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Charles Bowden
“Summertime is always the best of what might be.”
Charles Bowden

Jorge Ibargüengoitia
“La verdad es que mientras más enojado estoy con este país y más lejos viajo, más mexicano me siento.”
Jorge Ibargüengoitia, Instrucciones para vivir en México

Ambrose Bierce
“Good-bye -- if you hear of my being stood up against a stone wall and shot to rags please know that I think that a pretty good way to depart this life. It beats old age, disease or falling down the cellar stairs.”
Ambrose Bierce

Octavio Paz
“Mineral cactai,
quicksilver lizards in the adobe walls,
the bird that punctures space,
thirst, tedium, clouds of dust,
impalpable epiphanies of wind.
The pines taught me to talk to myself.
In that garden I learnedto send myself off.
Later there were no gardens. ”
Octavio Paz, A Draft of Shadows and Other Poems

Edward Abbey
“I thought of the wilderness we had left behind us, open to sea and sky, joyous in its plenitude and simplicity, perfect yet vulnerable, unaware of what is coming, defended by nothing, guarded by no one.”
Edward Abbey, Beyond the Wall: Essays from the Outside

“Nada somete más a un pueblo que la ignorancia; a pocas cosas temen más los soberanos que a un pueblo pensante.”
Juan Miguel Zunzunegui, El Misterio Del Águila

Octavio Paz
“La resignación es una de nuestras virtudes populares. Más que el brillo de la victoria nos conmueve la entereza ante la adversidad.”
Octavio Paz, The Labyrinth of Solitude and Other Writings
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Mary Francis Kennedy Fisher
“(We loved Mother too, completely, but we were finding out, as Father was too, that it is good for parents and for children to be alone now and then with one another...the man alone or the woman, to sound new notes in the mysterious music of parenthood and childhood.)

That night I not only saw my Father for the first time as a person. I saw the golden hills and the live oaks as clearly as I have ever seen them since; and I saw the dimples in my little sister's fat hands in a way that still moves me because of that first time; and I saw food as something beautiful to be shared with people instead of as a thrice-daily necessity.”
Mary Francis Kennedy Fisher, The Gastronomical Me

“Sólo alguien con madurez puede ser libre, padre, pero sólo alguien libre puede madurar. No es posible que sea de otra forma.”
Juan Miguel Zunzunegui, El Misterio Del Águila

Barbara Kingsolver
“These paintings say Mexico is an ancient thing that will still go on forever telling its own story in slabs of color leaves and fruits and proud naked Indians in a history without shame. Their great city of Tenochtitlan is still here beneath our shoes and history was always just like today full of markets and wanting.”
Barbara Kingsolver, The Lacuna

“El tamaño del narcotráfico en México equivale a la magnitud de la corrupción.”
Rafel Rodriguez Castaneda, El México narco

“Un pais donde el surrealismo es vida y la Muerte es una santa hecha de metal y resina”
José Gil Olmos, La santa muerte

Pino Cacucci
“...perché chi è cresciuto qui, per quanto possa sembrare impossibile a chi vi ha passato pochi giorni con gli occhi lacrimosi e la gola bruciante, ama il suo De-Efe di un amore viscerale ed appassionato...”
Pino Cacucci, La polvere del Messico
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Jorge G. Castañeda
“El PRI salió de Los Pinos pero no del alma de México.”
Jorge G. Castañeda, Un futuro para México
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Linda Weaver Clarke
“When she looked up and saw him observing her every move, she asked, "What's up?"
He smiled. "Just happy."
"How come?"
"Well, for starters... I saw a beautiful sunset last night, stole a kiss from a pretty lady, and laid awake and listened to the ocean waves from my window." He shrugged. "You know. Just the typical stuff that makes a man happy.”
Linda Weaver Clarke, The Missing Heir

“Los blancos hicieron que estas tierras fueran extranjeras para el indio; hicieron que el indio comprara con su sangre el aire que respira.”
Ermilo Abreu Gómez, Canek

