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Emil Cioran
“Each time I fail to think about death, I have the impression of cheating, of deceiving someone in me.”
Emil Cioran, The Trouble with Being Born

John Updike
“Inside, upstairs, where the planes are met, the spaces are long and low and lined in tasteful felt gray like that cocky stewardess's cap and filled with the kind of music you become aware of only when the elevator stops or when the dentist stops drilling. Plucked strings, no vocals, music that's used to being ignored, a kind of carpet in the air, to cover up a silence that might remind you of death.”
John Updike, Rabbit at Rest

“Funerals are for the living. If we have not done for the dead while they were yet in flesh, it is too late; let the matter pass at the grave. Day by day we should live for those who are to die; and live so that we may die for those who are to live. Funerals are for the living.”
Roelif Coe Brinkerhoff

Ramona Tudosa
“...a morte estava a provocá-los, cantando-lhes em suspiros e silêncios uma canção de ninar que tinha eco nos corações. Memento mori.”
Ramona Tudosa, A Menina do Fato Amarelo

“O, worldly pomp, how despicable you are when one considers that you are empty and fleeting ! You are justly compared to watery bubbles, one moment all swollen up, then suddenly reduced to nothing.”
Ordericus Vitalis, The Ecclesiastical History of England and Normandy, Volume 2

Brian Awehali
“The very idea of inevitable death, carrying with it the manifest folly of human concerns, is at the core of ruin porn fetish. Memento mori: You and everyone you know will die and become wreckage plowed under and renewed, because that’s they way of all things. Fight it and be terrified; accept it and know peace. Live accordingly.”
Brian Awehali

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