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Jarod Kintz
“Of course, if I had misbehaved that day, my dinner was a salad made entirely out of iceberg lettuce, with water on top instead of dressing. It was like cabbage soup without the dignity.
Jarod Kintz, Gosh, I probably shouldn't publish this.

Diane Duane
“Kit," said a female voice, "what's wrong with the fridge? All the food's gone. No, wait, there's a really ugly alien in here disguised as a leaky lettuce. Hey, I guess I shouldn't be rude to it; it's a visitor. Welcome to our planet, Mr. Alien!"
This was followed by some muffled remark that Nita couldn't make out, possibly something Kit was saying. A moment later, Kit's sister Carmela's voice came out of Nita's refrigerator again. "Hola, Nita, are your phone bills getting too big? This is a weird way to deal with it...”
Diane Duane, Wizard's Holiday

Alton Brown
“Laminated Lettuce ... perfect for holiday gift giving.”
Alton Brown

Lemony Snicket
“Theodora glared at me, but Mrs. Murphy Sallis gave me a brief smile and offered me her hand, which was as smooth and soft as old lettuce.”
Lemony Snicket, Who Could That Be at This Hour?

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