Linda Weaver Clarke
“Amelia furrowed her brow and said adamantly. "I'm not staying here tonight. No way!"
Rick cleared his throat and was about to tell her there was no other hotel in town. They had no choice but to stay here. After a moment, he thought better of it. He made it his goal to never argue with an irate woman. If he had anything to say, it was better to wait until she was calm. He knew that much about women.
When Rick was old enough to date, his father had warned him: "Any man who is not afraid of a woman's wrath is a fool. Wait until she's calmed down before talking with her."
Rick gave a curt nod. He thought it best to do as his father had warned.”
Linda Weaver Clarke, The Missing Heir

Linda Weaver Clarke
“Hey! He just gave you a compliment."
She frowned. "It sure didn't feel like it."
"Whistling is their way of saying you're a pretty woman. In Mexico, it's a compliment to whistle at a pretty woman. If they pinch your butt, then that is an even greater compliment."
Amelia's eyes widened. "Pinch my what?"
Rick grinned and gave a nod. "It's not disrespectful here in Mexico. In the States, it's called sexual harassment. In Latin countries, it's one of the highest forms of a compliment.”
Linda Weaver Clarke, The Missing Heir

Linda Weaver Clarke
“She could not resist, so she asked, "Why do men refer to vehicles in the feminine form?"...
Amelia groaned. "You're going to say it's because they're temperamental like women, aren't you?"
"Of course not," defended Rick. "Far from it. Men have a great deal of respect for their cars and their women. I was talking to a friend about this the other day and we both agreed that we see a vehicle as a piece of artwork."
"What do you mean?" asked Amelia as she leaned against the door and faced him.
"The body of a car, especially a classic, has pleasing curves to the male eye. Just like women. It tends to work better with tender loving care. Just like women. Not only that, cars get us men excited and so do women.”
Linda Weaver Clarke, The Missing Heir

Linda Weaver Clarke
“I... um... couldn't sleep." She swallowed....
When Amelia saw his eyes soften, she was surprised when he leaned down and gave her a kiss on the lips. It was a warm delectable kiss, a kiss that took her breath away...
As he gazed into her eyes, Rick said softly. "If you think you can fall into my bed and get away with not being kissed, you're sadly mistaken, lady.”
Linda Weaver Clarke, The Missing Heir

Linda Weaver Clarke
“Amelia was jumping up and down, panting and waving her hands in the air as if she were fanning a fire in her mouth...
When Amelia finally leaned against the Jeep and sighed, Rick let out a little chuckle. "I didn't know you could dance so well, sweetie. You'll have to teach me that step. What do you call it? The Habanero Shuffle?”
Linda Weaver Clarke, The Missing Heir

Linda Weaver Clarke
“Rick gave her a loving smile. "It's okay, Amelia. Don't get discouraged. There's always a rainbow at the end of a storm.”
Linda Weaver Clarke, The Missing Heir

Enock Maregesi
“Kamishna … karibu," alisema Nafi huku akisimama na kutupa gazeti mezani na kuchukua karatasi ya faksi, iliyotumwa.
"Ahsante. Kuna nini …"
"Kamishna, imekuja faksi kutoka Oslo kama nilivyokueleza – katika simu. Inakutaka haraka, kesho, lazima kesho, kuwahi kikao Alhamisi mjini Copenhagen," alisema Nafi huku akimpa kamishna karatasi ya faksi.
"Mjini Copenhagen!" alisema kamishna kwa kutoamini.
"Ndiyo, kamishna … Sidhani kama kuna jambo la hatari lakini."
"Nafi, nini kimetokea!"
"Kamishna … sijui. Kwa kweli sijui. Ilipofika, hii faksi, kitu cha kwanza niliongea na watu wa WIS kupata uthibitisho wao. Nao hawajui. Huenda ni mauaji ya jana ya Meksiko. Hii ni siri kubwa ya tume kamishna, na ndiyo maana Oslo wakaingilia kati."
"Ndiyo. Kila mtu ameyasikia mauaji ya Meksiko. Ni mabaya. Kinachonishangaza ni kwamba, jana niliongea na makamu … kuhusu mabadiliko ya katiba ya WODEA. Hakunambia chochote kuhusu mkutano wa kesho!"
"Kamishna, nakusihi kuwa makini. Dalili zinaonyesha hali si nzuri hata kidogo. Hawa ni wadhalimu tu … wa madawa ya kulevya."
"Vyema!" alijibu kamishna kwa jeuri na hasira. Halafu akaendelea, "Kuna cha ziada?"
"Ijumaa, kama tulivyoongea wiki iliyopita, nasafiri kwenda Afrika Kusini."
"Kikao kinafanyika Alhamisi, Nafi, huwezi kusafiri Ijumaa …"
"Binti yangu atafukuzwa shule, kam …"
"Nafi, ongea na chuo … wambie umepata dharura utaondoka Jumatatu; utawaona Jumanne … Fuata maadili ya kazi tafadhali. Safari yako si muhimu hivyo kulinganisha na tume!"
"Sawa! Profesa. Niwie radhi, nimekuelewa, samahani sana. Samahani sana.”
Enock Maregesi, Kolonia Santita

