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David Levithan
“Luckily, I always travel with a book, just in case I have to wait on line for Santa, or some such inconvenience.”
David Levithan, Dash & Lily's Book of Dares

Joss Whedon
“There’s a fine line between support and stalking and let’s all stay on the right side of that.”
Joss Whedon

Nina Malkin
“The best listeners listen between the lines.”
Nina Malkin, Swoon

René Crevel
“Straight lines go too quickly to appreciate the pleasures of the journey. They rush straight to their target and then die in the very moment of their triumph without having thought, loved, suffered or enjoyed themselves. Broken lines do not know what they want. With their caprices they cut time up, abuse routes, slash the joyous flowers and split the peaceful fruits with their corners. It is another story with curved lines. The song of the curved line is called happiness.”
René Crevel

Benedict Cumberbatch
“Lines are very difficult to learn.”
Benedict Cumberbatch

Hermann Hesse
“His way had therefore come full circle, or rather had taken the form of an ellipse or a spiral, following as ever no straight unbroken line, for the rectilinear belongs only to Geometry and not to Nature and Life.”
Hermann Hesse, The Glass Bead Game

James Patterson
“fuzzy black lines hiccuped across the screen.”
James Patterson, Nevermore

Amy Harmon
“I love you Bonnie. So much that I hurt with it. And I hate it, and I love it, and I want it to go away, and i want it to stay forever....”
Amy Harmon, Infinity + One

Oche Otorkpa
“Raped at age nine by a relative and pregnant at 14 Oprah Winfrey,
like many others have experienced the wickedness and brutality of
our society. Sadly, it’s an environment where blood lines no longer
Oche Otorkpa, The Unseen Terrorist

Michael Bassey Johnson
“99% of natural poets discovered their talents through love letters.”
Michael Bassey Johnson

“...summer softens lines that winter cruelly shows...”
John Geddes

“When you draw a line in the sand, be careful it is not low tide.”
Dixie Waters

Jarod Kintz
“We loved like two lines. At least until that third line showed up and tried to form a triangle.”
Jarod Kintz, Love Quotes for the Ages. Specifically Ages 19-91.

“Nature creates curved lines while humans create straight lines.”
Hideki Yukawa

Diana Gabaldon
“Still, he was pleased to know that he could recall so much of the play and passed the rest of the journey pleasantly in reciting lines to himself, being careful not to snort.”
Diana Gabaldon, The Scottish Prisoner

Donna Tartt
“--and yet, whenever he started with the questions I froze stiff, as if I'd been pushed onstage in a play where I didn't know the lines.”
Donna Tartt, The Goldfinch

Tahereh Mafi
“I count everything. Even numbers, odd numbers, multiples of 10. I count the ticks of the clock i count the tocks of the clock I count the lines between the lines on a sheet of paper. I count the broken beats of my heart I count my pulse and my blinks and the number of tries it takes to inhale enough oxygen for my lungs. I stay like this I stand like this I count like this until the feeling stops. Until the tears stop spilling, until my fists stop shaking, until my heart stops aching. There are never enough numbers.”
Tahereh Mafi, Unravel Me

Michael Bassey Johnson
“If a palmist grasp my palm, and look into it, without seeing a single line, what would he read?”
Michael Bassey Johnson

Adam Berlin
“He wanted to break me, the me I'd made, the me I'd needed to make, my need, mine, my whole life since I could remember. I didn't want to hear him that night. When I was ready to change I'd change. When life opens up before you, when you don't really know death ... it's easy to promise yourself change. Keeping the lines hard, the parts of me separate, was what I knew, how I lived.”
Adam Berlin, The Number of Missing

Michael Bassey Johnson
“...as we are endowed. ...with rhetorics. ...none will deny.
...of innocence. ...towards scribbling. ...of love lines.
...and of lust.
...to what seems like male.
...to what seems like female.
...in those days.
...I mean nothing. ...but in high school.
....even me.
...I can't deny.”
Michael Bassey Johnson

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