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Jonathan Lethem
“You could grow up in the city where history was made and still miss it all.”
Jonathan Lethem, The Fortress of Solitude

Stephen Fry
“We hold on STEVE's still smiling face as MICHAEL passes by. STEVE's eyes follow MICHAEL out of the room and then the smile disappears.

It is replaced by a look of hunger and desolation.”
Stephen Fry, Making History

Stephen Fry
(standing up and stretching)
Gosh, Steve. I don't know how to thank you.

(also standing)
Hey, don't thank me. It means you haven't got any excuse now not to get back to work.

They are facing each other. STEVE is looking into MICHAEL's eyes.


(also slightly awkward)
Right. Well, I guess I'd better be...

MICHAEL, surprising himself, silently pulls STEVE towards him. He puts a hand on his cheek.

STEVE stares at MICHAEL, unable to move. The feeling of MICHAEL's hand on his cheek is like an electric shock.

(whispering, hardly audible)
I mean it, really... thanks.
He leans forward and kisses STEVE on the lips.

STEVE puts his arms round MICHAEL's neck and holds him tightly.

MICHAEL suddenly ends the kiss and pulls away. He goes to the door, opens it and says, in a clear voice.

Goodnight, then, Steve.

(disappointed, hurt)
Right... sure. G'night.

MICHAEL immediately closes the door loudly, before STEVE has had a chance to leave. MICHAEL puts a finger to his lips.

STEVE suddenly understands. He smiles in radiant relief, pure love and joy in his eyes.

They embrace.”
Stephen Fry, Making History

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