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Christopher Hitchens
“[Said during a debate when his opponent asserted that atheism and belief in evolution lead to Nazism:]

Atheism by itself is, of course, not a moral position or a political one of any kind; it simply is the refusal to believe in a supernatural dimension. For you to say of Nazism that it was the implementation of the work of Charles Darwin is a filthy slander, undeserving of you and an insult to this audience. Darwin’s thought was not taught in Germany; Darwinism was so derided in Germany along with every other form of unbelief that all the great modern atheists, Darwin, Einstein and Freud were alike despised by the National Socialist regime.

Now, just to take the most notorious of the 20th century totalitarianisms – the most finished example, the most perfected one, the most ruthless and refined one: that of National Socialism, the one that fortunately allowed the escape of all these great atheists, thinkers and many others, to the United States, a country of separation of church and state, that gave them welcome – if it’s an atheistic regime, then how come that in the first chapter of Mein Kampf, that Hitler says that he’s doing God’s work and executing God’s will in destroying the Jewish people? How come the fuhrer oath that every officer of the Party and the Army had to take, making Hitler into a minor god, begins, “I swear in the name of almighty God, my loyalty to the Fuhrer?” How come that on the belt buckle of every Nazi soldier it says Gott mit uns, God on our side? How come that the first treaty made by the Nationalist Socialist dictatorship, the very first is with the Vatican? It’s exchanging political control of Germany for Catholic control of German education. How come that the church has celebrated the birthday of the Fuhrer every year, on that day until democracy put an end to this filthy, quasi-religious, superstitious, barbarous, reactionary system?

Again, this is not a difference of emphasis between us. To suggest that there’s something fascistic about me and about my beliefs is something I won't hear said and you shouldn't believe.”
Christopher Hitchens

Markus Zusak
“The bittersweetness of uncertainty: To win or to lose.”
Markus Zusak, The Book Thief

Andy Rooney
“One question in my mind, which I hardly dare mention in public, is whether patriotism has, overall, been a force for good or evil in the world. Patriotism is rampant in war and there are some good things about it. Just as self-respect and pride bring out the best in an individual, pride in family, pride in teammates, pride in hometown bring out the best in groups of people. War brings out the kind of pride in country that encourages its citizens in the direction of excellence and it encourages them to be ready to die for it. At no time do people work so well together to achieve the same goal as they do in wartime. Maybe that's enough to make patriotism eligible to be considered a virtue. If only I could get out of my mind the most patriotic people who ever lived, the Nazi Germans.”
Andy Rooney, My War

Leon Uris
“Who is left in the ghetto is the one man in a thousand in any age, in any culture, who through some mysterious workings of force within his soul will stand in defiance against any master. He is that one human in a thousand whose indomitable spirit will not bow. He is the one man in a thousand whose indomitable spirit cannot bow. He is the one man in a thousand who will not walk quietly to Umschlagplatz. Watch out for him, Alfred Funk, we have pushed him to the wall.”
Leon Uris

Leon Uris
“Today a great shot for freedom was heard. I think it stands a chance of being heard forever. It marls a turning point in the history of the Jewish people. The beginning of the return to a statues of dignity we have not known for two thousand years. Yes, today was the first step back. My battle is done. Now I turn the command over to the soldiers. ”
Leon Uris

Robert   Harris
“Down in the cellar the Gestapo were licensed to practice was the Ministry of Justice called ‘heightened interrogation’. The rules had been drawn up by civilised men in warm offices and they stipulated the presence of a doctor.”
Robert Harris, Fatherland

Ryan Graudin
“The world is wrong. I'm just doing my part to fix it.”
Ryan Graudin, Wolf by Wolf

“Do you know, where does this phrase "separation of Church and State" come from? It was not in Jefferson's letter to the Danbury Baptists...The exact phrase "separation of Church and State" came out of Adolf Hilter's mouth, that's where it comes from. So the next time your liberal friends talk about the separation of Church and State - ask them why they're Nazis.”
Glen Urquhart

Hallgrímur Helgason
“Man muss wohl als Frau auch immer ein bisschen Nazi sein.”
Hallgrímur Helgason

John Rucyahana
“...The typhoon of madness that swept through the country [of Rwanda] between April 7 and the third week of May accounted for 80 percent of the victims of the genocide.

