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Jarod Kintz
“Love gives you wings. Icarus and the Challenger both had wings, and so did my first love letter, after I folded it up and flung it at my crush.
Jarod Kintz, This is the best book I've ever written, and it still sucks

Amy Plum

I'm not always the best at expressing myself to you, so I'm taking advantage of the fact that I will be completely unresponsive when you read this, and therefore incapable of messing things up.

I want to thank you for giving me a chance. When I first saw you, I knew I had found something incredible. And since then all I've wanted was to be with you as much as possible.

When I thought I had lost you, I was torn between wanting you back and wanting the best for you—wanting you to be happy. Seeing you so miserable during the weeks we were apart gave me the courage to fight for us . . . to find a way for things to work. And seeing you happy again in the days we've been back together makes me think I did the right thing.

I can't promise you an ordinary experience, Kate. I wish I could transform myself into a normal man and be there for you, always, without the trauma that defines my life as "the walking dead." Since that isn't possible, I can only reassure you that I will do everything in my power to make it up to you. To give you more than a normal boyfriend could. I have no idea what that will mean, exactly, but I'm looking forward to finding out. With you.

Thank you for being here, my beauty. Mon ange. My Kate.

Yours utterly,

Amy Plum, Die for Me

Jarod Kintz
“I wish every envelope enclosed a love letter. It’s this hope that leads me to open strangers’ mail. So you see, I’m a romantic, not an NSA employee.”
Jarod Kintz, Love quotes for the ages. Specifically ages 18-81.

Woodrow Wilson
“You have the greatest soul, the noblest nature, the sweetest, most loving heart I have ever known, and my love, my reverence, my admiration for you, you have increased in one evening as I should have thought only a lifetime of intimate, loving association could have increased them. You are more wonderful and lovely in my eyes than you ever were before; and my pride and joy and gratitude that you should love me with such a perfect love are beyond all expression, except in some great poem which I cannot write.”
Woodrow Wilson

David Mitchell
“Finished in a frenzy that reminded me of our last night in Cambridge. Watched my final sunrise. Enjoyed a last cigarette. Didn’t think the view could be any more perfect until I saw that beat-up trilby. Honestly, Sixsmith, as ridiculous as that thing makes you look, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen anything more beautiful. Watched you for as long as I dared. I don’t believe it was a fluke that I saw you first. I believe there is another world waiting for us, Sixsmith. A better world, and I’ll be waiting for you there. I believe we do not stay dead long. Find me beneath the Corsican stars, where we first kissed.

Yours eternally, R.F.”
David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas

Nick Harkaway
“I love you forever. I am sorry I cannot love you now.”
Nick Harkaway, Angelmaker

Kelly Creagh
“Isobel, this was the only way I knew how to reach you. After tonight it will all go away. I never meant for you to be pulled into any of this-ever. Please believe that. Somehow I've lost control of everything. I only wish I could see you again. I wish I could tell you everything that I couldn't before. Most of all, I wish there was a way we could start over. Whatever happens now, please believe that I didn't mean for it to end this way. Yours always. - V”
Kelly Creagh, Nevermore

Jarod Kintz
“Yesterday I typed Agatha a love letter, and I typed it on a Dvorak keyboard so my typing could keep pace with my elevated heart rate.”
Jarod Kintz, A Story That Talks about Talking Is Like Chatter to Chattering Teeth, and Every Set of Dentures Can Attest to the Fact That No..

