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John M. Gottman
“If you think your boss is stupid, remember: you wouldn’t have a job if he was any smarter.”
John M. Gottman

Mario Puzo
“Never show anger at slight,Tell nothing.Earn Respect from everyone by deeds,not Words.Respect the members of your Blood Family.Gambling was Recreation,Not a way to earn a Living.Love your Father,your Mother,
your Sister but beware of Loving any other Woman than your Wife.And a Wife was a woman who bore your Children.And once that happened to You,your Life was Forfeit to give them their daily bread”
Mario Puzo, The Last Don

Mario Puzo
“He'd always been a man who followed his head and not his heart.The heart was just a bloody motor.The head was meant to drive”
Mario Puzo

J.J. McAvoy
“Step one, accept she was a damn boss. Step two, hide all the knives, guns, and maybe the pillows, too.”
J.J. McAvoy, Ruthless People

Holly Black
“I thought of how proud he was when he took the marks- cutting the skin of his throat in a long slash and then packing it with ashes until keloid scars rose up.
He called it his second smile.”
Holly Black, Red Glove

Mario Puzo
“God seemed to be having a hard time killing him, and he'd be damned if he was going to make the job easy for mere mortals”
Mario Puzo

Jerry Seinfeld
“The IRS! They're like the Mafia, they can take anything they want!”
Jerry Seinfeld

Frazier Glenn Miller
“I spent much of my prison time reading. I must have read over 200 large books, mostly fictional stories about the American pioneers, the Vikings, Mafia, etc. As long as I was engrossed in a book, I was not in prison. Reading was my escape.”
Frazier Glenn Miller, A White Man Speaks Out

Elmore Leonard
“There were a lot of terms you had to learn, as opposed to the shylock business where all you had to know how to say was 'Give me the fuckin money.”
Elmore Leonard, Get Shorty

“I want to kill this degenerate bastard brother of yours. But I am not selfish, I do not want to deprive you of that honor.”
William Balsamo, Crime Incorporated: The Inside Story of the Mafia's First 100 Years

A. Zavarelli
“I never realized how empty my life had really become until I had him in it. He did that to me. He said I wrecked him, but he completely destroyed me. Everything was fine when I was alone. When I didn’t have to feel or think or care about someone else. Sure I was sad and broken, but I was okay. Now, I’m anything but.”
A. Zavarelli, Crow

A. Zavarelli
“This is the moment I realize that our traumas never really go away. They live inside of us, in the deepest darkest pits of our own tiny hells. Cocked and loaded, waiting for someone to come along and pull the trigger.”
A. Zavarelli, Crow

“Other kids are brought up nice and sent to Harvard and yale.Me?I was brought up like a mushroom.”
Frank Costello
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A. Zavarelli
“I thought I told you I don’t play by the rules,” I argue.
“Ye’re mistaken,” he says. “Ye just walked into my world unbidden. So you will play by the rules, butterfly. You’ll be playing by all my rules.”
A. Zavarelli, Crow

“A cop's JOB is to violently enforce upon the rest of us whatever arbitrary bullshit the political parasites declare to be "law." It is, therefore, impossible to be a "law enforcer" and behave morally, for the same reason one can't be a moral car-jacker.”
Larken Rose

“Property taxes' rank right up there with 'income taxes' in terms of immorality and destructiveness. Where 'income taxes' are simply slavery using different words, 'property taxes' are just a Mafia turf racket using different words. For the former, if you earn a living on the gang's turf, they extort you. For the latter, if you own property in their territory, they extort you. The fact that most people still imagine both to be legitimate and acceptable shows just how powerful authoritarian indoctrination is. Meanwhile, even a brief objective examination of the concepts should make anyone see the lunacy of it. 'Wait, so every time I produce anything or trade with anyone, I have to give a cut to the local crime lord??' 'Wait, so I have to keep paying every year, for the privilege of keeping the property I already finished paying for??' And not only do most people not make such obvious observations, but if they hear someone else pointing out such things, the well-trained Stockholm Syndrome slaves usually make arguments condoning their own victimization. Thus is the power of the mind control that comes from repeated exposure to BS political mythology and propaganda.”
Larken Rose

“My take on socialism is this: Socialism only seems to work when you don't fully implement it, when you keep enough capitalism around to pay socialism's bills, at least for a time. It's the difference between milking the cow and killing it. Socialism has no theory of wealth creation; it's just a destructive, envy-driven fantasy about redistributing it after something else (and somebody else) creates it first.”
Lawrence W. Reed