That means about eight hundred thousand people were murdered during those six weeks, making the daily killing rate at least five times that of the Nazi death camps. The simple peasants of Rwanda, with their machetes, clubs, and sticks with nails, had killed at a faster rate than the Nazi death machine with its gas chambers, mass ovens, and firing squads. In my opinion, the killing frenzy of the Rwandan genocide shared a vital common thread with the technological efficiency of the Nazi genocide--satanic hate in abundance was at the core of both.”
John Rucyahana, The Bishop of Rwanda: Finding Forgiveness Amidst a Pile of Bones

“They need only to look at him, hear his name, and the last of reason goes up in smoke. They sink into a state of befuddlement.”
Anna von der Goltz

Alex Morritt
“Watching Nigel Farage rudely insult fellow members of the European Parliament today - the first occasion they were all assembled in Brussels since the tragic 'Brexit' referendum result - made me feel utterly ashamed to be British. Let it be known that Nigel Farage is the very epitomy of a narrow-minded 'Little Englander' who does not represent the vast majority of outward-looking people from Great Britain. His shameful and unofficial campaign to convince the British electorate to leave the European Union was peppered with lies and deceit. His populist and xenophobic rhetoric has also subsequently contributed to ugly scenes of racial abuse and hate crime directed at Eastern European nationals and ethnic minorities living and working in the UK, in the wake of the referendum result. Fellow Europeans, world citizens, let this be a wake-up call. Deny your own domestic peddlers of populism and nationalism the opportunity to follow the example of this unelected, disrespected maverick, intent on making a name for himself, for he has unwittingly unleashed a wrecking ball on Britain's future economic prosperity, cultural diversity and social harmony.”
Alex Morritt, Impromptu Scribe
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“Nazismo = "Nacional Socialismo"
Bolshevismo = "Int'l Socialismo"
Concordam no Socialismo; discordam nos participantes”
A.E. Samaan

Darnell Lamont Walker
“Holocaust survivors and their descendants are supposed to hate those who oppressed and killed them and their people. Black people are not. This is how anti-blackness works.”
Darnell Lamont Walker

“Eugenics is not just a tool of totalitarianism. Eugenics, as it was conceived, could not be anything but totalitarian as it desired to control all aspects of society. Hitler’s “National Socialist” (Nationalsozialist) form of government was amongst the first to put the full force of its government to conduct compulsory health initiatives. It is by no coincidence that the Dachau concentration camp used its slave-labor to run the largest organic produce farm of the era.”
A.E. Samaan, H.H. Laughlin: American Scientist, American Progressive, Nazi Collaborator

“More to the point, one cannot understand The Holocaust without understanding the intentions, ideology, and mechanisms that were put in place in 1933. The eugenics movement may have come to a catastrophic crescendo with the Hitler regime, but the political movement, the world-view, the ideology, and the science that aspired to breed humans like prized horses began almost 100 years earlier. More poignantly, the ideology and those legal and governmental mechanisms of a eugenic world-view inevitably lead back to the British and American counterparts that Hitler’s scientists collaborated with. Posterity must gain understanding of the players that made eugenics a respectable scientific and political movement, as Hitler’s regime was able to evade wholesale condemnation in those critical years between 1933 and 1943 precisely because eugenics had gained international acceptance. As this book will evidence, Hitler’s infamous 1933 laws mimicked those already in place in the United States, Britain, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Canada.
So what is this scientific and political movement that for 100 years aspired to breed humans like dogs or horses? Eugenics is quite literally, as defined by its principal proponents, an attempt at “directing evolution” by controlling any aspect of human existence that affects human heredity. From its onset, Francis Galton, the cousin of Charles Darwin and the man credited with the creation of the science of eugenics, knew that the cause of eugenics had to be observed with religious fervor and dedication. As the quote on the opening pages of this book illustrates, a eugenicist must “intrude, intrude, intrude.” A vigilant control over anything and everything that affects the gene pool is essential to eugenics. The policies could not allow for the individual to enjoy self-government or self-determination any more than a horse breeder can allow the animals to determine whom to breed with. One simply cannot breed humans like horses without imbuing the state with the level of control a farmer has over its livestock, not only controlling procreation, but also the diet, access to medical services, and living conditions.”
A.E. Samaan, H.H. Laughlin: American Scientist, American Progressive, Nazi Collaborator

