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Bret Easton Ellis
“I felt lethal, on the verge of frenzy. My nightly bloodlust overflowed into my days and I had to leave the city. My mask of sanity was a victim of impending slippage. This was the bone season for me and I needed a vacation.”
Bret Easton Ellis, American Psycho

Christine Feehan
“When Jackson used that particular tone of voice, men died, pure and simple.”
Christine Feehan, Safe Harbor

Margaret Atwood
“Forced to chose between one irascible tyrant and another, Laura had chosen the one which was greater, and also further away.”
Margaret Atwood, The Blind Assassin

Sandra Brown
“His gut was stitched up good and tight, but that didn’t prevent it from flopping. He wiped his damp palms on the legs of his jeans and stood up shakily, leaning heavily on his cane.
He called himself a masochist for putting himself through this torture day after day.
He braced himself for the disappointment of having to go home alone.
He braced himself for happiness like he’d never known in his entire life.
He watched the door they would come through.”
Sandra Brown, Lethal

“Tedium is a dangerous thing, potentially lethal.”
Nina -, Johnny Kiddow

Sarah Noffke
“I’m a heartless optimist. This combination could make me lethal, but mostly it has led to a successful hermit lifestyle.”
Sarah Noffke, Awoken

“The energy of youth with the experience of age is a lethal combination.”
Murad S. Shah

David Weber
“Other folk thought the Rage was simple bloodlust, a berserk savagery that neither knew nor cared what its target was, and so it was when it struck without warning. But when a hradani gave himself to it knowingly, it was as cold as it was hot, as rational as it was lethal. To embrace the Rage was to embrace a splendor, a glory, a denial of all restraint but not of reason. It was pure, elemental purpose, unencumbered by compassion or horror or pity, yet it was far more than mere frenzy.”
David Weber, Oath of Swords

Taylor Stevens
“One foot in front of the other, more aimless than direct, Bradford left the waiting room for the outside world. Called for a taxi and then dialed Munroe again, desperate for her voice, for one ray of light in the darkness, afraid of what he might say if she did answer, afraid of himself and the inner deadening that pointed to a danger far more lethal than any rage he'd felt.”
Taylor Stevens, The Doll

C.D. Gorri
“She doesn’t seem to like me very much. Why is she here?” I wondered about the
testing Uncle Sean spoke of, but I was more concerned with the lethal blonde who
seemed to have taken an instant dislike to me.

C.D. Gorri, Hunter Moon

“Wyatt avoided the petty gunfights and headed to a saloon and rigged up a bunch of Molotov cocktails. Her firebombs against members of Tom and Vik's posse had destroyed the scenario's promise of so many wonderful gun duels. She'd killed most of their group, too, and shown everyone that she wasn't getting promoted only because of her programming skills. Her dislike of fighting had paradoxically turned her into a lethal killing machine.”
S. J. Kincaid

Stacey Marie Brown
“All these boys were lethal. It really wasn't fair.”
Stacey Marie Brown, Darkness of Light

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