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Rainer Maria Rilke
“Therefore, dear Sir, love your solitude and try to sing out with the pain it causes you. For those who are near you are far away... and this shows that the space around you is beginning to grow vast.... be happy about your growth, in which of course you can't take anyone with you, and be gentle with those who stay behind; be confident and calm in front of them and don't torment them with your doubts and don't frighten them with your faith or joy, which they wouldn't be able to comprehend. Seek out some simple and true feeling of what you have in common with them, which doesn't necessarily have to alter when you yourself change again and again; when you see them, love life in a form that is not your own and be indulgent toward those who are growing old, who are afraid of the aloneness that you trust.... and don't expect any understanding; but believe in a love that is being stored up for you like an inheritance, and have faith that in this love there is a strength and a blessing so large that you can travel as far as you wish without having to step outside it.”
Rainer Maria Rilke, Letters to a Young Poet

Andrew Solomon
“Listen to the people who love you. Believe that they are worth living for even when you don't believe it. Seek out the memories depression takes away and project them into the future. Be brave; be strong; take your pills. Exercise because it's good for you even if every step weighs a thousand pounds. Eat when food itself disgusts you. Reason with yourself when you have lost your reason.”
Andrew Solomon, The Noonday Demon: An Atlas of Depression

Sarah J. Maas
“The people you love are just weapons that will be used against you.”
Sarah J. Maas, Heir of Fire

Shannon L. Alder
“When you loved someone and had to let them go, there will always be that small part of yourself that whispers, "What was it that you wanted and why didn't you fight for it?”
Shannon L. Alder

Charles Dickens
“The suspense: the fearful, acute suspense: of standing idly by while the life of one we dearly love, is trembling in the balance; the racking thoughts that crowd upon the mind, and make the heart beat violently, and the breath come thick, by the force of the images they conjure up before it; the desperate anxiety to be doing something to relieve the pain, or lessen the danger, which we have no power to alleviate; the sinking of soul and spirit, which the sad remembrance of our helplessness produces; what tortures can equal these; what reflections of endeavours can, in the full tide and fever of the time, allay them!”
Charles Dickens, Oliver Twist

Chuck Palahniuk
“Crying is right at hand in the smothering dark, closed inside someone else, when you see how everything you can ever accomplish will end up as trash.”
Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club

“...so i will greet you
in a way
all loved things
are meant to be greeted

with a tear in my heart
and a poem in my eye.”
Sanober Khan, Turquoise Silence

C.S. Lewis
“How wicked it would be, if we could, to call the dead back! She said not to me but to the chaplain, 'I am at peace with God.' She smiled, but not at me. Poi si torno all' eterna fontana.”
C.S. Lewis, A Grief Observed

Kate Mosse
“The dead leave their shadows, an echo of the space within which once they lived. They haunt us, never fading or growing older as we do. The loss we grieve is not just their futures but our own.”
Kate Mosse, The Winter Ghosts

Michael Bassey Johnson
“The more attention you give to your loved ones, the less affection you recieve from them.”
Michael Bassey Johnson

Kate Morton
“Had any poet adequately described the wretched ugliness of a loved one turned inside out with grief?”
Kate Morton, The Forgotten Garden

Emma Daley
“I've decided that there isn't much difference in the way we treat our siblings and the way we treat our special someones. But at the end of it all we know our siblings have to forgive us...or they'll never be able to borrow our car.”
Emma Daley

Van Harden
“The best times we’ve had on earth are usually with those we love.”
Van Harden, Life in the Purple Wedge!

