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Malcolm X
“لقد اوسع الحج نطاق تفكيري وفتح بصيرتي فرأيت في أسبوعين ما لم أره في تسع وثلاثين سنة.”
Malcolm X

Paul Bowles
“The difference was principally in the invisible places toward which their respective hearts were turned. They dreamed of Cairo with its autonomous government, its army, its newspapers and its cinema, while he, facing in the same direction, dreamed just a little beyond Cairo, across the Bhar El Hamar to Mecca. They thought in terms of grievances, censorship, petitions and reforms; he, like any good Moslem who knows only the tenets of his religion, in terms of destiny and divine justice. If the word 'independence' was uttered, they saw platoons of Moslem soldiers marching through streets were all the signs were written in Arabic script, they saw factories and power plants rising from the fields; he saw skies of flame, the wings of avenging angels, and total destruction.”
Paul Bowles, The Spider's House

Mawar Safei
“Hanya kebesaran Ilahi di Tanah Barakah ini, titik kecil menjadi kawasan yang lapang buat yang mencari.”
Mawar Safei, Kumpulan Cerpen Narasi Gua dan Raqim

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