The scientific community has done a pronounced amount of hand-wringing about its involvement in the atomic bomb’s creation, and a disproportionately absent amount of the soul-searching with respects to its creation of the science of eugenics. The 450,000 deaths due to the bomb are relatively small in the shadow of the many millions dead as a result of National Socialism’s eugenic campaign. The casualties of The Holocaust are the casualties of the science of eugenics, which so many scientists had actively campaigned for leading up to World War II. Yet, the scientific community has confronted its complicity with collective silence and sometimes outright censorship.”
A.E. Samaan, From a "Race of Masters" to a "Master Race": 1948 to 1848

“War is incidental to ideology, and this was certainly true for the war instigated by Adolf Hitler. Historians have aptly documented that Hitler knew he needed the fog of war and a radicalized population in order to enact the most extreme policies. This was equally true for both Germans and the people of their conquered territories. The war allowed Hitler the cover and justification to radicalize the T4 Euthanasia program against those lives deemed “not worth living” by pointing to the costs of maintaining those “useless eaters” during a time of war. It allowed license for Karl Brandt to “clear hospital beds” in the name of the war effort. The war’s conquered territory also brought conquered populations and increased the number of “unfit” and “undesired” population, including the Jewish population of Eastern Europe. The methods and technology of the T4 Euthanasia program were subsequently transferred from the German hospitals to the extermination camps, doctors, nurses, equipment, and all. This transference and repurposing of resources was all decided in the infamous Wannsee Conference, which we now know was the beginning of the “Final Solution of the Jewish Question”:“The aim of all this was to cleanse German living space of Jews in a legal manner.” (From the text of the Wannsee Protocol)”
A.E. Samaan

This book postulates that Adolf Hitler made a subtle, but all-important shift from proselytizing the myth of Germans as the oppressed victims of an “international Jewish conspiracy” to that of the superior race and oppressor because of J.F. Lehmann. It is not until after J.F. Lehmann brought Hitler the infamous Baur-Fischer-Lenz book on eugenics that Hitler’s speeches shifted from the stab-in-the-back myth, or the “Dolchstoßlegende,” with Germans as the oppressed victims of betrayal, to the eugenic propaganda of Germans as the pinnacle of white-supremacy. Weakness and superiority are incompatible attributes, and J.F. Lehmann is responsible for the shift away from the weakness inherent in victimhood to a racial superiority. Thus, it begs to question, who was this pivotal figure in Adolf Hitler's life, and why is his name and history not part of the commonly accepted history of The Holocaust? Nothing of The Holocaust or World War II can be understood without documenting who was Julius Friedrich Lehmann. Yet, J.F. Lehmann barely makes it onto the radar of even the most thorough books on the subject, and then only to name him as the person who delivered the Baur-Fischer-Lenz book to Adolf Hitler at Landsberg prison.”
A.E. Samaan, From a "Race of Masters" to a "Master Race": 1948 to 1848

“Past is Prologue
This book was written observing the premise that the seeds of Holocaust denial take root and prosper with misinformation. Clarity and transparency are imperative, as they leave no room for denial theories that would deprive the victims justice, or rob the living of a future. Generations of historians have enthusiastically gone about their craft knowing full well that 'he who owns the past, owns the future'. Improperly documented history, or more precisely, fraudulent versions of history not only deprive the victims of pasts injustices due recognition of their suffering, but also rob the living of a fair chance at a future free from the dangers of repeating past injustices.”
A.E. Samaan, From a "Race of Masters" to a "Master Race": 1948 to 1848

