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“Fred Olmsted sat at the edge of the stagecoach seat, chattering to his father about their trip. How exciting to see the towns and forests of western New York! Suddenly, Fred stopped talking. That roar in the distance could only be one thing. Niagara Falls!”
Julie Dunlap, Parks For The People: A Story About Frederick Law Olmsted

Jarod Kintz
“If we were both standing beside Niagara Falls, the only thing you’d be able to hear is the sound of me urinating in a pitcher of lemonade.
Jarod Kintz, Sleepwalking is restercise

Deborah L. Halliday
“Their roar is around me. I am on the brink
Of the great waters—and their anthem voice
Goes up amid the rainbow and the mist.
Their chorus shakes the ground. I feel the rocks
O’er which my feet hang idly—as they hung
O’er babbling brooks in boyhood—quivering
Under the burst of music. Awful voice!
And strong, triumphant waters! Do I stand
Indeed amid your shoutings! Is it mine
To shout on this gray summit, where the bird,
The cloudy, monarch bird shrieks from his crag,
O’er which he’s wheeled for centuries? I lift up
My cry in echo; but no sound is there,
And my shout seems but whisper.

Extract from the poem "Niagara" by Grenville Mellen, 1839.”
Deborah L. Halliday

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