S.W. Frank
“You're not driving home if it's late, though. I am accustomed to dropping my women off at their door," he snickered because he knew she'd blush and he wanted her to, "and sometimes I put them to bed.”
S.W. Frank, Alfonzo

“Слухи о том, что он связан с японской мафией, сделали его в моих глазах еще более привлекательным. Ну кто не хочет иметь своего человека в мафии?”
Кауи Харт Хеммингс
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Mario Puzo
“What would the world come to if people kept carrying grudges against all reason? That has been the cross of Sicily, where men are so busy with vendettas they have no time to earn bread for their families.”
Mario Puzo, The Godfather

Ludwig von Mises
“Socialism is an alternative to capitalism as potassium cyanide is an alternative to water.”
Ludwig von Mises, Human Action: A Treatise on Economics

George Reisman
“Monopoly is a market, or part of a market, reserved to the exclusive possession of one or more sellers by means of the initiation of physical force by the government, or with the sanction of the government. Monopoly exists insofar as the freedom of competition is violated, with the freedom of competition being understood as the absence of the initiation of physical force as the preventive of competition. Where there is no initiation of physical force to violate the freedom of competition, there is no monopoly. The freedom of competition is violated only insofar as individuals are excluded from markets or parts of markets by means of the initiation of physical force. Monopoly is thus a market or part of a market reserved to the exclusive possession of one or more sellers by means of the initiation of physical force. It is thus something imposed upon the market from without—by the government. (Private individuals—gangsters—can initiate force to reserve markets only if the government allows it and thereby sanctions it.)
Thus, monopoly is not something which emerges from the normal operation of the economic system, and which the government must control.”
George Reisman

“There are two methods, or means, and only two, whereby man's needs and desires can be satisfied. One is the production and exchange of wealth; this is the economic means. The other is the uncompensated appropriation of wealth produced by others; this is the political means.”
Albert Jay Nock

Murray N. Rothbard
“Free-market capitalism is a network of free and voluntary exchanges in which producers work, produce, and exchange their products for the products of others through prices voluntarily arrived at.”
Murray N. Rothbard

Dacia Maraini
“Di mafia non si parlava mai allora, tutti sapevano che esisteva una forza maligna capace di imporre la sua volontà col coltello e col fucile. Ma chi stringesse quel coltello e chi imbracciasse quel fucile era difficile dirlo. D'altronde, per chi lo sapeva, era meglio fare finta di non averlo mai saputo. I maggiorenti del paese, signori che giravano per i marciapiedi in giacca di pigiama col cappello a larghe falde in testa, negavano che esistesse questa mafia. E quando pronunciavano la parola, piegavano le labbra in giù, come per sputare. Portavano le mani all'aria e dicevano ridacchiando: favole sunnu… roba per turisti… E con questo il paese si richiudeva nella sua vita quotidiana, fatta di soprusi, di sofferenze, di torti subiti in silenzio, di cose taciute e mai dette, come fosse il più felice dei paesi.”
Dacia Maraini, Bagheria

Miles Watson
“The course she was on was as fixed and unalterable as the trajectory of a bullet, but you could see she did not believe that. No one in the life ever believed it. They saw a dozen, a hundred, a thousand people precede them into the trap, saw how unvarying and pitiless the end was, and with all that fresh in their minds they did the same, of their own free will.”
Miles Watson, Cage Life

Leonardo Sciascia
“There's a proverb, a maxim, that runs, 'The dead man is dead; let's give a hand to the living.' Now, you say that to a man from the North, and he visualizes the scene of an accident with one dead and one injured man; it's reasonable to let the dead man be and to set about saving the injured man. But a Sicilian visualizes a murdered man and his murderer, and the living man who's to be helped is the murderer.”
Leonardo Sciascia, To Each His Own

Phillip Crawford Jr.
“After the Stonewall riots the gay activists had their idealistic hearts in the right place but it turned out they had underestimated the realpolitik of organized crime. Indeed, as gay liberation blossomed in the wild 1970s the bars and bathhouses became increasingly lucrative enterprises, and the Mafia had no intention of abandoning a racket it had controlled for decades. The Mafia families maintained their control by exercising the proverbial carrot and stick. The wise guys seemingly embraced the gay rights movement and cut more so-called Auntie Gays into the action as their fronts, and resorted to violent threats and sometimes murder against others who refused to play ball with the crime families. There were few legitimate businessmen in gay nightlife of the 1970s.”
Phillip Crawford Jr., The Mafia and the Gays

Mario Puzo
“Kurt Cilke liked dogs because they could not conspire. They could not hide hostility, and they were not cunning. They did not lie awake at night planning to rob and murder other dogs. Treachery was beyond their scope.”
Mario Puzo

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