“There is a gaping hole in the history of the Holocaust. Between Adolf Hitler and Joseph Mengele there was a hierarchy of scientists whom were responsible for writing the infamous racial legislation of the Third Reich. These scientists, doctors, and legislators enjoyed prestigious positions in the various institutions within Hitler's Germany. To be more precise, many of the ghastly experiments credited to Mengele were ordered by this group of high-ranking scientists and doctors. Mengele was following their orders, yet many of these German doctors and scientists were set free after being captured by the Allies.

Previously unpublished manuscripts, correspondence, and conveniently forgotten publications reveal professional and political relationships as well as shared scientific convictions between high-profile American Progressives, British Fabian Socialists, and their German counterparts. The mounting evidence points to the long-standing designs and machinations of "scientific racism", a still poorly understood aspect of history.

This book documents the hundred year trajectory of the history of "scientific racism" from its initial intentions to create "a race of masters" to the Holocaust, which resulted from Hitler's conviction to create a "master race". These scientific prejudices and political dogmas are as relevant today as they were leading up to WWII. A thorough understanding of the origins of this movement is in order.”
A.E. Samaan, From a "Race of Masters" to a "Master Race": 1948 to 1848

Brandon Sanderson
“It had been like discovering that Santa Claus was secretly a Nazi.”
Brandon Sanderson, Firefight

Timothy Snyder
“The Soviets, at least some of them, believed in what they were doing. After all, they did it themselves and recorded what they did, in clear language, in official documents, filed in orderly archives. They could associate themselves with their deeds, because true responsibility rested with the communist party. The Nazis used grand phrases of racial superiority, and Himmler spoke of the moral sublimity involved in killing others for the sake of the race. But when the time came, Germans acted without plans and without precision, and with no sense of responsibility. In the Nazi worldview, what happened was simply what happened, the stronger should win; but nothing was certain, and certainly not the relationship between past, present and future. The Soviets believed that History was on their side and acted accordingly. The Nazis were afraid of everything except the disorder they themselves created. The systems and the mentalities were different, profoundly and interestingly so.”
Timothy Snyder, Black Earth: The Holocaust as History and Warning

“There were several key American scientists that favorably reported on Nazi eugenics after visiting Hitler's Germany in order to provide it cover.”
A.E. Samaan, H.H. Laughlin: American Scientist, American Progressive, Nazi Collaborator