Jeffrey Eugenides
“Every letter was a love letter. Of course, as love letters went, this one could have been better. It was not very promising, for instance, that Madeleine claimed not to want to see him for the next half-century.”
Jeffrey Eugenides, The Marriage Plot

Edgar Rice Burroughs
“I am Tarzan of the Apes. I want you. I am yours. You are mine. We live here together always in my house. I will bring you the best of fruits, the tenderest deer, the finest meats that roam the jungle. I will hunt for you. I am the greatest of the jungle fighters. I will fight for you. I am the mightiest of the jungle fighters. You are Jane Porter, I saw it in your letter. When you see this you will know that it is for you and that Tarzan of the Apes loves you.”
Edgar Rice Burroughs, Tarzan of the Apes

Julianne Donaldson
“To my unsuspecting love.
When I look into your eyes, I loose all sense of time and place. Reason robbed, clear thought erased, I am lost in the paradise I find within you gaze.
I long to touch your blushing cheek, to whisper in your ear how I adore you, how I cannot bear the thought of living without you.
To be so near you without touching you is agony. Your blindness to my feelings is a daily torment, and I feel driven to the edge of madness by my love for you”
Julianne Donaldson, Edenbrooke

Kelly Creagh
“In the shadows of the dreamland, he waits. He watches the gaping windows to the world he had so longed to open. Now flown wide, bleak and empty, ravaged-like him-it grants his wish. He belongs. It cannot compare to the memory of her eyes. Blue azure, warm as a summer sky. If he could but fall into their world. Would that he had. Now he write the end to the story that past its Midnight Dreary-that too late and hour-has its own without him. It was always, he knows now, meant to end this way. Like that circle that "ever returneth into the selfsame spot." My beautiful, my Isobel. My Love. You ask me to wait. And so I wait. For all of this, I know, is but a dream. And when, in sleep, at last we wake, I will see you again.”
Kelly Creagh

Zelda Fitzgerald
“Darling-- I love these velvet nights. I've never been able to decide whether the night was a bitter enemie or a "grand patron" --or whether I love you most in the eternal classic half-lights where it blends with day or in the full religious fan-fare of mid-night or perhaps in the lux of noon. Anyway, I love you most and you 'phoned me just because you phoned me tonight-- I walked on those telephone wires for two hours after holding your love like a parasol to balance me. My dear--”
Zelda Fitzgerald, Dear Scott, Dearest Zelda: The Love Letters of F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald

Lucy Robinson
“Dear Fran
I'm watching you sleep. You are sucking your thumb. (We're going to need to talk about this.) 
I can't pretend you look like a delicately slumbering princess, because you don't. Apart from the thumb business you are twitching around like a ferret and about ten minutes ago you pulled the entire duvet over yourself and left me with nothing. But I've never loved you more than I do right now. 
I love you so much. I hope we can have a life together. There's so much I want to say to you. Please wake up soon.
Freddy x”
Lucy Robinson, The Greatest Love Story of All Time

Mark Twain
“The frankest and freest and privatest product of the human mind and heart is a love letter...”
Mark Twain, Mark Twain's Own Autobiography: The Chapters from the North American Review

“What? Do you dare smile and suggest for a moment that just because of the Absence between us I cannot make myself vivid to you? Ho! Silly boy! Don't you know that the plainest sort of black ink throbs more than some blood—and the touch of the softest hand is a harsh caress compared to the touch of a reasonably shrewd pen? Here—now, I say—this very moment: Lift this letter of mine to your face, and swear—if you're honestly able to—that you can't smell the rose in my hair!”
Eleanor Hallowell Abbott, Molly Make-Believe

Jarod Kintz
“I have terrible handwriting. Probably because I hold my pen with two chopsticks. I once wrote a love letter that looked more like a portrait of Rasputin.”
Jarod Kintz, Love quotes for the ages. And the ageless sages.

