“When I feel angry, I want to say something mean, or yell, or hit. But feeling like I want to is not the same as doing it. Feeling can't hurt anyone or get me into trouble, but doing can." (Bunny from picture book)”
Cornelia Maude Spelman, When I Feel Angry

Stanley Hauerwas
“Peace is a deeper reality than violence."
p. 231”
Stanley Hauerwas, Hannah's Child: A Theologian's Memoir

Thomas Merton
“The most awful tyranny is that of the proximate Utopia where the last sins are currently being eliminated and where, tomorrow, there will be no more sins because all the sinners will have been wiped out. p. 22”
Thomas Merton, On Non-Violence

Dietrich Bonhoeffer
“From now on there can be no more wars of faith. The only way to overcome our enemy is by loving him.”
Dietrich Bonhoeffer, The Cost of Discipleship

Mahatma Gandhi
“The first principal of non-violent action is that of non-cooperation with everything humiliating.”
Mahatma Gandhi, On Non-Violence

Astrid Lindgren
“Men jag kan inte döda någon’, sa Jonatan, ’det vet du, Orvar!’ […]
’Om alla vore som du’, sa Orvar, ’då skulle ju ondskan få regera i all evinnerlighet!’
Men då sa jag att om alla vore som Jonatan, så skulle det inte finnas någon ondska.”
Astrid Lindgren, The Brothers Lionheart

F. Paul Wilson
“There must be no bloodshed, no violence unless it is defensive, no coercion! We must do it our way and our way alone! To do otherwise is to betray centuries of hardship and struggle.

Above all else Kyfho. Forget Kyfho in your pursuit of victory over the enemy, and you will become the enemy...worse than the enemy because he doesn't know he is capable of anything better.”
F. Paul Wilson, An Enemy of the State

“An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind.”
― Ghandi

Thomas Merton
“In the use of force, one simplifies the situation by assuming that the evil to be overcome is clear-cut, definite, and irreversible. Hence there remains but one thing: to eliminate it. Any dialogue with the sinner, any question of the irreversibility of his act, only means faltering and failure. Failure to eliminate evil is itself a defeat. Anything that even remotely risks such defeat is in itself capitulation to evil. The irreversibility of evil then reaches out to contaminate even the tolerant thought of the hesitant crusader who, momentarily, doubts the total evil of the enemy he is about to eliminate. p. 21”
Thomas Merton, On Non-Violence

Widad Akrawi
“Unnecessary bureaucracy hinders creativity, growth, justice and the attainment of peace.”
Widad Akrawi

“Another site of Leftist struggle [other than Detroit] that has parallels to New Orleans: Palestine. From the central role of displacement to the ways in which culture and community serve as tools of resistance, there are illuminating comparisons to be made between these two otherwise very different places.

In the New Orleans Black community, death is commemorated as a public ritual (it's often an occasion for a street party), and the deceased are often also memorialized on t-shirts featuring their photos embellished with designs that celebrate their lives. Worn by most of the deceased's friends and family, these t-shirts remind me of the martyr posters in Palestine, which also feature a photo and design to memorialize the person who has passed on. In Palestine, the poster's subjects are anyone who has been killed by the occupation, whether a sick child who died at a checkpoint or an armed fighter killed in combat. In New Orleans, anyone with family and friends can be memorialized on a t-shift. But a sad truth of life in poor communities is that too many of those celebrate on t-shirts lost their lives to violence. For both New Orleans and Palestine, outsiders often think that people have become so accustomed to death by violence that it has become trivialized by t-shirts and posters.

While it's true that these traditions wouldn't manifest in these particular ways if either population had more opportunities for long lives and death from natural causes, it's also far from trivial to find ways to celebrate a life. Outsiders tend to demonize those killed--especially the young men--in both cultures as thugs, killers, or terrorists whose lives shouldn't be memorialized in this way, or at all. But the people carrying on these traditions emphasize that every person is a son or daughter of someone, and every death should be mourned, every life celebrated.”
Jordan Flaherty, Floodlines: Community and Resistance from Katrina to the Jena Six

“We are killing, every one of us, every moment of the day - just by living. And if one realizes this, is this very realization itself not a conscious consent to murder? If a truly circumspect Jain was truly serious about not killing anything, wouldn't his only recourse be to kill himself?”
Mark X., Citations: A Brief Anthology

“Non-violence confronts systematic injustice with active love, but refuses to retaliate with further violence under any circumstances. In order to halt the vicious cycles of violence, it requires a willing acceptance of suffering and death rather than inflicting suffering or death on anyone else.”
John Dear, Living Peace: A Spirituality of Contemplation and Action

Widad Akrawi
“To achieve peace, it is crucial to eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy that prevents peace processes from advancing.”
Widad Akrawi

“...if we do not know how to defend ourselves, our women and our places of worship by force of suffering, i.e., nonviolence, we must, if we are men, be at least able to defend all these by fighting." (MLK)
"...If given a choice between violent resistance and passive acceptance, King and Gandhi both accepted violence..."
"...like violence, it [non-violent resistance] was aggressive, but it was spiritually, bot physically, so."

"...At the same time the mind and the emotions are active, actively trying to persuade the opponent to change his ways and convince him that he is mistaken and to lift him to a higher level of existence.”
S. Nassir Ghaemi, A First-Rate Madness: Uncovering the Links Between Leadership and Mental Illness

“There is no such thing as a "just" war. It's just war. And it's antithetical to the Gospel.”
David D. Flowers

“Gandhi Topi' is no longer an attire of the pacifist.”
Mukesh Kwatra

“It takes immense courage to awaken the spirit of billions across the world - to ensure that they have freedom to be free, independent and non-violent.”
Vishwas Chavan

“The ultimate potent weapon - "Non Violence"!!!”
Mukesh Kwatra

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