Linda Weaver Clarke
“Amelia took Rick's dare and began signing:

Ay, ay, ay, ay!
Canta y no llores,
Porque cantando se alegran,
Cielito lindo, los corazones....

Rick leaned toward her and whispered, "Do you know what the message of that song is?"
She shook her head.
"Singing gladdens the hearts.”
Linda Weaver Clarke, The Missing Heir

Laurie Perez
“She opens the book. Each sheet has one or two antique photographs stuck with corner tabs. The images are neither black and white nor gray, but hold that brownish gold of time and exposure to air.

"This man is your great grandfather. Look at that face, Pedro. It is a mean mean face." He's standing in front of a wood pile, holding an axe. "I think he was only a teenager there, a long time before he met my mother. But look how handsome he was. And how mean."

It's funny the way she smiles when she talks about him. Saying he's mean has a perverse joy for her, as if she can stick her tongue out at him and his hands are tied so he can't slap her for doing it. She's right, though. There's no lingering smile, no potential for mirth in the burlap of his skin. I notice snow on the ground at his feet, but he's wearing a thin, unbuttoned shirt, showing no sign of cold.”
Laurie Perez, Torpor: Though the Heart Is Warm

Laurie Perez
“The landscape started hard, sharp black mountains over my shoulder and thirsty young saguaros hugging patchy dirt. Gradually it let go, began to green on me a little. I crossed a river, watched succulents get fatter and farmland start to wave, hoarding the blue above and the few clouds it had to spare.

I knew the route somehow, knew the curves, the directions, the exact way to go. I knew it the way you know the stars are still up in the sky even though white sun obscures them. Everything that had happened before Lukeville and Sonoita began to liquify in memory, feeling more like fiction than personal history. Funerals and pain, girlfriends and mothers, roommates and priests all tumble away with the desert behind me. The only thing that's real is the road I see ahead. The only person in my life is the man sitting silently beside me. The place I'm going is the only place I've ever wanted to go.”
Laurie Perez, Torpor: Though the Heart Is Warm

Laurie Perez
“Someday I want to go back to San Felipe de Jesus and find the Jesus in that place. Someday I want to trap myself in those washboard towns, Aconchi, Magdalena; I want to meet their saints someday. I would ask them if they have ever been in love.

I don't mean the syrup they lay on you in the media. I mean the meat of love, the hardness of it, the ice water that wakes you up into the heat of day. The Mexico of love, with rocks, pickup trucks, fat men and sugary children. Cock-sure, moonlit tequila, sweet lime, metallic bed for secret touching. Did they ever reach that side of life? Those mealy saints with their crosses on their backs, did they have enough stomach for the midnight lunch of love?”
Laurie Perez, Torpor: Though the Heart Is Warm

“A lo largo de la historia de México, veremos, que los hombres cuando actúan, muchas veces encubren bajo el velo del patriotismo las razones egoistas que los empujan en sus decisiones”
Luis Chavez Orozco

Carlos Fuentes
“¿A poco no somos los meros chingones? ¿Sabes? Escoge siempre a tus amigos entre los grandes chingones, porque con ellos no hay quien te chingue a ti.”
Carlos Fuentes, The Death of Artemio Cruz

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