Anton Schulz
“Across the Reich, the Gestapo recorded increased the
activity of anti-state elements. It’s kind of a helpless protest by
those wretches against our celebration of victory. They organize
bomb attacks against representatives of the Reich or against
the civilian German population. We’ve also noticed murder-suicides.
Eighty-seven civilians killed have been reported during
the last week. From the Protectorate of Bohmen und Mahren,
the destruction of Peter Brezovsky’s long-sought military cell
was announced. From Ostmark…”
“Enough,” Beck interrupted him, “I’m interested only in
That name caused him discomfort. In his mind, he returned
to the Bohemian Forest in 1996. It was in a different dimension,
before he had used time travel. At the time, Peter Brezovsky
was the only man who had passed through the Time Gate. He’d
offered him a position by his side during the building of the
Great German Reich. He’d refused. Too bad, he could have used
a man like him. These dummies weren’t eager enough to fulfill
his instructions. He also remembered Werner Dietrich, who had
died in the slaughter during an inspection in the Protectorate.
“… in the sector 144-5. It was a temporary base of the group.
There were apparently targeted explosions of the surrounding
buildings,” the man continued.
“This area interests me. I want to know everything that’s
happening there. Go on,” he ordered the man.
He was flattered at the leader’s sudden interest. Raising his
head proudly, he stretched his neck even more and continued,
“For your entertainment, Herr Führer, our two settlers, living
in this area from 1960, on June the twenty first, met two suspect
men dressed in leather like savages. The event, of course,
was reported to the local department of the Gestapo. It’s funny
because during the questioning of one of Brezovsky’s men we
learnt an interesting story related to these men.”
He relaxed a little. The atmosphere in the room was less
strained, too. He smiled slightly, feeling self-importance.
“In 1942, a certain woman from the Bohemian Forest made
a whacky prophecy. Wait a minute.” He reached into the jacket
and pulled out a little notebook. “I wrote it down, it’ll certainly
amuse you. Those Slavic dogs don’t know what to do, and so
they take refuge in similar nonsense.” He opened the notebook
and began to read, “Government of darkness will come. After
half a century of the Devil’s reign, on midsummer’s day, on the
spot where he came from, two men will appear in flashes. These
two warriors will end the dominance of the despot and will
return natural order to the world.”
During the reading, men began to smile and now some of
them were even laughing aloud.
“Stop it, idiots!” screamed Beck furiously. In anger, he sprang
from behind his desk and severely hit the closest man’s laughing
A deathly hush filled the room. Nobody understood what
had happened. What could make the Führer so angry? This was
the first time he had hit somebody in public.
Beck wasn’t as angry as it might look. He was scared to death.
This he had been afraid of since he had passed through the Time
Gate. Since that moment, he knew this time would come one
day. That someone would use the Time Gate and destroy everything
he’d built. That couldn’t happen! Never!
“Do you have these men?” he asked threateningly.
Reich Gestapo Commander regretted he’d spoken about it.
He wished he’d bitten his tongue. This innocent episode had
caused the Führer’s unexpected reaction. His mouth went dry.
Beck looked terrifying.
“Herr Führer,” he spoke quietly, “unfortunately…”
“Aloud!” yelled Beck.
“Unfortunately we don’t, Herr Führer. But they probably
died during the action of the Gestapo against Brezovsky. His
body, as well as the newcomers, wasn’t found. The explosion
probably blew them up,” he said quickly.
“The explosion probably blew them up,” Beck parodied him
viciously, “and that was enough for you, right?”
Anton Schulz

Alistair MacLean
“A terrified rat will swear to anything.”
Alistair MacLean, River of Death

“Of the tens of thousands of words spoken during the Nuremberg Nazi trial, the word "eugenics" was said only once.”
A.E. Samaan, From a "Race of Masters" to a "Master Race": 1948 to 1848

“Success from the financial and from the prestige point of view . . . is not enough; what matters even more is . . . adherence to high moral and aesthetic standards." — as quoted in "High Financier" by Niall Ferguson”
Siegmund Warburg

Christina Engela
“Nationalism leads to all sorts of nasty things (even Nazi things) like fascism and war.”
Christina Engela, Dead Man's Hammer

“Why does The Holocaust persist in haunting our conscience? Why does it dominate the introspection of philosophers and historians alike? By the numbers alone, the murders were not unprecedented. At that juncture of 20th Century history, Stalin and Lenin had already brutally murdered tens of millions. The Holocaust fascinates not because of its numbers, but because of the means employed. At no point in time had an entire society dedicated its full might to the perpetual elimination of those unwanted elements of the population. Every aspect of Hitler’s National Socialism was geared towards cleansing and improving the breeding stock of Germania. Hitler’s National Socialist government was focused on the breeding, education, and training of a “master race.” The social, cultural, legislative, and industrial mechanisms of Hitler’s National Socialism were designed to perpetually “select” its populace. The central planners of National Socialism would “select” those that would live, those that would die, and those that would be sterilized slave labor. National Socialism was intended to have the “total” control to decide who would be allowed to procreate, and as a result, those that would be allowed to contribute to Hitler’s ideal society.”
A.E. Samaan, H.H. Laughlin: American Scientist, American Progressive, Nazi Collaborator

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