Robert Liparulo
“Live to fight another day was an expression that did not take nto account the loved one who would die because you didn't continue fighting today.”
Robert Liparulo, House of Dark Shadows

Jennifer Egan
“When the clock stops on a life, all things emanating from it become precious, finite, and cordoned off for preservation. Each aspect of the dead person is removed from the flux of the everyday, which, of course, is where we miss him most. The quarantine around death makes it feel unlucky and wrong--a freakish incursion--and the dead, thus quarantined, come to seem more dead than they already are.... Borrowing from the dead is a way of keeping them engaged in life's daily transactions--in other words, alive.”
Jennifer Egan

Elizabeth Goudge
“One is seldom unchanged by the death of those one loves. It gives me a deeper knowledge of them, and so of oneself in regard to them.”
Elizabeth Goudge, The White Witch

Timothy Salter
Sonnet III: Black Coffin opened wide for all to See

Black Coffin opened wide for all to See,
The lifeless form of one I loved so dear.
O, listen! mournful knells that soon shall be
All night long tolling for the folk to hear.
The lanterns overlight the old churchyard
To watch the coffin lowered into the ground;
Soon Frost shall grasp the turf already hard,
Decay ye have to face without a sound.
But years have pass'd herein do I relate
My dear sweet mother's form within my mind.
Still happiness fills all my heart and state,
As I see my small family so kind.
Love cannot be withheld by death or grave,
It stays alive within the heart so brave.”
Timothy Salter

Shannon L. Alder
“It takes courage to let go of the past and all the mechanisms you have put in place, in order to ease your pain, regret and fear through avoiding responsibility for it.”
Shannon L. Alder

Susan Elizabeth Phillips
“What I'm trying to say is, as I get older, all the things I've done to make money have become less important in my life. I'm proud of the company. I've built it up from nothing and I'm sure as hell not going to stand by and watch it get eaten up. But when I'm sitting out on the patio on a Sunday afternoon and I start counting my blessings, it's the people I love that come to my mind, not the company.”
Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Lady Be Good

Ron Baratono
“Just a simple prayer today, for those who are sick or going through darkness of any kind. Dear God, we ask that you place your healing hands on the shoulders of our friends and loved ones, who are suffering and relieve them of these hardships, in Jesus name. Amen.”
Ron Baratono

“Her face expressed suffering so deep that I will never forget it; her eyes radiated a deep sadness...Mrs. Folmer was oppressed by that special sadness, perhaps the most horrible torture, of those who had no idea what happened to their loved ones.”
Diet Eman, Things We Couldn't Say

“Friendship is vowing toward immortality and does not know the passing away of beauty (Though take care!) because it aims for the spirit. Many years ago through loss I learned that love is wrung from our inmost heart until only the loved one is and we are not.”
Herbert Mason, The Epic of Gilgamesh

Anne Rice
“Finally those you love are simply ... those you love.”
Anne Rice, The Queen of the Damned

“Only loved one knows where to hit for hurting the most.”
Afaaf Scarlett

“The Natural Law of Cause and Effect. (KARMA) For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Our world will be a much better place to live, if such natural law of cause and effect can be widely acknowledged, taught, and respected. Also, when we treat the important people and loved ones in our life with immense respect, compassion, love, dignity and honesty (cause), we will experience the most profound and loving, solid relationships – which lead to happiness, fulfillment and peace of mind (effect). All that brings us to be more in touch with who we are because we know that we are living the life we were meant to lead. And yes, everything can change for the better when we see that all of the events and reasons of our life have meaning and great value.”
Angie karan

Marie Lu
“Our hearts fill with terror at the thought of harm coming to our loved ones, don't they? You cannot have love without fear. The two coexist.”
Marie Lu

“I was in the middle of a bad dream the other night, the scene changed, and suddenly my brother appeared. He said that he was feeling pretty good. His exact words were, "I'm feeling almost back to normal."

It's good to know that ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis / Lou Gehrig's disease) doesn't exist in heaven.”
Brenda Priddy

Kevin Focke
“You won't know how much you’ll miss someone until they’re gone. Go give them a big hug while you have the chance.”
Kevin Focke

“Some people get what they want, but then they act like they don't want what they're given. I think its because sometimes the form it takes isn't quite the form they wanted. That the person giving it & the manor in which it's given isn't what they wanted. Or maybe the timing is simply off. Or maybe, it's just that when you don't know what you want nothing is ever enough.

And I think that's the real tragedy. That life gives us exactly what we've been wanting but we fail to embrace it. Simply letting those moments & people pass us by.”
Trevor Driggers

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