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“What is this so-called 'employment flexibility'? It simply means that employers, in their quest to reduce costs whilst trying to meet the demands of globalisation, are disregarding the traditional job boundaries – often to the detriment of the unskilled, non-standard worker. Employers use non-standard workers to avoid restrictive labour laws and collective bargaining restraints. In addition, the practice provides them with more flexibility.”
E.S. Fourie

“Generally Labour Legislations are constructively fortified with the goal of revitalizing the socio-economic fabric of the country through their malleable yet firm provisions, which hypothetically works its way through harmonizing the relationship between employer and employee.”
Henrietta Newton Martin B.Com LLB goldmedalist LLM goldmedalist MMS etc - Legal Consultant

“Indeed, the Judges in the courts of law are more likely to be exposed to conflicts and disputes where the utility of law is at its highest realm where interpretation takes the fore wheel. It is in the courts, that failure to implement the law repercussions come up in the form of disputes and conflicts and where the judges are  expected to deliver their best within the precincts of the law.”
Henrietta Newton Martin, General Laws and Interpretation-Sultanate of Oman-Part I Perspicuous PRINT Edition -2014

“Thus, though there is a psychological tendency of accepting the judge’s verdict and reasoning as expert reasoning and tinge of finality adorned to his discretely reasoned judgement, what cannot be forgotten is even judges are human with a fallibility in veins and to err is but human, hence placing  complete dependence on judicial reasoning also would be a folly, but it can be accepted as  a workable hypothesis, in my opinion.Further only concrete strands of tested reasoning and principles drawn from those concrete raison d’être , can be considered as one of the ingredient in concrete law making.”
Henrietta Newton Martin, General Laws and Interpretation-Sultanate of Oman-Part I Perspicuous E - Book Edition -2014

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