Julianne Donaldson
“I am not going to pretend to write a love letter to another man.”
Julianne Donaldson, Edenbrooke

Michael Bassey Johnson
“99% of natural poets discovered their talents through love letters.”
Michael Bassey Johnson

Jarod Kintz
“Her vagina was as tight as an envelope, and I licked it like a stamp. Then I mailed it like a love letter.
Jarod Kintz, My love can only occupy one person at a time

Pietro Aretino
“Nanna: Inside, there was a long rigmarole that went on and on; it began with my hair, which had been cut off in the church, and said that he had gathered it together and made a neckband of it for himself; and my forehead was clearer than a cloudless sky. He compared my eyebrows to the black wood which is used to make combs, and he said that my cheeks were so white that they filled milk and cream with envy. He declared my teeth were like a row of pearls, and my lips like pomegranate blossoms; he composed a great preamble on my hands - he even praised my fingernails; and he said that my voice was like the canticle 'Gloria in eccelsis'; and when he came to my breasts, he waxed positively ecstatic - they displayed two apples as white and shining as the snow in sunlight. Finally he allowed himself to slip down to the fountain, saying that he had drunk from it all unworthily, and that it distilled nectar and manna, and that the curls of hair round it were made of silk.”
Pietro Aretino, The Secret Life of Nuns

Jarod Kintz
“The guy in the white fedora looks like he’s reading a love letter. I say that only because he looks so confused, what else could the subject matter be?”
Jarod Kintz, Seven Sisters Sinister Murder Mystery Dinner

Jarod Kintz
“What’s she holding in her hand? Is that a love letter to Dark Jar Tin Zoo? Love is meant to die—and then rise up again. Unfortunately, the woman who was meant to die tonight, and who did die tonight, won’t be rising in the foreseeable forever.”
Jarod Kintz, Seven Sisters Sinister Murder Mystery Dinner

“dear samantha
i’m sorry
we have to get a divorce
i know that seems like an odd way to start a love letter but let me explain:
it’s not you
it sure as hell isn’t me
it’s just human beings don’t love as well as insects do
i love you.. far too much to let what we have be ruined by the failings of our species

i saw the way you looked at the waiter last night
i know you would never DO anything, you never do but..
i saw the way you looked at the waiter last night

did you know that when a female fly accepts the pheromones put off by a male fly, it re-writes her brain, destroys the receptors that receive pheromones, sensing the change, the male fly does the same. when two flies love each other they do it so hard, they will never love anything else ever again. if either one of them dies before procreation can happen both sets of genetic code are lost forever. now that… is dedication.

after Elizabeth and i broke up we spent three days dividing everything we had bought together
like if i knew what pots were mine like if i knew which drapes were mine somehow the pain would go away

this is not true

after two praying mantises mate, the nervous system of the male begins to shut down
while he still has control over his motor functions
he flops onto his back, exposing his soft underbelly up to his lover like a gift
she then proceeds to lovingly dice him into tiny cubes
spooning every morsel into her mouth
she wastes nothing
even the exoskeleton goes
she does this so that once their children are born she has something to regurgitate to feed them
now that.. is selflessness

i could never do that for you

so i have a new plan
i’m gonna leave you now
i’m gonna spend the rest of my life committing petty injustices
i hope you do the same
i will jay walk at every opportunity
i will steal things i could easily afford
i will be rude to strangers
i hope you do the same
i hope reincarnation is real
i hope our petty crimes are enough to cause us to be reborn as lesser creatures
i hope we are reborn as flies
so that we can love each other as hard as we were meant to.”
Jared Singer

Ottilie Weber
Wonder, majesty, and enchantment doesn't
even begin to cover the feelings that I had the first time that I met you that only grew. The feeling was nameless, but as time went on it developed a name. Eponine, I adore
Ottilie Weber, Beneath the Scars

Michael Bassey Johnson
“...as we are endowed. ...with rhetorics. ...none will deny.
...of innocence. ...towards scribbling. ...of love lines.
...and of lust.
...to what seems like male.
...to what seems like female.
...in those days.
...I mean nothing. ...but in high school.
....even me.
...I can't deny.”
Michael Bassey Johnson

Edmond Rostand
“If kisses fast could flee
By letter, then with your sweet lips
My letters read should be”
Edmond Rostand, Cyrano de Bergerac

Charlotte Eriksson
“You are to me like white islands, in a world of vast darkness.”
Charlotte Eriksson

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