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Philip Larkin
“Love again: wanking at ten past three
(Surely he's taken her home by now?),
The bedroom hot as a bakery,
The drink gone dead, without showing how
To meet tomorrow, and afterwards,
And the usual pain, like dysentery.

Someone else feeling her breasts and cunt,
Someone else drowned in that lash-wide stare,
And me supposed to be ignorant,
Or find it funny, or not to care,
Even ... but why put it into words?
Isolate rather this element

That spreads through other lives like a tree
And sways them on in a sort of sense
And say why it never worked for me.
Something to do with violence
A long way back, and wrong rewards,
And arrogant eternity.”
Philip Larkin

Sanhita Baruah
“It will be foolish not to get your heart broken, even once.
For having a broken heart makes you realize the immense capability it possesses to mend and heal itself and to love far more intensely,with every affixed piece of it that was once broken and torn apart..”
Sanhita Baruah

T.K. Chapin
“Ever since I met you.. you've had this effect on me. You've been able to make me feel ways I thought I would never be able to feel again.”
T.K. Chapin, Love Again

Sumeetha Manikandan
“With the first line of Mehendi, she forgot her troubles and delved into the beautiful world of checkered patterns and intricate lines.”
Sumeetha Manikandan, Love, Again

Sumeetha Manikandan
“She found him handsome and attractive. There was something very comforting and reassuring about his deep voice”
Sumeetha Manikandan, Love, Again

“To write a poem...to paint an image on canvass from the contemplation of nature and life...is to be present again in this world more richly...to see it with my eyes and my heart...is to love again more intimately I've ever loved...to cherish previously invisible secrets of desire-beauty-taste and my personal powers...”
Isabella koldras, Deeper sense of presence.

“Today I got the answer why we keep on believing that the person who left us, is still in love with us, if we don't we will never be able to love again.”
Tushar Chauhan

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